Monday, June 8, 2015

RHOC Season 10 Premiere RECAP: "Under Construction"

They're baack! The Real Housewives of Orange County are back! So, the episode started off with the trailer of what's to come this season & the new tag-lines:

Heather: No-ones life is perfect, but mine is pretty close. 

Shannon: When life gives you lemons, put mine in a bowl! 

Tamra: Boldness comes at a cost, & I'm willing to pay. 

Meghan: Now that I'm in the OC, it's a whole new ball-game! 

Vicki: I-am the OG of the OC! Everybody else is a copy. 

So, we start by catching up with the Dubrow family. Heather reveals that they're staying in a cute rental house, while their new beautiful home is begin designed. Heather is fine with it, but on the other hand, Terry isn't pleased with the current situation. Terry & Heather take their kids to see a sneak peek of their new home. Heather then starts to show & tell where each individual item will be, starting w/ the hair-washing station. Then, Heather says that she's neighbors w/ Katie Hamilton: (who was supposed to be on this season) and so she asks Terry if yelling out one of the windows to them is rude & he says No. Heather yells & says: HEY KATIE! Do you need some sugar?". Then, Terry makes a reference that their son Nicky will be able to smoke out the window in his room, because his room window is HUGE! Heather gets upset about that but she says she hopes smoking is legal in the OC by the time her son is old enough. 

Next, we catch up with Shannon & Vicki, who're meeting up for dinner &'catching up. While Vicki goes to hug Shannon, Shannon's napkin kit gets stuck to Vicki's jacket, which she reveals that it's brand new from Chanel. They begin to order food, & they both agree to a salad. Shannon wants a dry one (for diet purposes), while Vicki wants the opposite. Shannon asks Vicki about her agenda in Mexico & if she will turn up, & you obviously know Vicki is going to turn up. Then, we see a playback of when Vicki, Shannon, & Lizzie were dancing on top of the bar tables! Vicki says how Brooks had moved in with her & Shannon shows some nice feedback. She tells Shannon about the on-going beef between Her Daughter Briana & Brooks Vicki then says how if Brooks was to move out, He wouldn't get nothing! Vicki then says that Shannon & David are a perfect example of it! Shannon says how her & David really put the effort in to work in their relationship & Vicki says she's proud of them. 

We then catch up with Tamra Judge & her husband, Eddie. Tamra says how she wants bigger boobs while Eddie takes a selfie of them. Then, Tamra gets a call from her son's girlfriend: Sarah. They start talking about how Tamra is going to the doctors to get her boobies done, & we also learn how Sarah is 9 months pregnant! We see a throwback on how everything turned out last year w/ Ryan telling Tamra that he was moving in with a girl from Instagram & she broke down. But now, Her & Sarah have grown very close in the last 6 months. Tamra then explains how bad she was bashed last year for her honesty with her fellow cast members & she has changed & grown! Eddie then takes Tamra to the hospital & the boobie job begins there! In the process of the boobie job, we see some nasty, bone-chilling body parts getting cut off but it's all for the good! Tamra, out of order starts crying & she had an emotional breakdown because she started re-talking about her custody battle & how with her last boob job/implant removed, her friends (Gretchen, Vicki & some of the other ladies) were by her side. Eddie then walks in the room & let's her know that everything will be fine. 

Meanwhile, Heather tells Terry that she's going to dinner with Newbie Housewife Meghan. Terry says that she'll meet them there & she goes on her way. We all seen Meghan & her famous Baseball player of a husband Jim Edmonds last season a little bit, but only as guests. Heather starts explaining the situation with her house, while Meghan talks about breaking her rules w/ marrying/dating at first Jim. First, she said she would never date a man with kids, she broke that. He has 4 kids. Second, she said she would never date someone who is older then her, Jim is 14 years older. Third, she said she would never marry a professional athlete, she broke that rule. She said she broke all those rules because she was asked on a date. Terry arrives & joins the ladies. Then, Heather makes a joke on how she gave Meghan their embryos, & Terry says she can have them. They start talking about how Terry has only changed one diaper in his life & he's not a big potty fan. 

