Friday, July 24, 2015

LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! Kim Richards WAS NOT asked back to RHOBH!

When Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' ex star, Kim Richards did her first interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, at the end of the interview, (which you can read in last post), She revealed that Producers asked her back for RHOBH's Sixth season, and it's reported now that she has LIED! exclusively reports that Kim lied, about being asked back to RHOBH, and that lying about her relapse a few months ago + her un-lady like behavior was the reason why she got fired. They got sick of Kim's b*llsh*t! 

"According to a well-connected source that works in production for the Bravo franchise, “No one here asked Kim Richards to come back on the show. That is false.” "Producers were done with Kim during her last relapse when she flat-out lied to them by telling them that she had not relapsed when she actually had,” the source explains"

Guess that's one less cast member joining for RHOBH Season 6... She could've been in the show, if she didn't lie, and REALLY was sober, but that failed! 

Note: RHOBH Season 6, is in production as of now. 

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