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RHOC: (Season 10), Episode 8 RECAP: Mehgan's Game Night Turns Sour + Vicki Accuses Mehgan Of Being A Gold-Digger While In Tahiti

We start off this weeks' episode of The Real Housewives Of Orange County with Mehgan, who is getting ready with her stepdaughter, Hayley for game night. They're setting stuff up and making things look fancy too. Mehgan kills the good mood by telling Hayley that she's made a list of rules that she must stick by, including finishing her homework... Completely! Mehgan lays down the law, about not being out late, following rules, etc... and tells Hayley that if she doesn't like it, It doesn't matter and when she moves out and finds her own house, then she could make her own rules, meanwhile they await for Jim's arrival at home. 

Heather and Terry are having a mini day-date, and decide to go out to a cute store, for clothes for Tahiti... Money becomes the topic of discussion, not in a good way, in Terry's defense. Heather decides to go to the next store, and continues being picky about what kind of bathing suits and other items she wants for the trip. Mehgan calls Heather and they begin talking about game night. Mehgan tells Heather about game night setting up, but sadly, Terry, and Jimmy can't make it, which raises eyebrows on Jimmy's end, so they both decide to be each-other's partner/date due to the absences of their hubs.   

We catch back up with Mehgan, who is now getting officially prepared for game night, with the help of two designers. Lizzie and Christian stop by, and Jimmy's absence comes up again and brings tension to the conversation, as well as when Shannon and Heather arrive. Tamra and Eddie arrive next, meanwhile Lizzie and Shannon continue questioning Jimmy's absence, and how it's weird that the hostess' hubby is not there, but Shannon says she's going to let it go for the night. Vicki and Brooks arrive last, but before the ladies begin to play their first game for this fun night, Vicki snores, not in a tired way... meaning that Mehgan's house is a bore, which Mehgan classifies her comment as classless. I smell Drama! Some of these games that were presented were testing some people's patience, especially Shannon, who finds her and David's answering skills uneven, especially when marriage questions hits Her and the other ladies! Tamra and Eddie were literally the winning couple team! Shannon and David then begin arguing about why David's answers were off then hers, but David doesn't really see an issue with their answers being off, due to their rocky marriage. 

Vicki starts making comments about wanting to leave because she's bored and tired, which highly upsets Heather and Mehgan. Off goes Vicki but the drama continues when Mehgan starts saying she has a wrinkle on her nose, which Shannon finds stupid and not noticeable. Mehgan then says she wants Botox for ONE wrinkle, which makes Shannon make those judgey eyes, which Mehgan calls her out on, but Shannon gets a little offended by Mehgan's judgemental attitude. Shannon gets annoyed and tells the ladies that David has to get up early in the AM, and leaves abruptly, claiming that Mehgan is poking her buttons on purpose and then Tamra and Lizzie head home, making Heather the last lady standing with Mehgan.

The next day, Shannon and David head off to their counseling session to catch up with their counselor about recent bumps in the road. Shannon says that there have been many sparks about the affair recently, mainly at game night. Shannon starts crying about the affair again, and the counselor tells both of them that there needs to be a moving forward progression, and she sees it in David, who highly recommends not to talk about the affair and sees the counseling session as a joke, and a drama stirring session. Shannon tells David that she doesn't want to think about the affair anymore, and the counselor again advises them to move forward together. 

We catch up with Tamra, who is getting ready to leave for Tahiti, while questioning Eddie and his life without her for a couple of days. Eddie says he's going to take care of the kids, while doing other stuff, and Tamra fears one day that one of their children will be leave on the curb outside of school. Heather and Shannon are packing too, but Shannon begins saying some prayers that stops Mehgan's judgmental attitude away. We begin switches scenes amongst all the ladies, between packing, Vicki dicussing Jimmy's disappearance at Game night with Tamra, and a FaceTime call between Jimmy, Mehgan and Hayley

It's time for Tahiti arrival and all of the ladies arrive at the airport, prepared to see Tahiti! Jimmy's absence at game night, even prior, is brought up with Lizzie and Mehgan, and Lizzie says she doesn't know how she would feel being away from Christian for two weeks and longer, but "different strokes for different folks". The ladies arrive on Tahiti's beautiful island, but the fun mood is again ruined... but this time, it's Shannon because she has a bad cough, and doesn't want to whoop it up for the night, which she feels really sad about... especially because it's her first day arriving! 

The ladies, except Shannon, decide to head to a restaurant for drinks and chit-chat, and we begin to re-see Tamra's epic battle with Lizzie in Bali last year, but now she's past that and is in a good place with all of the ladies and happy. Jimmy is brought up again and Mehgan says that she hasn't seen Jimmy in two weeks, and that he's traveling all over for business. Shannon is then brought up, and Lizzie confronts Mehgan on her issue with Shannon, as well as Vicki, and Mehgan gives attitude to both of them, telling them not to worry about it and it has no concern to do with them. Woah! Chillax! The ladies all then go to sleep, after the heated exchange. 

The next day, Vicki meets up with Shannon in her room, and spills the beans on Mehgan's talking of her, and Shannon says she's happy she wasn't there. The ladies say they enjoyed their time in Tahiti but Moorea here they come! The ladies head off to a cute little botique to shop and drama begins to erupt when Vicki, Shannon, and Mehgan begin arguing over spending their husband's money/letting them know when they do. Vicki begins to shade Mehgan over her basically using Jimmy as her money tree because she doesn't work, and that a paying job, is more important that a stay at home mommy job, but then clears it up, and says they're at the same rate of important-ness. Shannon steps out of the conversation and says that Vicki shouldn't downgrade stay at home moms, while Vicki denies saying it in an malicious content. 

Vicki and Heather walk and talk alone, about the 5 minute ago conversation about money, and Vicki says indeed that she would tell her husband when she spends his money, and not hide it, like some other wives. Vicki says if the money using is every single day, she would be pissed, which is a dig to Mehgan, basically referring to her as a gold digger that spends Jimmy's money like nothing. Lizzie, Shannon and Vicki are on one side chatting about Mehgan's gold digging habits, while Tamra, Heather and Mehgan are on another, chatting about Vicki's heated attitude. 

The ladies go out for drinks, and A fun game of an "embarrassing moment" turns into a heated exchange yet again of Mehgan's non-working and she has the perfect reason for it. She tells the other ladies that she and Jim fell in love, so she had to quit the job she was working at, as well as having an embarrassing moment herself: Quit also just to get a tampon, which Vicki gets confused about, due to her knowing for a fact that love and work blend. Shannon and Vicki both start/continue interrogating Mehgan and why she doesn't work, because they feel like her first answer his bullsh*t! Vicki begins saying in her confessional that when Jimmy finds another wifey, Mehgan is going to be lost without her spending money provider. Mehgan feels like Vicki is taking shots at her, meanwhile Lizzie and Vicki have a side convo about Jim's absence week after week and how they wouldn't be normal with their own husbands gone like that. Vicki says for the 5,000th time that Mehgan's money provider is Jim and it's sickening. 

In the ending of this episode, LeAnn Horton Edmonds is remembered. #RIPLeAnnHorton

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