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LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 7 Recap

Tonight's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode was crazier then ever! From hand-smacking, auctions, & orange-juice throwing! Yep, it was that type of episode! 

So, the episode started off where it left off from last week: Mimi & Ariane being confronted by Margeaux & Nikko at Pre-Madonna's waist-gang party. Margeaux shakes both Mimi & Ariane's hand, but the tension was there from the gate! Mimi starts the tension & asks Nikko; "Oh, now you're claiming your wife?" & the drama begins there! Margo tells Mimi: "We're not doing this here!". Margo starts saying that Mimi set up the whole sex-tape on purpose & then Margo starts putting her hand in Mimi's face & Mimi smacks it down. Both start arguing about who leaked the tape & who masterminded it from the door. Margo puts her hand in Mimi's face two more times & Mimi smacks it down two more times. The disagreement continues outside & Margo is really sticking with Nikko. She says that she feels her husband isn't a sneaky scum-ball like that, but Mimi tries to convince her otherwise. Margo calls Mimi a "coward" because she "blamed the whole sex-tape on Nikko" & ruined his creditably. Mimi walks away & says that Nikko is putting a battery in her back. Ariane & Margo begin to talk & get to the bottom of all the chaos. Margo & Ariane both agree to disagree about the sex-tape leak/master-minipulation of it. Margo thinks Mimi leaked it because Mimi was jealous of the relationship of Joseline/Stevie J, & Ariane thinks Nikko is a scumbag & HE leaked it on his own. I personally think that Nikko leaked it because he's thristy for money & fame & would do anything for it! Mimi isn't that stupid to go leak it on her own: so sad. 

Next, Kirk AKA (Messy Boots) is coming back to the ATL, from his artist: (Ashley Nicole's) perfomance. Not even 5 minutes in & Kirk gets a call from Young Joc! Joc tells him that Rasheeda is having an auctioning & is auctioning off his prized possessions. Kirk isn't to fond (didn't even know) of that! He tells Joc to give him the address ASAP & tells the driver to put a speed on it so he can get there faster. Meanwhile, Ashley Nicole shows a looks of nasty-ness that Rasheeda is doing that to Him. 

Margeaux meets up w/ Nikko to discuss the throw-down that happened between her & Mimi. Margo says that Mimi is crazy, & Nikko says "I'm sorry you had to experience that". Nikko then says some stupid ass plan that he wants to expose Mimi & there's one person that can.... with facts! The Porn Manager! He can come clean & expose Mimi that she leaked the tape (or they both)... But Nikko.... You're not that smart buddy lmao. What're you going to do? Make some fake audio of the guy saying Mimi planned it? Good luck! 

Mimi & her precious little nugget Eva go to a "Universal Circus" event but what Eva doesn't know, is that her father The Good Guy: Stevie J. will be on stage! She's in for a real shocker! The circus begins with some lame ass tricks that boreded me to death. So, Stevie J. walks out & the crowd goes wild! He makes sure all sides are cheering, and when he gets to Eva's side, she's full of excitement & screaming! Stevie J. calls her out & says: "Oh Hey, how you doing princess?" It was the best moment I've seen thus far this season! Precious moment! So, Stevie J. gets off stage & sits next to Eva in the audience as they watch the ending of the circus. After the circus, Mimi puts Eva to bed & Her & Stevie J. catch up (At Mimi's house). Mimi picks up a liquor bottle (but then asks Stevie if he's good with it since he's sober(ity) & when Stevie says he's good, He wants the tea ASAP! So, Mimi fills him in about the Tiffany Foxx & Jessica Dime showdown at Jazze Phae's studio. Stevie says how he has really low feelings about the "MF Mangament" & how they need to start picking up talented artists, not people off the streets. So when Jessica Dime's name comes up, Stevie says he has a vision of her but not that much. He asks: "Does she have a fatty?" & Mimi automatically thinks something went on between him & JDimepiece (sexual wise). Stevie asks about Freako & Mimi spills the beans on her altercation w/ Marg. Once Mimi tells him all, Stevie thinks that Mimi wouldn't leak the tape & Nikko leaked it. The convo comes to an end & Stevie does a dance, walking out of Mimi's house!!

AUCTION TIME!!! DUN. DUN. DUN! So, The auction Rasheeda put together for Kirk's items have arrived & all the people have their eyes set on certain things! Even Young Joc, who's concerned about getting Kirk's banshees'. So the auction begins & everything is being sold off fast! About 3 sold items in, Kirk & Ashley walk in, to the displeasure of Rasheeda & her Mother. Rasheeda tells the auction guy to keep it going, but Ashley Nicole & Rasheeda start going at it HARD! Ashley then brings up how Kirk cheated on her! Rasheeda & Her Mother start getting in Ashley's face but Kirk pulls her away. Then, Rasheeda shades Ashley's music career & says: "You don't even have a record deal, & you can't even rub two nickels together!". Ashley leaves & Kirk & Rasheeda begin to talk about disrespectfulness. They both start talking about how they both took money out of each-other's bank account but it was really Kirk's fault for the empty-money. Kirk then storms out angry, & Rasheeda happily says: "Bye Kirk". 

