Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#BGC14Reunion Starts FILMING: Reunion Outfits, Host Revealed, And MAJOR Spoilers/Rumors!

As I reported a week or so ago, The Bad Girls Club, Season 14 Reunion was filming this month, with the exception of The Clermont Twins, due to "lack of mutual agreement" with the BGC producers. The reunion was filmed last night, and it was intense from what I heard! 

Reunion Outfits: (except for Alicia, who has decided to keep her outfit as a surprise): 

Christina's Reunion outfit: 

Amber (AKA Philly)'s reunion outfit: 

Lauren's reunion outfit + Dressing room outside look, (She even roomed with Jass): 

Jass' Reunion outfit: 

Jenna's reunion outfit: 

Kat's look: 

Ginger's reunion look: 

Jelaminah's look, and Ginger was with her in the dressing room: 

Jelaminah's full reunion outfit: 

Tanisha Thomas, former Bad Girl and Marriage Boot Camp former member, hosted the reunion, which is also now her 7th time as a reunion host for BGC: 

Spoilers and Rumors

•Jelaminah argued with the girls who destroyed her and the twins' belongings while in the house and defended the Twins, but Jenna, Lauren, and Jass apologized to Jelaminah! 

•There were some mannequins set up by most likely by Producers to make fun of The Twins and the other girls were making fun of them, Even Tanisha, but except for Alicia, who stuck up for them, (Don't know if Jelaminah was on the stage at that point). 

•Ginger learned of some fakeness that was going on between the other ladies with her! 

•Tanisha and Lauren got along so well, Tanisha made plenty jokes to her, Plus, they even chugged some beers! 

•BIGGEST RUMOR: Rumor has it that THERE WERE NO PHYSICAL Altercations this time around! (Not Confirmed)

The #BGC14 era begins next week, with the epic Casting Special that is going to blow our minds, drop our jaws, and stop us from changing the channel! Get ready! Next Tuesday, 8/7c on Oxygen! See ya there! 

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