Tuesday, July 28, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 17 RECAP: Dorinda And Carole's Emotional London Trip Continues + Bethenny Throws Her 'Skinny Girl' Party

We begin this weeks' episode of The Real Housewives Of New York City with the continuation of Dorinda and Carole's London trip for Carole's late husbands' ashes. The ladies arrive and are very pleased with the weather, unlike NYC. They also get to check out the enormous hotel that Carole will be staying at, and I have to admit... It was perfect! Dorinda leaves to her room and Carole is finally prepared for the shock of picking up Anthony's ashes. Carole is nervous about the emotions she is going to go through, very soon, with the feeling of the ashes, but she's ready to chat with The Priest: Father Darius. Father Darius and Carole sit down in the church and immediately discuss the ashes and the prior church that left, but also where the ashes were held in the first place. Carole says that she appreciates Father Darius' plan to bring the ashes to another church, and that she would have never expected to come back to London 15 years later for the pick up. Carole also tries bringing light on this emotional matter and says that Anthony is loving how his Urn was brought to a safe place. Carole begins to dig very deep into the final weeks before Anthony's passing, and that she wishes she could see him just one more day, and begins to tear up a little. Carole says that she knew of Anthony's cancer when they got married, but they both thought very little of it. Father Darius finally leads Carole to the urn, and Carole is shocking by its heaviness and size. Carole holds it in her hands for the first time in 15 years, carries it to the car, says her happy peace to Father, and goes back to her room. Back at her room, Carole tries to forgot about the negative effect that Anthony's urn has on her, but she can't, and winds up crying, while rubbing the outside of the jar, and while also she listens to peaceful music. 

Sonja and Ramona are having a small chit chat session at Sonja's house, with the help of Sonja's stylist intern! Sonja and her interns... never gets old! Sonja brings up the men drama that happened on their Turks and Caicos trip, and Ramona classifies herself as LuAnn's "wing-lady" , even if LuAnn's guy was married or not, which HE WAS! Sonja says she feels like Ramona set LuAnn's guy's friend up for just a one night stand, which doesn't matter because she's a single woman and is free to have sex with anyone she wants! Sonja then also says that LuAnn broke "Girl-code", because if she found the *married* guy on the beach, he shouldn't have been in the house, he should've stayed on the beach! Preach Sonja! Ramona tries justifying LuAnn's actions with the "She was drunk" card, and Sonja says that the only excuse to bring him home, is if she wanted sex, but if she didn't want sex, he shouldn't have been in house either. Sonja then gets a loud knock at her door, and it's an invitation to party that Bethenny is throwing, and in walks two men that deliver the message, and obviously, Ramona flirts with the guys, and doesn't care if they're young or not.. You go Ramona

Back in London, Carole meets up with Dorinda at her room, just to relax, chit chat, eat and tea-sip! Carole explains her day of stress but also of relief, and begin chatting, while also eating about their past, and their sleep schedule after losing their husbands. Dorinda says that she almost felt a sense of relief after Richard died, because it was her first night she caught up on beauty rest, and Vice versa with Carole, who agrees with the whole discussion but Dorinda says that she felt bad about feeling relieved but it's only because she didn't have to worry about death after Richard actually passed. It's NOT a good feeling to be losing/or losing a close person to you! It's very sad! In the end, Carole and Dorinda do have lots in common, late husbands, love drinking wine, and going shopping. 

Talk about shopping, The next morning, Carole and Dorinda head out for shopping and some more chat but this time.... it's about LuAnn and her hypocrisy on vacations and mid-day trips! Carole tells Dorinda that she doesn't understand LuAnn's rage about supposedly barging into her room in the Turks and Caicos, when LuAnn did the same a couple years ago to her. Dorinda says that she feels like LuAnn got caught up in Ramona's bad plan, which is so very true, and now. It seems like Dorinda took Heather's preaching tatics from her because Dorinda just spoke the truth! Both ladies then agree that LuAnn's fiesty "countess" side shows, and it shows very clear. Carole and Dorinda finally decide to stop chatting about petty gossip, and try on some cute clothes.... well not so cute clothes. 

The time has come for Bethenny's Skinnygirl party, and Bethenny is preparing some people for not only the launch of her fancy drinks, but for the launch of Ramona, Sonja and LuAnn, (mainly Ramona), who will be on a mission for hot guys! Bethenny says that she wishes she could've set up a mud wrestling match, so all three ladies can fight and one becomes the winner of begging for hot men. Haha I love Bethenny and her iconic sayings! 

Back in London, Dorinda and Carole decide to throw their own small cocktail party and invite family and friends. How interesting! Dorinda's friend Shannon, who happens to be Dorinda's first friend she has met in London a while back, arrives, along with Carole's friend, Nicola, along with Carole's other four friends, who one happens to greet Dorinda in a pleasing way, and his name is Jamie. More people arrive, and Dorinda and Carole start telling their own stories about their London trip and and some other chit-chat sessions and the night seems to be going good... even with alcohol involved. After all the guests left, Carole and Dorinda admit to NEVER regretting their London trip, and decide to have some more drinks. 

Bethenny's party continues, and Kristen is the first to arrive with Josh, and Bethenny surprises Kristen with open arms and laughter, which makes Kristen suspicious over her motives. Ramona arrives next, just in time for Bethenny to give a speech about Skinny Girl, and that everyone should have a good night.... partying!!! Heather and Jon arrive, and then The Ramona-Coaster hits our TV screens! Ramona starts complaining on and on and on and on about the hot guys at Bethenny's party being invisible, which makes Bethenny make funny digs to Kristen and Heather about Ramona's begging for guys attitude. "RAMONA WANTS THE HOT GUYS!!!!" Ramona tries to search for men some more, and Bethenny tries to help, but Ramona comes across a bartender, but insults him and fails her "search for a man" mission... for now... hopefully. 

LuAnn and Sonja arrive together, meanwhile Ramona leaves abruptly, due to lack of hot men at this party. The party starts getting REALLY on... Bethenny, Sonja and LuAnn start dancing next to some guys, and Sonja makes a confession that she chipped her tooth, messing around with some guys' shirt, trying to unbutton it, in a sexy way!  Bethenny falls to the ground, laughs, pees herself, and her boob slips up a bit! HAHA! Sonja isn't worried about the tooth, because of course, she has people that can fix it, and Bethenny is embarrassed... in a fun way that she just peed herself and all behind Sonja's failed sexy attempt.

Until next week! 

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