Monday, July 20, 2015

LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 13 Recap: Setups, Plot Twists, And Friendships Finalized!

This episode of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta was more then entertaining! From setups, to friendships going haywire and a plot twist?! Oh yeah! That's right! If I had to sum up this episode in 3 words, it would be messiness, messiness, and... more messiness! 

So, We start off Episode 13 with the continuation of Kaleena and Tammy's altercation over Kaleena talking crazy to Deb. Tammy starts throwing MAJOR shade, at Kaleena about her personal finances, and Kaleena throws shade back at her, saying how she's living off of Waka Flocka, and Tammy starts bossing up, and pointing her hand in Kaleena's face, declaring that the day Kaleena tries to swing, It's going to be her first and last fight! Kaleena tells Tammy to get out and Rasheeda and Tammy leave and go outside, but the shade doesn't stop there! Tammy confides in Rasheeda, telling her that Kaleena is a snake ass friend, and even due to the fact, that Kaleena has talked sh*t about Rasheeda to Tammy! Ouch! Rasheeda wants to know what was said about her, and Tammy reveals that Kaleena called Rasheeda: A bum bit*h that was handing out CD's on her tour bus! Damn! Rasheeda is pissed off by this news, but decides to not go back and check on Kaleena, which back inside, angers Kaleena that Rasheeda doesn't have her back, but Tony tells her to chill out. 

Erica is back on the screen, and it's Emani's Birthday! Woohoo! Erica reveals that Her and Scrappy planned a cute but over-the-top party, after their talk, and they're still working on being better parents. Emani's birthday, quickly turns into Bambi's day, as she starts to throw shots at Erica, Momma Dee, and Scrappy for doing nothing but hating her, and bringing un-called drama into her life, but Bambi then says that she's going to calm it down, only because it's Emani's day but hopes in the near future, that petty drama will pan away and she could have her own family with Scrap.

Mimi and Stevie J meet up, just not for a stroll through the ATL park, but to catch up about life and Stevie has a few bombs to drop on Mimi. Mimi starts off by talking about MF Management, and the status of where Tiffany Foxx and Jessica Dime are heading, and obviously, Stevie J still has a iffy feeling about working with Dime, maybe because of their "Foggy back in the day situation", but Stevie says that He likes Tiff, and is happy that Jazzy Phae is speeding her brakes up! Mimi also states to Stevie that Jazzy has accepted Dime's apology through Her, and is giving Dime some producers to work with! Well, that's not bad at all! Business is business... Right? So then, Stevie J drops a bomb on Mimi, and tells her that He and Joseline are moving to LA Full time, for their movie and other business associated reasons. Mimi likes the plan behind why they're moving, but doesn't like it kind of because Eva has just started to connect more with Stevie, and now he's planning on moving 3,000 miles away, but Stevie says that he'll still check in part time, but that's not good enough for Mimi, which I can understand both sides. Stevie then asks the status of Freako, and both agree that ever since He and Margo popped up fully in the ATL, it's been home-wrecking to their family. Stevie then says that He has a plan for sweet revenge, to get back at Margo and Nikko, and says that he's going to exterminate the clowns, and Mimi is down for it! 

Sina decides to roll up on Karlie and at her store, Merci, to discuss what experiences she went through with Joc and Khadiyah and also to see if Karlie can help her win back Joc. Sina introduces herself to Karlie, and Karlie is shocked to hear that Sina is Joc's Kids' Momma, due to the fact that she was obviously under the assumption that another costumer was rolling in. Sina and Karlie begin to share their stories, and both realize that their stories are so much alike, but Karlie's is way more messier, because Khadiyah was hiding the fact that she was the main h*e, not the PR or business women. Sina then asks Karlie what she can do about Khadiyah's home-wrecking ways and Karlie smirks and says she's got a plan in action! 

