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LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 16 RECAP: "Bait And Switch"

We start tonight's episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta with Rasheeda and Kirk, which we soon learn that Kirk has a surprise for Rasheeda. Rasheeda is blindfolded, and Kirk takes her inside to.... HER STORE, which needs a tiny bit of work done, but she finally has it! Rasheeda takes the blindfold off and then she hesitates for a minute, but then comes to the realization that she finally has her store. Woohoo Kirk! This was a long overdue surprise, but he made it happen! Rasheeda then says that a Grand opening will make her feel even more happy and does a twerk dance to finalize the convo. 

Scrappy meets up with His Sister, Jasmine at a barbershop, where his nephew is getting a haircut, because Jasmine called him, claiming that it was a real important issue that needed to be discussed. Jasmine spills the beans to Scrappy about Momma Dee's wedding, and that she wants Bambi and Erica to be bridesmaids. Scrappy didn't know about ANYTHING regarding the wedding, especially about the bridesmaids ordeal. Scrappy says that he doesn't want drama, between the women, especially with he and Erica, due to the child support issue that is still up in the air. Jasmine and Scrappy aren't happy about the wedding, and say that it's not going to last forever, and Jasmine says that Scrappy should talk to Momma Dee about it to clear the air, once and for all. 

Queen Joseline is meeting up with Gayborhood people, to discuss what she can do, to for one, boost her career, to show people that she can work without her manager husband Stevie, and to help the Gay community, with any issue they're battling within themselves. Joseline says that she would be interested in doing a performance for the community, and explains to them that she has had a rough life, coming out bi-sexual, and not having a mother to guide her through issues. Joseline starts crying about her childhood and we all start seeing a very softer side of Joseline, which we rarely see. Joseline then says how she never thought about killing herself, because she thought she was too cute for that. Haha! Only she would say something so creative like that: "I was too cute". Joseline then tells them that she would be very up to use her new song: "Church" for the performance. Marci, one of the leaders, says that she's down for the performance, as long as it's for all the right reasons. Joseline promises that it's for all the right reasons and will not disappoint, making all the leaders of the LGBT community happy. 

Kaleena and Tony decide to go to a counseling session to help Kaleena with her postpartum depression stage, her personal life, and how to avoid all the petty drama with her ex friends. Kaleena tells the therapist that she wants to continue making music, just to better her son's life, and how she doesn't want her son to wind up dead, like how other kids are everyday, and wants him to know that her career is only for him. The Therapist says that it's okay for Kaleena to be wanting a better life for her son, then what she had, because this society is more complicated then back then. Kaleena then brings up Rasheeda and how the stuff they're arguing about, is super petty, and comes to the realization that she only has Tony to support her. The Therapist says that Kaleena should not even worry about petty drama, because that adds to her stress level. The Therapist and Kaleena start talking about her music career, and Tony realizes that he should've been more there for Kaleena, as her husband, support system, and manager, and promises to be there more for her. 

We catch up The Bam, who is prepared to shimmer up some people for looks, to show Momma Dee. Scrappy walks in, and demands to speak to Bambi about the wedding secret. Scrappy says that he didn't know anything about the wedding, and Bambi puts the blame on Momma Dee for that. Bambi then reveals that she purposely didn't tell him about Erica being a bridesmaid, because she has learned to mind her business. Momma Dee walks up, like nothing is wrong, and says that she hasn't called Scrappy about the wedding, because he's been MIA, but Scrappy says that's bullsh*t because he has a phone, and so does she. Scrappy then says that he had a problem with not being informed about the wedding, especially with Erica and Bambi as bridesmaids. Momma Dee says that Ernest has been showing himself to be a loyal and changed man, and she was surprised by that, and they decided to get re-married. Scrappy says that it's way too fast, given the fact that Ernest just got out of jail. Scrappy then starts saying that when they first got married, he wasn't invited, and it bothered him. Scrappy says that Erica and Bambi as bridesmaids is not a good look, and says that if Erica is at the wedding, he will NOT be anywhere around. Momma Dee tries telling him that that is his baby's momma and just to roll with it, but Scrappy calls Erica a 'devil', says he's not for the 'fake family' ordeals and tells Momma Dee to think very hard about what she's going to do for the wedding. All Momma Dee wants is him to be "down with the crown" but Scrappy clearly isn't down for it. 

