Friday, September 4, 2015

Kim Richards Skips Court Apperance And Rejects Plea Deal Regarding Public Intoxication Arrest!

Former RHOBH housewife, Kim Richards has skipped her court Apperance regarding her Public intoxication arrest, which happened back in April, according to A report

The site reports that Kim was ordered to appear in court this past Monday, regarding the arrest but skipped out because of a foot injury! The site also reports that a pre-trial court date is set for September 14th, where Kim's fate will be decided. 

"She didn't attend because she had some sort of injury to her foot, and therefore couldn't appear," Ricardo Santiago, spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, tells PEOPLE. "The judge accepted the explanation and allowed her attorney to appear on her behalf." "Despite contradictory reports, Richards did not accept a plea deal: "There were conversations about a negotiated settlement being offered by our office, but the offer was rejected by the defense," Santiago says. "The deal that was offered included 36 months probation, 30 days community labor and 52 Alcoholics Anonymous classes. Richards' attorney rejected the deal because "they wanted community service instead of community labor," Santiago says, adding that a pre-trial court date is set for Sept. 14. If the case goes to trial and Richards is found guilty, the reality star could face jail time. "

Kim was arrested for Public intoxication on April 16 and ever since then, she's been on a downward spiral, including a shoplifting arrest last month, which is definitely raging her Family and friends because due to all the scary recent Kim behavior, it's been reported she's cut out her closest family and friends! 

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