Sunday, September 6, 2015

JUICY TEA: Natalie Guercio Tweets That She's NOT Returning For #MobWives Season 6!

It's official! Mob Wives Star, Natalie Guercio WILL NOT be returning to Mob Wives for its sixth season, which is almost done filming. As rumors speculated of Guercio's departure weeks ago, she has finally spoken out on Twitter, to a fan who asked her if she will be returning to the show, and in response, Guercio responded with a flat-out "No": 

Now it's unconfirmed whether she left on her own or was fired from the show, because there's been reports about Natalie and Mob Wives Executive Producer Jenn Graziano - (Renee's Sister) have issues, due to sneaky tactics. But that tweet makes it official! #ByeNatalie

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