Margo meets up with Dime in the studio, while Dime is spitting verses on Margo's song: "start a war" and she killed it! Dime catches Margo up on her fight with Tiffany Foxx, and says she's finished with Mimi, for not hooking with Stevie, but yet she's hooking up other people with him as their manager. Dime says she has a plan, to get back at Mimi for talking behind her back. Mimi booked Dime a performance, and instead of it being Dime performing, She and Margo will perform, which Mimi will be present at and surprise Mimi with a "goodbye manager" type of performance and Margo is all up for it, because she shares the same dislike for Mimi like Dime does. Welp... Guess they're actually ready to start a war! 

Stevie J, Tony, Lil Scrappy, and Kirk decide to go fishing, on Stevie J's invite, and Stevie shares the news that he's moving to LA, shocking the other guys but they're all happy for him. Scrappy shares Momma Dee's wedding with the others, the bridesmaids issue and the others think that Scrappy should attend the wedding, and be there for his mama, despite the differences he has with Erica. Kirk shares the good news about how he found a spot for Rasheeda's store, and Tony shares Kaleena's postpartum drama... WOW! Didn't she tell you to zip the lip Tony?! You just haven't learned! Stevie then shares his recent drama with Joseline and the studio issues, which leads Tony and Scrappy to spill tea and share with Stevie that Joseline has an upcoming performance, that Stevie hasn't been informed about, and Scrappy shows Stevie proof that she was also in the studio, and Stevie realizes she was working with his connections. Stevie then compares himself to God, and says that he gave Joseline everything, and he can and will take it all away. 

Rasheeda is excited for help Stores' Grand opening and shares that Kirk is paying for everything, and then Erica shows up. Rasheeda shares her store is already opened, with a dope location and she's planning a grand opening, and Erica is happy. Erica then shares the deets on Momma Dee's wedding, and how Bambi is a bridesmaid, along with her. Rasheeda says that Momma Dee is full of surprises, and who knows what tricks she has up her sleeve! Preach Rasheeda

Stevie and Joseline finally are talking face to face about the sneaky antics that have been going on. Stevie shares the deets on the fishing trip that he took the guys out too, and how they told him about Joseline working with other producers. Joseline just got caught, and flips the script, and gets mad that the guys were gossiping like women about her, and not gossiping about fishing. Stevie says that Joseline lied about working with his connections, and how she can be messing up his music business. Joseline says that she isn't going to be home, like a maid, and wait for Stevie to deliver music. She says she's going to start making her own moves, and he can't handle it. Joseline says that she just wants Stevie to support her career more, and begs him to be at her Gayborhood Performance, but Stevie leaves us dangling, and doesn't give an answer whether he will be present or not! 

Momma Dee meets up with Erica at her house, to discuss the wedding issues. Momma Dee shares the dislike that Scrappy has for the bridesmaids ordeal, and Erica thinks the issues him and Bambi have with it is petty... and then decides to NOT be a bridesmaid in the wedding, and Momma Dee says she apologizes for the pettiness of Scrappy, and tells her that she's afraid that Jasmine and Scrappy won't show up to the wedding, and says she's tired of the drama, and doesn't know if she can move on with the wedding if Jasmine and Scrappy don't show. 

Dime and Karlie meet up and Dime shares her upcoming performance with Margeaux. Dime says that Mimi did book the performance but she's not doing a lot as a so called manager. Karlie thinks that Dime is really about to start a war, especially if Mimi will be at the performance. Karlie says that Dime should tell Mimi straight up, as a woman, that she's done being her client, and Dime just wants the performance to do all the talking for her. 

It's time for Dime's so called performance, and Mimi has brought Ariane and Stevie along to watch. Stevie says that he finally opened up, and came to the performance, just to support Mimi, despite his feeling for Dime. Dime comes out on stage, and says she has a surprise. Margo comes out, and Mimi, Ariane, and Stevie are shocked.... To be continued! 

Tune in next week for the epic season finale that for sure... LOOKS EXPLOSIVE! 

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