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Real Housewives Of New York (Season 7) Finale RECAP: "New Beginnings, My Ass!"

We start off the Season Finale... (yes, you heard that right)... of The Real Housewives Of New York with Sonja, who is getting gossip from a friend about her fashion show. Her friend tells her that Ramona and Bethenny duked it out and he found out from a article. Ramona walks in, and begins again congratulating Sonja's success on her fashion line and Sonja is happy go lucky. Sonja then tells Ramona that her phone has been blowing up about the fashion show... mainly about Her and Bethenny's argument. Ramona says that it wasn't that serious, and how it was just a conversation, and blames Heather for being the main reason she argued with Bethenny. Ramona says that Bethenny was verbally punching her, and how she's trying to be a better woman and doesn't understand why everyone attacks her. Sonja then says that since her Chapter 11 is coming to a close, she can't wait to go out on vacations and be free with Ramona, and Ramona is ready for her new beginnings party, as well as her divorce with Mario to be finalized, and they both decide to have some wine and cheese, while they continue to congratulate each-other's success. 

Carole meets up with Bethenny at her new Soho apartment, that still needs work, but not that much to stress over. Bethenny starts showing Carole some of the beautiful finished parts in her apartment, and Bethenny's daughter, Brent's room is amazing! She's a lucky girl. Bethenny and Carole begin to chit chat about LuAnn, while drinking wine, and Carole says her relationship with LuAnn is very weird, and she acts like someone she's not. Carole then says that she heard LuAnn talking behind her back, and she's not happy about it... but still considers her a friend. That's weird. Ramona is brought up as the next topic to discuss, and Bethenny says she can't stay mad at her, through any situation because it's like being mad at a homeless person on the street and she doesn't have the energy to argue, and Carole agrees. Carole then says that she's happy for Bethenny getting her new apartment almost finished, and cheers her on.  

Dorinda and John are headed out to a pizza place, for some personal time alone, and as they begin to order food, Dorinda begins to yap yap yap, and barely give John time to order his meals... LMAO! John tells Dorinda that since their 3 year anniversary, He wants to give her a ring, but Dorinda begs him not to take it out, because she feels it's awkward for a ring to be given at a pizza place and I agree. John says how Dorinda is the love of his life, and how they should try moving in together,  but Dorinda's Daughter, Hannah can have an issue with that, because her and John don't get along, and Dorinda wants their relationship to be mended, and John does too! John says that the Hannah discussion needs to be discussed more often then less, and Dorinda promises to stick by his rules, and they continue making love to each-other. 

Ramona's new beginnings party is slowly getting started up, and Ramona is very happy to start a new beginning in her life. I'm so proud of Ramona, honestly. The ladies begin to roll in, and the party starts getting interesting! Sonja begins to confide in Ramona about yet ANOTHER interview that Kristen has done, and this time, instead of it bashing Bethenny, it's bashing her, about her fashion show and how Sonja should've did the toaster oven line she had talked about doing years ago, and decides to not talk to her because of that. Bethenny rolls in, and Ramona instantly finds her, and says she wants to clear the air about their incident they had at Sonja's show. Ramona says she apologizes for the whole fashion show argument, and Bethenny wants to know what exactly she's apologizing for. Ramona gets annoyed and says for everything. Bethenny says that Ramona is like a six year old, she does stuff, you get angry, but the anger boils over, and says that Ramona can't go around, hurting people as a grown woman, and then apologizing... just don't do it. Bethenny then calls out Ramona's 'new beginnings' party is bullsh*t, because the way she hurts people constantly, is not starting a new beginning. Ramona apologizes again for the argument, and Bethenny is still being hard on her, just to get her to wake up and smell the coffee. The cheater comment that Heather brought to Bethenny is rehashed, and Ramona says it wasn't in a malicious way, and that Heather ran back and told her something totally off page. Bethenny insists on believing Heather and says she wants her to be in the conversation now. Ramona says that she wants to discuss it later, not right at the moment. 

Heather and Carole arrive, while Sonja begins shading Kristen when she sees her, and decides to sit far away from her. LuAnn says that seeing Adam and Carole together makes her ill and LuAnn has brought a date...completely the opposite of Adam. Sonja confides in LuAnn and Bethenny about Kristen's press bashing, and Bethenny feels like Kristen's attitude about: "Oh I never talk negative about anyone in the press" is bullsh*t. Dorinda walks over, and agrees that Kristen's press bashing wasn't cool, and Bethenny makes fun of the way she talks, and says she's speaking like she's from Swahili. 

