Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kim Richards Speak Out On Her Relationship With Sister Kyle Richards,Other Fellow RHOBH Cast Members, Being Asked Back To The Show, And MORE!

Former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, Kim Richards is starting to get her life back on track, after getting arrested for intoxication, being fired from housewives, and leaving rehab facilitations left and right, and is ready to spill some Tea on EVERYTHING! 

Kim recently did an exclusive interview with, where she dished on secrets, being sober now, Real Housewives, Producers asking her back for the 6th season, and she even called one of her former cast members: "A phony!"

• Kim dished on her sister, Kyle Richards, and admitted that they have been talking a lot, dispute their blowups that happened on their latest reunion! Their relationship has gotten much better, not 100% though. 

• When asked about Lisa Rinna, she dished that "They've made up in the finale, but when she received those disturbing text messages, which was talked about on the Season 5 reunion, she hired a bodyguard, due to being scared, as well as getting Police involved! 

Lisa Vanderpump was brought up, and Kim called Vanderpump: "A Phony" over her 2-faced ways, dispute her cuddly and fun personality! 

Kim dished on rehab and sobriety, and said that: "Sobriety is going great for her, but the relapses in the past were not great.. She's working on her, and she's getting back on track! Congratulations Kim! 

• Lastly, regarding Real Housewives, Kim confirmed: "The Producers Have asked me back for the sixth season but I HAVE NOT AGREED TO JOINING..... Just yetbecause she feels like Reality TV played in the huge downfall of Her and Kyle's relationship and doesn't want anymore drama.

Seems like if Kim signs on, This season will be the BEST yet! Taylor, Vanderpump, Rinna, Davidson, Kyle, and maybe Camille Grammer, who was a season 2 full time wife, and was seen filming with Lisa and Kyle on a vacation.. #StayTuned for more RHOBH updates! 

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