Rasheeda and Kirk are chilling in the studio, meanwhile Rasheeda is jamming to her new song, and I have to admit... Rasheeda may have a feisty attitude, but this new jam is FIRE! Kirk is also loving it. Rasheeda says that she invited Kaleena to the studio to discuss what Tammy revealed... and talk about Kaleena, there she is, walking in, ready for action! Kirk leaves and Kaleena sits. Rasheeda confronts Kaleena over Tammy's accusations, and Kaleena admits that she INDEED DID TELL Tammy that Rasheeda was passing out CD's on her tour bus, but with no malicious intent, which baffles Rasheeda. Kaleena returns the confrontation and asks Rasheeda how does Tammy know about her personal business, and Rasheeda, keeps it real as well, and admits to telling Tammy about how Kaleena shouldn't go and buy no big ass house that she cannot afford. Kaleena gets upset as well about it but hey! Karma comes back around, huh? Kaleena says that Rasheeda is awful as sh*t and tells her to kiss her ass, but might as well... kiss her own ass, and Rasheeda fires back at Kaleena, telling her to pay her bills! Ouch! 

Stevie J meets up with a Magazine manager, Daze and has a plan to set up certain someone and their wife... Of course, it's Nikko and Margo! Stevie says that he's been helping out Daze, running his magazine, but now, He wants to take it to the next level. Stevie says that he has officially teamed up with Daze for his magazine but then he drops a huge ultimatum on Daze. Stevie asks Daze about Margo and Daze says that he had his people call their people to do one certain magazine, that Stevie is officially apart of and Stevie is about to set Margo and Nikko up! All of a sudden... Scrappy shows up, Daze leaves, and Scrappy catches up with Stevie about life. Scrappy just wanted to get some cigars and chill, but now that Stevie is there as well, He might as well chat with him. Scrappy and Stevie start reminiscing on their brawl back in Season 1, but both say that that was back in the day, and that they're men and homies now! #TeamGrowth. Scrappy and Stevie also both admit to going to the SAME rehab, experiencing the SAME people, and living the SAME happy after rehab life! Stevie then tells Scrappy about his dirty plan to set Margo up for the photoshoot for the magazine, and Scrappy seems to dig Stevie's evil messy plan! Scrappy then asks how Nikko will respond to this, and Stevie says that it's not going to be a big deal because He will for sure, wrinkle Nikko's school clothes! LMFAO!!! Classic Stevie J comebacks! 

Bambi and Tammy link up, because Tammy called her, wanting to catch up and talk about recent drama and life in general. Tammy tells Bambi about her run in with Kaleena, and Bambi finds the entire thing bizzare and petty... On Kaleena's part, especially the "Diddy" comment. Tammy is happy to hear that someone agrees with her, and both agree that when they see Kaleena in the streets, They don't f*ck with her... AT ALL! Bambi then shares about her own recent drama. Bambi admits to feeling left out and kinda like the outsider at Emani's recent party and it's always some type of drama, with that family. Bambi also admits that she doesn't really know for sure, how long she's going to put up with Scrappy and the rest of the fam until she reaches her breaking point. Bambi tells Tammy about the key to Scrappy's house, which she says was cute, but she wants and expects more. Bambi says how she didn't come into Scrappy's life, expecting drama and negativity, she came for a happy, love-committed relationship, but that's not the situation as of now, and ups and downs have been transipring for more then 2 years, and she wants a normal, drama free life with Scrappy.  Bambi then exclusively tells Tammy, that she has linked up with a guy named, Loude, who is encouraging her to get out more to the public, and is more supportive then Scrappy, which shocks Tammy. Bambi then says how Loude is having a viewing party for one of his newest singles, Tammy is invited to come, She's sneaking in, but she's accepting but she's keeping it from Scrappy! Oooh! Tammy says that she's still in shock that Loude supports Bambi more then Scrappy, but it's good that Bambi is taking over and showing she's a real boss!