LuAnn, Heather, Kristen and Carole begin talking and LuAnn tells Kristen that Sonja is mad at her for a press interview. Kristen storms up and goes to confront Sonja. Sonja tries to dismiss her, saying how she doesn't want to be friends anymore. Sonja finally stops being childish and talks to Kristen as a grown woman... not a petty woman. Sonja says that she felt very put down from Kristen's press interview, because she had no nice words, just digs. Kristen thinks that Sonja's anger over the interview is petty, and says the guy who interviewed her, asked her her opinions on the show, and so she gave. Kristen blames the guy who being a trouble maker, and Sonja isn't buying it. Kristen storms off and Sonja brushes off, saying how she doesn't need her as a friend. 

LuAnn and Carole decide to talk face to face finally. They start talking about the Turks and Cacios and the naked man, and Heather's dramatic hissy fit over it. LuAnn once again, says that Carole privately pulled her aside, apologizing for Heather's rampage, but Carole doesn't recall and denies it... yet again. LuAnn says how she doesn't want this lingering Turks and Cacios issue to damper their friendship for good and wants it to be deaded, and Carole wants the same. LuAnn says how she doesn't want her son to see her in that light, and Carole simply comes up with an idea in her confessional, and says to not bang random guys on vacation and no one will look at you in a negative light. LuAnn says that Carole broke the Girl Code 3 times... picking up Adam, the Turks and Cacios drama, and lying about the Turks and Cacios. LuAnn begins to take shots at Adam, about how Carole can't introduce her children to Adam because she doesn't have any. Well that's LuAnn for you... fun, pretty, but shadylicous! Yes, I just made up that word: (shadylicous) 

Bethenny and Ramona are chit chatting, and Heather interrupts it and out of nowhere, tells Bethenny to not be so guarded because people want to love her, and that she chooses to be bitchy, she doesn't have to be. Is Heather drunk?! LOL  this conversation came out of the woodworks! Bethenny says that she doesn't want a drive by therapy on her emotions, and decides to playfully be a therapist to Ramona's other guests. 

Sonja and Kristen finally become reunited, thanks to Dorinda and LuAnn, and they start arguing again about the press interview. Kristen pulls the interview up on her phone, tries to prove Sonja wrong, but it backfires. Sonja says that the way the comment came off was negative, calls Kristen brain dead for bringing up the toaster oven in a totally different topic, and storms off... once again! 

Ramona says she wants to make a toast with all of her girlfriends, and Bethenny starts to playfully interrupting, and Ramona gets upset, but she gets through her toast and all of the ladies start partying and whooping it up... I know that that is a Housewives Of Orange County saying, but I can still use it with the NYC ladies!  We then get updates from each of the girls: 

Dorinda: she is feeling like a changed woman, and finds life entertaining, as well as being more involved with life. No update on Hannah and John's relationship. 

Carole: Her apartment is still on the board: Her and Adam's relationship is still going good... but her friendship with LuAnn (or the Countess is sorta done. 

Kristen: Her nail polish line is a huge success, with 12 colors growing, and some possible new colors are: Holla Honey, Countess champagne, and Ramona blue! 

LuAnn: She's sad on how some of her friendships are no longer strong, and has made Girl code in a song, which was recently debuted on Watch what happens live, and is available for purchase on iTunes. 

Heather: She can possibly team up with Bethenny to take "drive by therapy" worldwide, and as far as her friendship with LuAnn, it is stalled. 

Ramona: Her divorce from Mario is still NOT finalized, and her book, Life on the Ramona-Coaster was recently published. 

Sonja: Her fashion line is currently available online, and it's unclear if she's designing a collection for her Nigerian football team. 

Lastly, Bethenny: Is excited to see her stress die down, see her smile come back in full force, has recently cruised the islands with Carole, and has enough room for friends in her life. Aww that's sweet! And we have came to out conclusion! 

Well, This is the end, folks! This season of The Real Housewives Of New York was amazing, creative, fun, and interesting, but also drama filled! Tune in next week to see the 3 part reunion begin and trust... the claws will be coming out in full form! Until next week! HOLLAAAAAA! 

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