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RHOC: (Season 10), Episode 7 RECAP: Vicki Encounters A Medium About Her Mother + The Ladies Enjoy A Girls' Night Out On The Scene Bowling!

Tonight's episode of The Real Housewives Of Orange County starts off with Shannon, who decides to go and work out, just to shapen up because she thinks she's fat! Shannon, You're beautiful! Stop thinking that way! Shannon tells the specialist that she hasn't been working out, due to some personal issues, and she admits to gaining 15 pounds, due to the stress! Woah! Shannon then starts doing some workouts, but complains throughout the entire processes and classifies working out as "Hell"... You got this, Shannon

Tamra meets up with Eddie, as they are ready and prepared to do a fitness video, which then I started to get Jillian Michael vibes! Tamra then says how last year, she was so closed to the fitness ideas, but Eddie made her calm down and take a chill pill. Tamra starts getting antsy, after hearing that this video is based on sexual matters, and Eddie gets iffy, because he says that this is a new Tamra. We then start getting flashbacks of miserable and failures of their workouts, but now it's the real deal! Eddie starts off talking, but Tamra doesn't like Eddie's voice tone as his introducing the fitness video, and Tamra and Eddie retake about 10 times, until Tamra sees Eddie's way of the video: Nice voiced and outspoken. 

Vicki, Vicki's Brother Billy, and Brooks are trying to enjoy a night at home, but they have a medium coming over, to talk about Vicki's Mom and Tamra and Shannon are coming to be by her side.Billy starts talking about not getting the opportunity to say goodbye when she was alive, because nobody expected it at all! Vicki says that Billy got special treatment and got babied a lot by their mother, and it's hurting Vicki as much, as Billy. Billy and their mom lived 5 blocks away, mind you. Tamra and Shannon arrive and are happy to hear that Vicki has vodka for this about to turn crazy night! Brooks tells the ladies that he is down 42 pounds, due to cancer, and he's trying to be easy with the non-sugary stuff, and stay healthy. Shannon says that she apologizes for her insisting on asking about the Cancer, but Shannon really wants Brooks to see some of Shannon's lined up cancer helping doctors, which would be a learning experience. Vicki says that she appreciates Tamra and Shannon being with her during this night because she experienced Her Mother's death at Shannon's house, and Tamra has been the most supportive. The Medium, Tim Bruan arrives and everyone heads into the living room and is ready to hear some Medium talk! Vicki wants to know everything about what her mom is saying, now that she's gone, and Billy does as well. Tamra says that she believes that mediums are really real, but there are sketchy ones in the world, that are not cool, and that are evil, but Tim isn't one. Tim starts explaining that Billy is the golden child, their mom's dental work is all finished, and that she accepts Brooks, which makes both Vicki and Billy cry, but they both say that the Medium is correct in everything they're saying! Tim also says their mother is happy, that she's out of that sick body, and she's redeemed herself! Awe this is touching! Tim also calls out a specific cousin, with a tattoo, Kyle, and says that Mom likes that tattoo, but let him know it should be his last, which makes Tamra ask what the tattoo is, and Tim says that he's going to ask right now. 

Back from commercial break: Tim reveals that Kyle's tattoo represents but Tim completely ignores Tamra and repeats that Mom wants Kyle's last tattoo to be the one he has now, but she loves it! Tamra gets offended by it and says that Tim could've saved his butt, but he didn't. Vicki and Billy ask if Mom can hear them, and Tim answers "Yes" but He can't hear,that good because of Tamra's interrupting! Ouch! LOL! Tamra then says that she takes Tim's response as a way that He just told her to go fu*k herself! Woops! Tim then points out that he suggests to Billy, to go get his colon checked out and release some things from there, which irritates Shannon but as well as Brooks, She knows people for Billy

We catch up with Mehgan, who is talking to her stepdaughter, Hayley about her internet being down, which is bugging her, but then Mehgan starts questioning Hayley about her studies, which she is been doing good, and Mehgan advises her to keep it going. But then, we find out that Hayley isn't doing well in school, is showing up late, being absent, as well as not completing assignments. Mehgan then shocks Me and Hayley will an allowance of $100, but Hayley most start to better in school and home chores! Mehgan also tells Hayley to save up all her money, in order to purchase some luxurious items but continues pressuring her to continue to do better in school mainly. 

The Beadors head to dinner, for a pre-Valentine's day night out, but Shannon isn't really all that excited, because David doesn't surprise her with any presents or do something fancy.. ever But she wants him to make an effort. David then indeed gives Shannon a Valentine's Day present, to make up for last year, and for a clean slate this year, which makes Shannon cry because she thinks about the affair all day, but now she can seek into trusting David again, which is good! Shannon then says that she would've never imagined going out with David and sitting at the restaurant table like two love birds, but her dream has came true! The #BeadorsHaveThePerfectScore!!! I'm rooting for you guys! 

