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Real Housewives Of Orange County (Season 10), Episode 10 RECAP: "Girl Code"

We start this weeks episode of 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County' with all of the ladies waking up, and Tamra, Vicki, and Shannon are coming to terms with how they acted a fool, being drunk and acting crazy, the night before. Mehgan isn't hungover, as well as Lizzie and Heather. Mehgan thinks that her inner 30 year old is the reason why she's not hungover. Vicki claims she doesn't feel good, so Heather becomes mama, and walks her to the bathroom. All of a sudden, we hear the unpleasant sound of Vicki throwing up...once again. Shannon doesn't feel good either, and decides to be another party pooper, while the rest of the ladies head out to explore moorea more. 

The ladies decide to go helmet diving in the ocean, and Heather is terrified that she may drown. Tamra and Mehgan decide to back out, and talk about their personal lives. Tamra spills the beans to Mehgan that Jim's Ex Wife, Allison was brought up in the conversation she was having with Shannon and Vicki the night before. Mehgan says that she has no relationship with Allison, just LeAnn. Tamra continues to spill the beans on what was said, and Mehgan shuts her down, saying that they should just leave the convo alone, because her and Heather don't even speak about it. Tamra decides to go in the water, but then backs out, because she's afraid of big helmets of her head, and says that's how the mafia kills people

Shannon and Vicki decide to have some girl talk on the beach, but before they do, they start reminiscing on their wild drunken spree. Vicki says how she hasn't even gotten drunk like that.. Oh well. First time for everything! Shannon says it wasn't a big deal, because they only place they had to go was the pool to have fun basically. David then gets brought up, and Vicki asks Shannon about the status of their marriage. Shannon says that bad moments still continue to get rehashed, and she doesn't want to rehash them. David's affair is brought up once again, and Shannon thanks Vicki for being a very good friend to her, during the hardest time of her life, and says that she was there for Vicki when her mom died, which showed true colors and how they have each-other's back. That's what friends are for! Vicki asks Shannon how long David's affair lasted for, and Shannon says it was long term and actually happened a few days before she met Vicki

Back from commercial break, David's affair conversation continues and Shannon reveals the affair was about 8 months long, and how she became friends with the girl that David was having an affair with... Woah! Shannon then says that later in the future, she will realize that the affair helped their marriage grow stronger. Vicki then starts sharing her personal experience of cheating with her ex husband Donn, and how they cheated on each-other, but the only difference is Shannon and David aren't divorced, Vicki and Donn got divorced because of it. Shannon says how she hasn't shared any of the personal issues that went on in her marriage, and Vicki promises that she hasn't told anyone, and will not. Shannon says she has learned to not spread info to all the ladies, because some are snitches... AKA (Tamra). Shannon says she appreciates Vicki's friendship, and vice versa. I LOVE Shannon and Vicki's friendship! Just to relax, they both decide to go swimming, and Shannon goes down once again! Haha! 

All the ladies meet up for dinner, and are watching the moorea people dance, but with fire this time, while Tamra notices another flappy wiener. Mehgan decides to ask if any other dirt was said about her the other night, and Tamra admits to talking about the whole mom vs stepmom ordeal. Vicki says that she barely remembers, while Shannon stays quiet. Vicki says that Mehgan's comments were very inappropriate about wanting to be Jimmy's children's real mom, and that if she was one of Jim's ex wives. she would've told Mehgan: "Back off b*tch, I'm the real mom". Ouch! Vicki says she's passionate about it because she's a mother, and Mehgan says she could see where that comment can come off negative, but she didn't mean it that way. Mehgan dishes for more tea, and Tamra decides to spill the ENTIRE conversations that were had between Shannon, Vicki and herself. Heather and Allison's friendship is brought up and Heather says that she heard that Shannon called her a 'terrible person' for being friends with Allison! Who told her that?! 

