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LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 14 RECAP: Margo Clashes With Joseline And Stevie + Kaleena And Rasheeda's Peace Meeting Goes Left

We start off This weeks' episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta where we left off last time: Karlie and Sina vs Khadiyah at Karlie's own event. Karlie throws a drink at Khadiyah, then Khadiyah tries to charge to hit her, but fails and gets taken outside by security. Lyfe Jennings then pulls Karlie aside, and begins to let her have it, about her uncalled for actions, at HER own events, and Lyfe says he takes issues very hard and doesn't want to get involved in fights, if he needs to, due to his legal issues. Karlie tries to smooth talk him, but Lyfe continues to let her have it. Karlie admits to messing up, and Lyfe says that he will defend her if needed, gives Karlie a kiss, warns her to change her attitude, and walks away. 

Margeaux meets up with Joseline, to confront her about the Photoshoot set-up that transpired with Stevie J and how it was rude and disrespectful. Their conversation starts going good, until Margo called Stevie "sneaky", along with his set-up, which makes Joseline go off. Joseline admits to being apart of the plan, (obviously) and then, Joseline tells Margo that she should appreciate them giving her a job on the cover, which Margo clearly doesn't appreciate and Joseline begins shading Margeaux's job as a bartender, and tells her to make her a drink, along with eating her coochie! Margo now knows the real Joseline she's dealing with, and decides to take a shot at her now. Margo tells Joseline that she's so angry all the time, for no reason, but one reason could possibly be that Stevie J is still in love with Mimi. Ouch! Joseline decides to call Margo a bobo, which makes Margeaux leave, and tell Joseline that Stevie owns her 10G's for the cover.... but the insults continue to come her way! 

Khadiyah pops up on Joc at the studio, to confront him about Sina's accusation about "the fake pregnancy". Khadiyah fills Joc in on Karlie's event fiasco and the fake pregnancy accusation and Joc seems shocked. When confronted on the fake pregnancy comment, Joc doesn't come out and say he told Sina, but Khadiyah tells him that he shouldn't have ever told Sina about personal business, and that she didn't fake a pregnancy. Joc tells Khadiyah that he misses the old her, which means the cool, calm, and collected Khadiyah. Joc then says that Khadiyah is a dumb ass for walking into Karlie's set-up event, which makes Khadiyah tell Joc to stop talking to her crazy, and walks out heated and bothered. 

Kirk, Scrappy, Tony, and Joc meet up at Scrappy's house for some guy talk and catch up. Scrappy tells them that he gave Bambi a key to his house, and all the others become skeptical. Joc then tells them his drama with Khadiyah, and then the other two men reveal their drama. Kirk and Tony begin talking about their wives' drama, Kaleena and Rasheeda, and both decide that a meeting should transpire, so both of their issues could be resolved with one another, and Tony wants the meeting to happen the most, due to Kaleena's depression stage. Let's see how this turns out! 

It's time for Bambi and Loude's music video release party, and Rasheeda is coming along with Tammy to watch it. It's Tammy's 3rd appreance this season! VH1 should just make her a main cast member for next season! Rasheeda and Tammy begin dicussing Kaleena for a hot second, but decide to call it quits and not to rain on Bambi's parade. The Music Video starts playing, and from the looks of it, Bambi and Loude have some chemistry going on! Rasheeda says that the video would not be a pleasure for Scrappy's eyes, and she doesn't want to know or get involved with their issues they're having. Also, during the music video, Loude kept saying "Bambi is ready", which makes both Tammy and Rasheeda + me, skeptical like what are you ready for?! Hmmm.... The music video is finished and Rasheeda and Tammy meet Loude for a quick second. Bambi begins telling the ladies that of course Scrappy isn't going to like it, but this was her choice to get out on the scene, after going blank for two years. Damn! Bambi also says that Scrappy doesn't need to know about the Video... In fact, Scrappy could've accomplished her dreams in the industry, but fails to see the picture. Rasheeda and Tammy lastly tell Bambi that when Scrappy finds out, it's going DOWN! 

