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RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 10 Recap: "Pop Of Crazy"

We are still in the Berkshires where Heather & Bethenny are still going at it & tensions are still exploding! The episode continues from last week, right after Heather goes & sits down in a huff, & after Bethenny rejects her to get away from the table. About a minute later, Bethenny comes to her senses that she was being mean & rejecting & goes over to Heather & hugs her. She tells Heather that she's been distance with a lot of people & it's not just her. It's just about her recent life-struggles & surprisingly, Heather begins to comprehend with Bethenny's reasoning. Bethenny sits down but then Heather whispers something to her husband, upsetting Bethenny. She tells Heather not to be fake & whisper something to her husband, right after their "hug". Heather gets in a huff & says: "Ai Ai Ai". We also see Heather whisper something to Luann, which upsets Bethenny more. Meanwhile, Sonja is getting her food groove on & pretends to hog the sushi platter as it gets passed around the table. 

Then, Heather, Kristen & Dorinda seperate themselves from the ladies to discuss the recent altercation between Heather & Bethenny, while Bethenny bashes Heather to Luann about her fakeness. Heather says that she's going to show Bethenny that she's not the bitch to fuck with, & Kristen doesn't understand when Bethenny said: "I just want the wall up". Heather straight out says that she feels it's a "get away from me" from Bethenny to her. Meanwhile, Bethenny, still at the table w/ the other ladies, begins to bash Heather's fakeness to Luann. She says how not even 2 seconds after their "hug", she whispered something to her husband, which she calls out it's fakeness! 

After everything is solved, LuAnn makes a awkward toast to Dorinda about how when they first met, it was a chemical & physical attraction. It seems like LuAnn was eating some crazy candy because "chemical?".... What the hell does that mean?! But anyway, Ramona then makes a better toast, & says how she loves Dorinda since she was 4 years old & then says how she has never loved the Berkshires more, which makes Dorinda's face light up! Lastly, Bethenny makes a toast, surrounding herself in attention & says how when Sonja is sober, it's the best night ever, as she cheers to Dorinda, which makes Heather question her very distance behavior. 

The Berkshires fiasco is over & we see Ramona seeing her daughter Averey, run out from a NYC store, all happy & gladily. It's Averey's winter vacation break & Ramona is super happy because she wants to spend more quality bonding time with her. Averey says how she's been up all hours of the nights due to finals & finally wants to sleep, but she has a huge paper she needs to write for school, upsetting Ramona because she wants to go out to dinner. They finally come to an agreement that everything will work out fine. 

Its Bethenny's turn & she's at her Buisness place & she walks in, looking fashionable & professional as ever! Bethenny begins to tell us about how she wants to make one big brand AKA Skinny Girl product into her daily life focus. And that's when Sonja walks in & joins the group of Bethenny's business associates. Bethenny hopes that Sonja   will learn & should learn all the perfect deets of a professional organized & classy buisness woman with money-making products to make her go worldwide! Bethenny explains to her group that she wants Skinny Girl her focus/daily routine business, while Sonja takes notes. It was basically, Bethenny & food/drink cooperation people. Bethenny then makes a dig at Sonja, saying how she needs to get her shit together together (no mistake) professionally & personally in order to make a successful brand. B's team hint  that they will make it a success as long as Bethenny's is willing to take that road. Of course after that, Sonja has to chat w/ Bethenny. So anyway, Sonja says how she thought Bethenny's brand was going to be a huge trending summit, which it is but she thought it was going to be bigger. Sonja thanks Bethenny for inviting her, as not many of the other girls do & they hug! #BuisnessLadiesForLife Huh? 

We're back at Ramona & she and Averey start making piles that consists of workout clothes, school clothes, & other clothes: Sweaters, Pants & shirts as well. Ramona brings up how Mario is reconnecting with her & Averey wants NO parts in the drama, plus she doesn't even know because none is brought to her attention. Ramona, sneaking in her confessional says that she doesn't know if getting back in the dating boat is a option. Ramona also says how Mario and Averey weren't talking because Mario was in a kinda lost place & was dammed due to his faults in the marriage. Averey says how her mom is her mom & her dad is her dad & she loves them both, equally regardless. Ramona, trying to not make the conversation depressing as it already is, says that she took over any empty space, just in-case Mario would want to come back, which puts a smile on Ramona & Averey's face! 