We then catch up more with Vicki. She arrives home to see Brooks at the house trying to pick out food for dinner. Everything that he says he wants to eat, Vicki says he can't! Then, we learn that Brooks has cancer! This will be a major impact later in the season! They eat a salad & begin to talk about Chemo  Therapy he has to do. Brooks says how he was go through chemo & they'll be very hard then the cancer itself. Vicki then reveals how her daughter, Briana thought that Brooks is/was doing it for a stunt & he wasn't telling the truth, which Vicki hopes she could but you don't joke about stuff like that. She then says how they will fight though it because he can't die on her! 

The episode switches to Newbie Housewife Meghan, who is moving furniture into her new home. Meghan says how she has moved more then 6 times & is finally ready to settle. They start to talk about Jim's busy schedule & try to get around it. Meghan comes up with a plan to go out to dinner as a family. We also get introduced to Meghan's Assistant: Melissa & Her Step-Daughter Haley. She then calls herself the best stepmom to Haley & how they really moved back to the OC so Haley can help her sick mother! They all go out to dinner (except Melissa) & they get stuck in traffic! U-G-H! So they arrive & Meghan notices that Jim doesn't have his ring on! She asks him where it is & he smirks & says it's somewhere in one of the drawers, which doesn't seem quite right to Meghan. She then says how the whole family is redefining what the word "family" is & how she wants them to finally agree to her settlement in the OC. 

We see then see the Beadors & we finally see their score! They're packing up to head out to go to a couples retreat for a few days because Shannon reveals that they've been having BIG! BIG! BIG! issues in their marriage. She then reveals that not even Vicki knows what's going on! Shannon lets her Nanny: Sophia know that she has to pick up her kids from school & David's sister Vicki will watch over them until the Beadors return. They arrive at the retreat & are anxious to let out all their troubles! Tina Konkin, the head leader of the retreat, begins to introduce herself & Shannon begins talking right after! She tells Tina that she's at the retreat for marriage purposes & then she reveals the bomb! DAVID HAD AN AFFAIR: April 1st! April Fools! which was a shocker for all the viewers who were watching! She then breaks-down in tears! My heart broke for her! I felt super bad! Shannon reveals how she heard David whispering to a girl, which she had suspicions about & then he finally revealed that he had an affair! They both start revealing personal childhood memories, which could be a big cause of the issue. David can't trust anyone, & Shannon loses it a lot but wants her family back together & will stop at nothing to get it! 

Vicki & Brooks start packing for Mexico, just to head out & get his mind off of his bad cancer in his body. Vicki, with her glamourous iPhone 6 in her hand, decides to call her mom & tell her that she's going to the airport & gets some advice about the airport because she knows how it goes, as far as her watching people getting stuck in the airport. 

Meanwhile, Tamra decides to throw a baby shower for her son's girlfriend Sarah. The place she's throwing it at is at a old gym & is making it a shabby/chic kind of baby shower, due to Sarah's countryness. Then, Former OC housewife: Lynne Curtin arrives at the baby shower & they begin catching up about life. Both of Lynne's daughters have moved out of her house & she has recently got a divorce from her husband, Frank. Lynne reveals how she misses getting laid, & calls labels herself "Re-Virginized!". They then begin to discuss the viral Vicki picture that broke the internet! You know... The one where she took a photo of her herself & she was naked & her body reflected off the phone & her huge bunnies popped out... YES! Lynne says how she understands how it could've happened but then Tamra says that "you have to be a moron to do that". Meanwhile, Vicki & Brooks, headed to Mexico, begin to talk who's been checking up on Brooks since the cancer diagnosis. He reveals that Eddie hasn't checked up on him but Terry & Heather 
have. Vicki has talked to Tamra, but she wants their (broken) friendship back because they're both going through life changing issues, but Tamra really hurt her last year. Meanwhile, Tamra tells Lynne that Vicki has hurt her too but since Brooks has cancer & she's becoming a grandmother, she feels like this is when friends need to come into play, at worse times like that. 

Last in the premiere, Shannon & David are still at the retreat & are talking about the recent events in their life & how they can fix it as a couple. Shannon, being influenced by another relationship expert, begins to cry again & talk about their kids & how David made Shannon feel like an idiot for having children. She then says how her relationship w/ her mother is good but as a child, it wasn't pleasant. She leaves off with saying how she wants her now hood to become stronger w/ David, for the sake of their sanity & their kids. 

It was a great premiere! Until next week! Episode 2 already haha! This season is going to be a crazy roller coaster! Who's ready?! I will try & recap every episode this season so be ready guys! 

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