Mimi and Stevie J are having a studio session, and Mimi tells us that her convincing to Stevie J to work with Tiffany Foxx, He has finally listened, and even made her a beat! Tiff walks in and is greeted by Stevie J's apology, about their first run in, and he was a drinker then, but he's a changes man now, and Tiff accepts. Stevie J says he has a beat for Tiff, so he plays it and she says she loves it! Tiffany then brings up about how what Joseline's reaction would be knowing that they're working together but Stevie doesn't want to hear it. All he wants to hear is Tiffany sing a verse to the beat, that Tiffany says she loves! 

Scrappy is hanging out in the studio, spitting some rap verses, and Rasheeda and Kirk walk in to hear his newest single that's coming out, and he's already spitting verses to it that they can vibe. Scrappy tells Rasheeda and Kirk that he gave Bambi a key to her house, and everything seems to be going well, but Kirk is about to rain on his parade! Kirk spills the beans about the Bambi and Loude video, that Rasheeda told him about. Scrappy starts going off, saying that Bambi did some disrespectful stuff, and he doesn't appreciate it.  

Speaking of The Bam, She walks through and Rasheeda and Kirk walk out. Bambi calls Rasheeda two faced and messy for being Scrappy's informant about the video, and doesn't feel like hearing Scrappy. Scrappy says he feels disrespected and like Bambi doesn't have his back, but Bambi says she does. Bambi says she done messing with Scrappy and she will come back to him, once he gets his sh*t figured out, as well as getting her a bigger ring! 

Margeaux meets up with Stevie J to discuss the magazine cover set-up. Margeaux says that she wants 10G's for the cover, like promised, or else she's going to sue him for illegally uploading her photoshoot photos (which he hasn't done). Stevie J says that he's not doing 10G's and Margeaux slick tries to tell Stevie to go to therapy with Joseline, due to her obnoxious behavior. Stevie J then says instead of giving her 10G's for the cover, I'm going to give you 10 seconds to leave! HAHA! Stevie J slowly begins counting down, while Margeaux gets fed up with him, calls him a clown, and leaves. 

Joc goes to Karlie's store Merci to discuss the Khadiyah ambush. Joc says that he wants to offer a peace Karlie says she did it for Sina and Joc's luck and wanting them to get back together. Karlie begins explaining everything that happened at her own event, and she says that her and Sina are friends, which upsets Joc. Joc says that there is no reason to get back at Khadiyah, and now no real reason at all, due to their recent blowout at the session so she should lay back. Joc and Karlie start throwing insults at each other and Karlie makes fun of Joc's Angel blue jacket, and Joc tries giving her booty one good stare, but Karlie tells him to leave and Joc informs her to stop her messiness! #QueenOfMessy: Karlie Redd! 

Kirk decides to take Rasheeda out on a "date" to free her stress, but what she doesn't know Is that Tony and Kaleena are coming for the infamous meeting. Rasheeda sees them from a corner of her eye and as they sit down, Rasheeda's face knew that It wasn't going to be a fancy dinner date night. Kaleena sits down and is already fired up to be sitting across with Rasheeda and doesn't like this idea. Tony tries smoothing the mood by saying that He wants Rasheeda and Kirk to be their baby Noah's godparents, which makes everyone crack up. Tony and Kirk go to get a drink at the bar, while Kaleena and Rasheeda start to battle it out. They both start going back and forth about petty stuff, and Kaleena says Rasheeda is smelling like "Fresh Money" and Kaleena accuses Rasheeda of being on a high horse, which makes Rasheeda accuse Kaleena of being up Joseline's ass, and being that girl that follows people. Kaleena gets all bent out of shape and throws a drink on Rasheeda, stands up, tries to get all big and bad, just when Tony and Kirk arrive back to the table!  The sh*t storm continues next week between Rasheeda and Kaleena chile! 

Tune in next week also to see Management talk turn sour and drinks start flying between Jessica Dime and Tiffany Foxx!  

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