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The Real Housewives of Melbourne: (Season 2), Reunion Part 2 Recap: Insults, Laughs, & the continuation of a explosive walk-off!

It's that time again! Another housewives' season has ended! But this time, it's The Real Housewives Of Melbourne! Since it's the ending of Season 2, I will be recapping Reunion Part 2! 

         Enjoy & read my recap! 

So, the episode continued from last week & it consisted of Pettifleur ranting backstage because the ladies accused her of drinking heavily off camera one night. After a few minutes, Lydia walks backstage to console her & convince her to come back on stage. Pettifleur tells Lydia that the girls are lying on her & she never expected to be arguing with Jackie & Janet. Meanwhile on stage, Jackie begins to explain the story about Pettifleur's drinking & her bashing Gina. After the discussion, the reunion host Alex Perry finally gets through to her & she comes back on stage. 

On stage, The ladies discuss the issue further. Gina & Pettifleur start going at it, & then Janet jumps in. They both call Petiffleur a liar. Alex asks Jackie about what really happened between Pettifleur & Gina the night of Pettifleur's alleged "drunken rampage". Jackie says that there was drinking involved & that Gina abruptly grabbed Pettifleur's arm to make her stop drinking, as well as calling her names. Pettifleur says that she didn't go over the top with drinking but she occasionally has 2 drinks max. Alex Perry ends the conversation & moves on.

The conversation swifts into racism, which played a big part in the season. Pettifleur says that growing up, she was a main target for racism. She was called names & put in a different religion category. She also admits that she felt Gina was being racist during certain situations while filming. Also in the conversation, Having an accent was apart of the season as well. Pettifleur starts to tear a little, & Chyka jumps in the conversation. Chyka says that if Pettifleur feels a way about Gina's comments, she should stop. When asked if she will stop the comments, Gina hesitated.  

It's time for Miss Jackie & the ladies discuss her psychic ability & how she used it this season. The comment that Gamble made about Jackie's profession. Jackie & Gamble start gong back & forth & Jackie says that if she wanted to, she could've made fun of Gamble's paintings but she didn't because she liked Gamble. Gamble says that she feels like Jackie is a half psychic & she doesn't really go in depth to help people with their issues. 

The ladies begin to discuss their dirty talks this season. The ones including "sucking cream out of things", & "Wet pussies". Janet starts cracking up & needs a minute to compose herself. The ladies agree that that was kinda normal talk & it was hilarious. Chyka & that male strippers' butt in her face this season & that discussion was funny as hell also! 

Then, Gamble's husband Rick joins the ladies. They start to discuss their cute relationship! I never knew that they met on E Harmony, but you learn something new everyday! lol. Her husband says that it's been rough since Gamble has been on the show, especially with being in the public eye! 

The big rumors about Gamble being a call girl & stripper is brought up. I personally think that Gamble was not a stripper or call-girl! It's stupid! The rumors were actually stirred up by Janet so I don't know at all! Janet comments on the situation & she says that she heard the rumors & that she felt it was right to tell Gamble before it was in the middle of Public Eye. Janet turns her guns on Lydia, & says that Lydia told her the sex-party rumor. Lydia says it was a guy named Carlos, which Lydia & Janet are both friends with him! Gamble says she had a gut feeling that it was him. Janet ends the conversation w/ her saying that Gamble is a crazy woman. 

Janet's friend Manuella joins the ladies. The ladies discuss Gamble & Manuella's confrontations this season. The two start bickering & Old wounds are brought back to life. Also, Gamble's "c*@t" using towards Manuella is brought up as well! When asked about how they both feel about each other, Manuella says that she doesn't care how Gamble feels about her! Gamble then says the most craziest thing ever! She tells Manuela: "Your pussy is too dry to be riding me this long", which stuns the entire group! Janet asks Chyka what that means & Chyka says: I'll explain it to you later! It was hilarious! Even Manuella laughed! When asked if they will ever be friends, both make the impression that it's yet to be determined. 

All eyes begin to turn on Gina, once her gossiping is out in the open. Gamble gets kinda put on the spot. She listens while Gina explains her role in the gossiping rumors. When the "Gamble's Make-up artist spreaded the stripper rumor" comes up, Janet goes in for the kill! She says that Gina gossips but doesn't really own up to it. She makes excuses. The two start bickering & the drama gets spicy! Janet tells Gina to be quiet, & Gina returns it to her. Getting fed up with all the drama, Janet falls to the floor & says that she's sick of hearing Gina's voice. 

Lastly, The ladies share their final moments and thoughts about the season. Everybody basically had something nice to say, especially Pettifleur & Gamble! They say that they've grown & had fun working with everyone. Reunion Host, Alex shows some unseen fun footage from the Dog Races. The ladies were racing in the same spot as the dogs, & Pettifleur's champagne spilled on Janet. The ladies laugh & talk at the end & that's a wrap for  The housewives of Melbourne! 


That's a wrap for The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Season 2! It was a great season, Great additions, & spicy drama! I'm excited for Season 3! #StayTuned


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