Tamra and Heather meet up for little workouts, and big gossip! Tamra's bowling night plan seems to be kicking off in full action and Tamra starts talking about Eddie's fitness workouts, that she feels very less and not #1 in his life, meanwhile, Heather says she sees Terry often, and when he's not home a lot, she FaceTimes and has Sex with him. Awe lol! Tamra feels like the workout fitness has gotten into their relationship and it's not pretty. Tamra and Heather begin talking about bowling night, and everyone is happy except for Vicki a little, who thinks that bowling is for 12 year olds! Haha! Tamra then says that she told Vicki that Heather likes touching balls so of course, they will enjoy it! LMFAO! 

Bowling Night is here and Mehgan, Tamra and Heather arrive first, and Tamra and Heather want to bowl with their heels, as well as Shannon and Vicki, but Mehgan is alone with the regular bowling shoes. The ladies start throwing the balls, and they all look like they're all losing, except for Shannon! Goooooo, Shannon! The other ladies say that they hate losing, but it's a fun night out so why not enjoy the night! 

Tamra and Vicki have a small talk while the other girls bowl and Tamra asks Vicki about Her Daughter, Briana's state and Vicki says she's not good, but Tamra lightens the mood and says that maybe she can turn Briana's negative energy around. Tamra says that someone should babysit the babies if Briana and Vicki decide to hang out far away from the OC, and Vicki says maybe her mom can watch the babies, not knowing her mom is gone! This scene was so heartbreaking! Vicki starts panicking for a minute about how she almost forgot her mother is gone, and Shannon and Tamra are right by her side, hugging her and consoling her! Stay strong, Vicki! The ladies quickly find out that Vicki won against Mehgan's bowling, and Mehgan is pissed. The
Ladies also say that Lizzie is planning on meeting them for drinks and dinner. I love Lizzie

Shannon, Vicki and Tamra talk on one of the couches in the bowling alley and Shannon tells Vicki that she's concerned, regarding Brooks' sugary diet that she has learned about from somewhere. Shannon says she's livid about it, and when she asked one of her friends about eating sugary things with cancer in the midst, Brooks may have NO fuel to fight cancer, unless he stops. Vicki says she doesn't want to hear it, but she should because Brooks is her man, and Shannon is both of their dearest friends. Tamra asks Vicki if she watches Brooks' chemo sessions, and Vicki indeed does go. Shannon says she's sick of bringing it up, but it's really bothering her. The ladies then all leave the bowling alley, and Vicki asks herself why she's getting defensive, when she can be cheering that she won the bowling game! 

In the limo ride to the restaurant to meet with Lizzie, Mehgan tells Shannon that she's been having sexual talks with Hayley, just out of curiosity and Mehgan lets the ladies know that Hayley has been out on birth control, which is dis-pleasuring to Shannon. Lizzie and the other ladies meet up for lunch, chit-chat, and some drinks! Lizzie admits that she couldn't attend bowling night, due to her broken ribs! Ouch! The ladies then order food and drinks, and Heather becomes the leader of everyone, as she orders for everyone! Woah... Heather! Slow your roll, Sister! Lizzie and Vicki have their own little talk about Vicki's Mom's passing, and Vicki says that she's doing okay, not really. Mehgan invites all the ladies for a game night at her new home, which she moved into 3 weeks ago and she invites all of the ladies! This shall be fun!!! Vicki then does a quick talk/toast and says that she appreciates all of the ladies being by her side during this difficult time, and she then invites the ladies to Tahiti! Woohoo! The ladies then asks where specific are they going and Vicki says: "Morocan", which all of the other ladies pronounce wrong! Shoot... I think I even did! All of the ladies are excited for Tahiti, except for Shannon, who is afraid to show off her stomach in a bikini. 

All of the ladies head their own ways, except for Tamra and Vicki, who decide to ride together. Tamra starts blabbing away about stuff and Vicki tells her to hush it, and starts falling asleep because she hasn't got sleep since before her Mother passed. The ladies then get stuck with a flat tire on the limo wheels, and decide to call Brooks and Heather to help them! Haha classical! 

We check back in with Mehgan, who is getting stressed out, because she finds out that Hayley hasn't been up to date with stuff, and Mehgan starts crying because she feels like a failure, in not helping Hayley out a lot, and as she's going through Hayley's work, She says "incorrect" on almost every question! Mehgan then questions herself about Hayley's years down the road, and what she can do to make everything pan out okay, and she exhausts herself, and goes to sleep. 

Tamra and Eddie head to a "booty" class, to improve Tamra's booty and they start clashing over perfect workouts but Eddie is just following his own lead. Tamra starts bashing Eddie for his rudeness at the gym the other day, and both agree that yeah, it's stressful, but Eddie handles situations more calmly but abruptly then Tamra, who wants everything perfect and is too pushy. Tamra then says she may have to go do something separate then working with Eddie, and Tamra says she feels like Eddie doesn't need her. Eddie says he does need her, but not at certain points. They both agree that maybe separating business together is a good thing, but Tamra declares she's the queen you have to need in order to finalize a business! Haha #QueenTamra! 

Next week: Mehgan's game night
Party kicks off + Tahiti gets a taste of the OC ladies, but drama quickly erupts when The ladies start arguing over money issues! Until next time! 

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