Heather says that Tamra told her (in private) about the conversations that were going on when the group divided, and Tamra stirred the pot, saying that Shannon was bashing Heather's friendship with Allison and how she broke Girl code. Tamra denies saying it, and tries to cover it up, but Heather continues to put the blame on Tamra. Tamra says that she's not getting caught up in the Bali trap, that happened last year, and decides to pull Vicki into the bathroom. Tamra and Vicki start chatting about Heather throwing Tamra under the bus, and how Heather actually broke the girl code amongst the group. Heather walks into their conversation, and Tamra confronts her about getting thrown under the bus. Heather continues to blame Tamra for twisting how things were said. Heather apologizes for hurting Tamra's feelings, but tells Tamra to back up what she has said, while back at the table, Shannon and Lizzie call Tamra a pot-stirrer, because they both shared personal experiences with Tamra, blabbing her mouth about personal issues, and manipulating situations. Mehgan says she loves Tamra and says she's not a pot stirrer, and all I begin to hear is crickets. All the ladies reunite back at the table, and cheers to the last night in moorea. 

The ladies decide to divide, and drive in the small little cars, and I'm sorry but Tamra and Vicki were so off track with driving! Haha! Mehgan spills the beans to Tamra about Shannon's comment about her being a pot stirrer, and Tamra decides to throw a sneak diss at Shannon. Shannon gives a evil stare to Mehgan for squealing, and the intensity continues back at the room. Shannon says that everyone has a tendency to stir up drama, and Mehgan interrupts her and says: "Like you tonight...", basically implying that Shannon stirred up trouble, and doesn't want to be called out on it. Shannon gets quiet, but then barks back with: "Like me tonight?! I'm just defending myself" with the comment she made. Mehgan then tells Shannon to "storm" out of the room, like she has in their past arguments, and Shannon yells at Mehgan and says she's sick of her, being so rude and judging her with every move she makes. Shannon storms out.. and is confronted by Vicki, Heather, and then Tamra. Inside, Lizzie tries to tell Mehgan that from now on, just to hush it, and not start any drama, but Mehgan says her loyalty is with Tamra... well, this was some way to end a relaxing calm trip to moorea, huh? 

It's packing day, and all the ladies are packing, and ready for their final fun moments  of the trip. The ladies start rehashing the huge argument between Shannon and Mehgan. Tamra tells Heather that she has NO idea who to believe, because they're two people, and one truth. The ladies leave the island of moorea, take a ferry to their next stop, and arrive on a boat and Vicki tells the ladies that a nice sunset dinner is planned, and that they will be leaving to the OC by tomorrow. Vicki then shares with the ladies that since her daughter Briana has been bitchy, she has decided to buy her a new car for her birthday, just to make her happy and to resolve her crabbiness. Mehgan's parenting with Hayley is brought up, about how she dropped out of school, and how her and Jim thought that home independent learning was best, and Vicki decides to bash Mehgan... AGAIN for not putting Hayley back in school. Oh Geez, Here we go again! Mehgan then calls Vicki a hyprocite for bashing her parenting, but yet, is buying her daughter a new car. 

Back at the main resort, Shannon gets a call from David, who is sending her much love, and then their daughter, Stella gets on the phone, and we learn that her foot is almost healed... after the toilet papering incident in the neighborhood! Woohoo! 

Here we are! The final dinner in moorea. The ladies arrive and surprisingly, Vicki and Mehgan are sitting next to each-other! Tamra then happily points out Mehgan's headband as a silly thing to wear... but doesn't say it to her face. The ladies cheers, and Mehgan steps up, and apologizes to Shannon for her rude behavior. Shannon says she appreciates it, and we move on. Vicki says that she appreciates all of the ladies'  support, with Brooks' cancer, and the ladies have a heartfelt moment for Vicki's mom, and Vicki says that she appreciates all the love coming her way. She gets sad and starts tearing about her mom and Vicki says she's tired of Briana's rude behavior. Tamra offers to talk to her and Vicki starts to unwind and enjoy the last dinner without crying, and the ladies cheers once again to a great, but drama filled vacation! 

Tune in next episode to see A psychic question Brooks' cancer and drama spreads around the OC! 

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