Carole meets Kristen & her friend at a store in NYC called: Ricky's were they have a huge makeup counter & it's like a cute little boutique. Kristen does a little recap on how she got into her nail polish line business. Her husband Josh was doing something buisness wise, Kristen's name came up, Both wanted to make a deal w/ Ricky, & bam! Here it is! We then learn that her friend is actually her Makeup Artist, named Jacqueline. Carole, brings laughter to the situation & tells the guy Rich (they're meeting with) that she writes & she writes about her perspective is sex brain-cells! Carole admits to Kristen that she wanted to do a nail polish line, which Kristen never believed & Carole actually brought proof which shocked her! So, the conversation refers back to Kristen & launching her nail polish line. Carole, with her over-sexual little brain says that Kristen should make up names for her polishes & comes up w/ sexual references: Dangler, Mister Happy, Snake-eyed, & Popsicle! It was a good laugh in this part or the episode! 

Bethenny & Ramona meet up at a local steakhouse but Ramona was expecting more Eye-candy, which  Bethenny didn't receive that one little message that she wanted some Eye-candy to look at but there's only some young, white goofy men. Both other drinks & announce that Carole & Dorinda will be coming!! YAY!!! So, the Berkshires fiasco comes up & how LuAnn was so bossy about Bethenny & her rudeness. Dorinda arrives on the scene & joins the ladies. It appears also that Bethenny & Dorinsa have the same style in furs! Bethenny explains that she wanted Heather off her jock & didn't want any sympathy attention wise & then Carole finally joins the ladies. She's as well dressed as elegantly with her baige fur coat! I see you Carole, mama! Carole, siding with Heather, will not understand where Bethenny is coming from as far as the Berkshires because she's all up her ass! The drinks come & 2 are dirty Martinis & 2 are clean. Of course Dorinda & Ramona get the dirty ones. The conversation then switches to how Ramona is hosting a get together with all the ladies, & then how Bethenny is not a lesbian & wants Ramona to bring some single guys to her party & then the conversation starts making my ears bleed by the sexually content... Anyway! 

It's finally Ramona's new sports bar party time & it's packed! She said how she's gathering her family, plus all the other ladies just to bring in the new year. Ramona's friend Peter is already there waiting for her & receives hugs & kisses from Averey, Her Friend & Ramona, of course. All the ladies arrive one by one. When Heather & Kristen arrive, the tension is there. Ramona tells Bethenny her experiences w/ Heather and her snotty attitude last season & how she's very shut down when others are to her first. Kristen tells Carole how she feels left out by Bethenny & Ramona, who are supposed to be cool with her. She then refers to Bethenny as a "Ice Queen with her behavior" & that it goes with the weather. Meanwhile, Bethenny tells Ramona that she likes who she likes, & doesn't who she doesn't. She then says how she only is vibing with Dorinda & Carole

Carole then spills the beans on how Bethenny & Her met up & she downgraded Kristen's her nail polish line & called her dumb. Kristen try's to interject Luann & Bethenny's newly conversation but gets sadly rejected. So we see that LuAnn & Bethenny are talking about the Berkshires.. AGAIN O-M-BERK-SHIRES! So, Bethenny feels as if Luann is coming off fake & still her to shoot straight & don't play dumb when she knows exactly what happened with Heather. Bethenny says how she'd rather be live & direct, while Luann is being fake & cold. Kristen is listening, waiting for her turn but when Ramona brings chicken to her attention, Bethenny says that the pretty girl can wait, chicken is the bae right now basically! So, after Luann & Bethenny make up, Bethenny makes her rounds over to anxious Kristen, who not even 1 minute in, spills the beans on the tea Carole told her. Bethenny, looks confused because she says that she's never called Kristen dumb. Kristen, coming from a good place, says that she knows that Bethenny is going though a lot but she goes right in. As soon as Bethenny hears this, she walks away. Kristen begins to become eager for Bethenny's attention but Bethenny rejects her once again! Kristen follows her & then Bethenny tells her Happy holiday & all she wants to do is talk to Heather.

Last, Heather & Bethenny REAListicly talk & hash out their issues without Kristen and it comes to a happy end! Bethenny owns up that she's abrasive & aggressive & that the issue is her friendships can be her! Heather & Bethenny hug; NO WALL UP! And that Bethenny waddles away fast, as fast as Kristen could give her an evil smirk. 

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