Karlie, Joseline and Kaleena meet up and discuss life in the ATL and recent drama. Kaleena fills the girls in about her run ins with Tammy, Deb, and Rasheeda, and To be Honest, I'm shocked that Joseline didn't shade Tammy, although she called Rasheeda a country ass hoe, and Karlie calls her the "Prune of Georgia". The conversation then turns to Kaleena again but about her breast feeding. Kaleena reveals that she isn't breast-feeding anymore, and Joseline says a doctor may help bring that back if she wants, but when she goes to LA. Karlie and Kaleena are confused and Joseline reveals that she's going to LA!!! Woohoo! Joseline fills them up on the movie and That they are officially moving soon, to get into the movie business. Karlie's recent life becomes topic of conversation and she fills them in on Sina's pop up, and that she's teaming up with Empire Records, and she's having an event, and she's inviting Sina and Khadiyah, but she's just inviting Khadiyah to mess with her and pick on her. Karlie then reveals that she has a new boo she's saying, which is... Lyfe Jennings, an executive producer and song-writer, who has more hits then Joc's kids! Joseline and Kaleena then admit that they love Karlie of course, but they can't attend the event! But Karlie understands. 

Kaleena and Tony sit down in Club Kapture to discuss Rasheeda. Tony asks about what triggered off and Kaleena explains, which then she starts crying about her personal life, and not having Rasheeda as a friend. Tony feels like Kaleena is suffering from depression, and lets Kaleena know that everything is going to pan out... Safely and peaceful. 

It's finally time for Margeaux's photoshoot and she has NOOOO idea what's coming her way! Nikko comments about how good Margo is working the shoot... and then, Stevie walks in, and Nikko and Margo aren't thrilled or pleased. Stevie J walks in with a smile on his face and shakes Daze's hand, and Daze says that Margeaux is doing good money. Nikko calls Stevie a clown, which makes Margeaux question Stevie's motives as to why he's at the shoot, when Daze told her that it would just be them, having nothing to do with Stevie. Margeaux starts arguing with Stevie, claiming that this is not his magazine, and Stevie declares that he has no beef with Margo. Nikko says that Stevie is just mad that Mimi was taken from him, and Margo says that she's going to let them fight, as n*gg*s, which makes Stevie say Nikko fights with his boyfriends! Shadeeee! Margeaux steps to Stevie, points her sword in his face, and tells Stevie to stop questioning Nikko's personal life because he doesn't know Nikko, but yet, Margo doesn't know the actual Nikko yet either, *sips tea!*. Margo then questions how much money she's about to make on this photoshoot, and she declares 10G's! Are you kidding me?! Margo isn't a superstar! No shade. Stevie then questions why Margo should get that, and she feels like she should be honored by Stevie, given the fact that she's working the shoot perfectly. Margo and Nikko walk on, and Margo says that she'd rather talk to Joseline, then him, which makes Stevie and Nikko throw shots at each other. I have to say, Stevie J's messy plans are really creative. Haha! #KarmaComesAround and it just did for the London and Simms crew! 

It's time for Karlie's event party, and she reveals that Lyfe Jennings is by her side and she's excited for this event.. Mainly to take Khadiyah down! Sina walks through and Karlie spills the beans on what's going down, which makes Sina chuckle so proudly. Khadiyah walks through the joint, while Karlie gets rewarded for being a team leader, and having this event, and Khadiyah FINALLY realizes that Karlie set her up! Oh lord. It's about to go down! Khadiyah walks off by the two musketeers, and Karlie starts off by calling Khadiyah a piggy, which makes Khadiyah take a shot at Sina, calling her: "HoSina"... YET AGAIN! Khadiyah starts coming out of her face, now knowing that she's been set up, and throws money at Karlie, saying that she needs to pay her gas bill! Ouch... That was a burn! Sina then makes fun of Khadiyah's pregnancy, calling it fake, making Khadiyah take her shoes off then! It's ass kicking time! Sina then sticks up for Karlie, and Khadiyah tries lunging at Sina, which makes Karlie throw a drink in Khadiyah's face, and then Khadiyah charges at Karlie and it's another To Be Continued! Until next week! 


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