Mimi & Eva are at the house, drawing with 3 coloring books, but there is something else to the story! Remember back in the recent episode, Deb Anthey told Mimi to give Nikko 3 children's book as his 25% so he wouldn't get any of her personal life-story. Ariane arrives at the door & Her & Mimi start talking on the couch about the run in they had with MargeauxMimi tells Ariane that she doesn't dislike Margo, she just wanted them pointy ass nails out of her face! Then, Ariane tells Mimi how Margo claimed that Mimi agreed to leak the sex-tape. All Mimi said was that she only  agreed to "tape themselves", NOT leak it. Mimi also confirms to Ariane that Nikko slipped up & confessed that he had been taping him & Mimi's over the phone & in-person conversation. Mimi says she has no idea what's on the tapes, but all she knows is that he will get his 3 (Children's) books & get the hell out of her life! 

Yung Joc pops up on Khadiiah at a jail salon. They haven't seen each-other since she tied him up & left him at her house because she found out that he cheated w/ Baby #4- Sina! She confirms that she left their condo & has been staying in a hotel to get away from him. Yung Joc begins rubbing K's back, but she tells him to stop. Joc tries to apologize & bring some humor how he was trapped in the bed for 13 hours but it doesn't work. Khadiiah then tells Joc: "YOU're leaving DNA, all over the A!" Then, Joc brings up how he's having a get together w/ all of his baby mommas, & he wants her to come so all 4 of them know that they're seriously in love. He tries to get some sugar from her, but she rejects him & tells him: "I'm watching you, So watch yourself!"

The episode switches to Joseline & Karlie Redd, who're getting their groove on at the Gym. Right after they workout, Karlie picks up a donut, which Joseline doesn't like. So, Messy Karlie Spills the beans on the altercation between Mimi & Margo at Pre-Madonna's party, which Joseline was invited to too but she didn't come. Once Karlie spills the beans, Joseline says that she gives Margo props for standing up for herself but then she disses Mimi for lying all the time. Then, Karlie spills the beans about the MF Management & that Stevie was working w/ Jessica Dime & Tiffany Foxx, & Joseline goes off! She calls both of them "rats, & un-talented". She also tells Karlie that the wedding is called off until he learns how to only focus on only the Puertorican Princess. She also tells Karlie that Stevie will get checked, whether it's a week, month or year from now. 

We're back with the Frost family & both Rasheeda & Kirk are in the kitchen but Rah is ignoring Kirk. They finally get to talk & come to an agree that the auction wasn't right. Rasheeda apologizes & switches the conversation to Ashley Nicole & her disrespectful attitude at the auction. Rasheeda says that Ashley is two seconds away from being dropped from DLO-Entertainment company because she needs to bring her fierce temper all the way down! Rasheeda then asks if Kirk/Ashley are smashing. Kirk gets offended by the word "smashing". Lastly, Rasheeda says that Kirk needs to check Ashley before things get really out of hand! 

Second to last in the episode, Nikko is meeting up w/ Mimi to discuss the book deal. He said she called him & wanted him to come discuss the book & he thinks that he's getting good books but he's sadly mistaken. So Mimi starts off the conversation & goes in for the kill about the other night. Nikko says how he thought him & Mimi were making money when they were together & he was trying to be classy at the Waist Gang Party. Nikko then brings up his wife & says how when they were together, He only lied about his wife & Mimi starts yelling: SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR FUCK--G WIFE!". Then, Nikko says that Him & Mimi planned the tape together & Mimi is not a victim. Mimi tells him to choose his words wisely & that she's not about to re-hash last years' bullshit. As she walks out, she throws the 3 children's books down on the table & tells him "goodnight". Mimi walks out & Nikko follows her out & starts slinging insults & says: If you think you can get out of the book deal, with children's books, think again". Then, he starts saying how he will get the porn company guy to expose who really leaked the sex-tape!

Lastly, The epic throw-down between Joseline & Stevie J! Joseline is cooking breakfast fiercely & talks about confronting him. She brings him breakfast & they start talking about rules. Joseline asks Stevie if he's "following by all the (HER) rules" & Stevie says he doesn't follow rules but he has a nice caring & neturing home. Stevie J says that he feels tension between him & Joseline, which sets Joseline off. He starts talking to her like a little girl & then She says verbatim: "We gonna do it like this. Remember when you talked to me about the big wedding? Well, Fuck your big wedding; fuck your bitches & get your shit together" & BAM! There she goes flinging the Orange Juice! She splats him in orange-juice & then they both start calling eAch-other names. Joseline calls him trash, & then Stevie says you're trash & that's why I don't wanna marry you. The episode ends with Stevie J. cleaning himself off & walking out of the room. 

Next episode: Stevie J. & Joseline meet up to discuss their altercation, Rasheeda & Ashley Nicole meet up, Margeaux spills the beans to Ariane about Mimi & Khadiiah meets up with the baby mommas & Her & Sina have a throw-down, as well as Yung Joc gets the raft of it from KD! Until next episode! 


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