Monday, July 20, 2015

Bad Girls Club: S14 (BGC14) Sneak Peek Of The Premiere: JeLaminah and Lauren Get Into A Heated Dispute Over Mixed Babies And Fathers!

Bad Girls Club- Season 14 looks like it's going to make headlines on Oxygen this year! BGC14 airs August 11th at 8/7c on Oxygen.... But Oxygen has gifted us a sneak peek of a HEATED dispute between JeLaminah and Lauren..

The argument had to do with Mixed Babies and Mixed Fathers: JeLaminah states that she would never date a white guy, and wants to marry a black guy, due to the fact that Her Father was black and she wants the tradition to be passed down, but on the other side, Lauren gets offended that Jela wouldn't date/marry a white guy, and classifies her comment as "racist".... Next thing you know, JeLaminah and Lauren are up in each-other's faces and Jela threatens to whoop Lauren's ass, and Lauren isn't backing down! 

Watch Here

REMINDER: Bad Girls Club: Season 14- Making It To The Mansion Special, airs August 4th at 8/7c, and the following week: (August 11th) is the official epic premiere of Bad Girls Club: Back For More! Woohoo! 

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