Thursday, May 28, 2015

Party Down South 2: (Season 2), Episode 2 Recap: Bradley & Raven decide the fate of their relationship!

Happy #ThristyThursday y'all! So tonight, I will also be recapping Party Down South, (Season 2), Episode 2! Hope y'all get your beers cracking & get to readin'! 

So, the episode started off with the guys  cooking steaks & chilling in the house. Meanwhile, The ladies decide to have a: Girl's night out! The ladies get dolled up & head out for the club! New Girl Kelsie starts to feel as if she's part of the family. At the club, Karynda's crazy dance moves are back! She starts to dance off w/ some guy & surprisingly, the guy wins! He only won by sticking his hand near his crutch & shaking it! Then, Raven decides to chat with a boy/(guy) & starts to flirt with him. She then finds more men to dance with, including a DJ! 

Back at the house, Bradley starts to lighten up, even since his break-up from Raven. All the guys are feeling this & they start playing games. They then start to make predictions of what Raven can be doing in the club (without knowing Raven's dancing with men!) it's a recipe for disaster! 

The ladies continue to party it up & make the best of it from Girls night out, including Karynda! She starts breaking it down on the dance floor & showing us a good time! While acting belligerent, the ladies hop in the cab & arrive home! Ashton feels that if Bradley finds out about Raven's flirting, He's going to flip. They arrive home & Karynda is DRUNK AS HELL! She's really drunk to the point where she falls (head first) onto the pavement. The guys hide behind the door & peek as everyone basically is drunk. Belligerent Raven begins to cling on to Bradley (with a guys' number on her arm)! She lies & tells Bradley that she got the number for Karynda but Bradley's not buying it at all! Bradley decides to interrogate Ashton over Raven's behavior at the club but she doesn't spill the tea, out of respect for the #GirlCode! 

The phone begins to ring & Mr. Bradley answers it! It happens to be the guy from the D.J booth!! Apparently, Raven gave him her number to hang out! Bradley then sets the record straight & tells the DJ that that's his girlfriend! Hot Head: Bradley is coming back! The DJ hangs up on him & immediately, He confronts Raven! She's still drunk & insists that the number is for Karynda. Raven knocks out on the bed, with her booty poking out. 

It's the next day & everyone is drinking coffee early & that's when Tommy calls Duke. In the latest episode, we seen that he had to go home because his grandmother had passed. What the crew don't know is that Duke is coming back sooner then they think! Raven wakes up & is totally confused about the night before. She says she doesn't know what went on & Bradley tells her she acted a fool!  

A couple minutes later, Duke arrives back at the crib, with screaming: I'M BACK BITCHESSSS! Everyone is ecstatic to see him & they show him much love! The crew tell Duke that he had to go to work with them & Duke says OK, basically saying he despises the fact in general. Everyone meets their manager(boss) & explain their job. Kelsie makes the convo interesting & asks the boss: Can I wear a bikini & show my boobs? Of course you would think they would say yes to that! Well.... no! The boss says NO! Everyone begins to drive home & think of upcoming plans for the night.

The gang decides to go out, have a fun night, & get drunk! They all go in one cab to some fun bar with a bull-riding ride. Everyone starts to ride the bull & it becomes sexual!: especially Duke's turn! Haha! Raven doesn't disappoint when it comes to flirting because she starts having flirts withdrawals & decides to ask Bradley for two dollars to buy another dude a shot. Bradley confronts her, the two start bickering, & Bradley storms away outside. Bradley goes outside & admits his feelings to Tommy about Raven

The fun night continues but the flirtatious behavior turns to Tommy! He talks to a girl & brings her outside & they start to get more intense in talking: UNTIL.... She becomes high off some shit! Tommy confides in Kelsie to get this chick off his back, so she plays fake rookie girlfriend for the time being. It was SUPER awkward to be quite honest! Tommy also confides in Hunter & Duke to wife the girl up, but Duke picks Kelsie! The two start dancing slowly on the dance floor & start flirting! What's with this cast & flirting?! GEEZ LOUISE!!

Meanwhile back to the Bradley & Raven drama, Bradley is still pissed about Raven's flirtatious outrageous behavior. Bradley walks up to her to talk things out but Raven starts to tear up & walks outside to the cab. Raven begins to breakdown & Ashton hugs her to console her. Bradley admits that he has a gut feeling that towards the end of the night, their Relationship is over! 

Last segment, Bradley & Raven finally sit down (not a bar, but at the house) & they sit on the bench outside. As soon as Bradley opens his mouth, Raven walks inside, & cries herself to bed. Bradley then declares their relationship is FINITO! That's how this dramatic episode ends. 

Until next week! Another recap coming from me! 


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