Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bethenny Frankel turns the tables on Andy Cohen in a special Watch What Happens Live interview!

After Tuesday night's new episode of RHONY aired, Bethenny Frankel turned the tables on Andy Cohen on his live show: Watch What Happens Live! The segment aired at 10PMEST. She asked him the burning questions about sex, other housewife franchises, & more fun discussions! 

             Here's a little recap! 

•The interview started off with Bethenny asking Andy: Did you play a big part in the making of the Housewives?
Andy responded: yes, it started out by me working with a special group of people at Bravo & it went on from there! (All the EP's: Sherri Levine, Francis Barrick, Lauren Shylaswick, & Christian Marcellos). It started out with the OC housewives (season 2), when Housewives became a bigger type of controversey. Andy says that he thinks that Reality TV plays a big part in type of ups &'downs in relationships. 

•The conversation swayed another way because the question was asked about: Who were you the most wrong about (casting tape wise) when it came to the housewives?
Andy actually said a lot of ladies!: Bethenny, (but then he took her back a little bit), He said Lisa Rinna, & also Kim Zolziac

•Then, Bethenny spiced it up! Bethenny asked about Andy's biggest conflicts, among the housewives? 
Guess what Andy responds! Andy says RHONJ! He feels like he kinda took good part in the Teresa/Melissa beef in the past & it was so real & played out perfectly on T.V! 

•The convo turns to sex! Bethenny asks: if had to pick a Housewife + A husband ((from any franchise of HW's), who would you pick to SLEEP WITH? Andy turns his guns immediately on Apollo Nida (RHOA), & Joanna Krupa (RHOMiami). He says that Apollo is basically hard to resist & Joanna is hot, especially in her now famous modeling gigs!

Bethenny then asks Andy: Which housewife(wives) email you the most? Andy sets his sight on the NYC housewives! For example: Ramona Singer & Countess Luann De Lesseps! Then, the convo takes a turn for intensity about Andy's shady questions. For example again: The RHONY Season 6 reunion & how he continually asked her about her sex-life, which she felt uncomfortable with! Bethenny says that whoever signs up for housewives, needs to be prepared for the bashing from viewers, questions from Andy, & the public eye madness. 

Andy turns the tables on Bethenny about her bitchy attitude sometimes. Andy brings up the bashing of her from Mr, Dr. Dubrow, as well as miss Nene Leakes! Bethenny says that she's really not bitch but how they portray it is a different story. 

Second to last question is: Most intense fans?! Andy turns to the Teresa Giudice (Tre-Hugger fans)! As soon as the episodes start to air, he wishes they would be over! All the Tre fans think that Andy hates her but it's not really that! It's only about he has to ask the burning questions! That's it! Andy also says that he's scared that they may burn her house down! Bethenny sends a signal about how she's in jail & she has a huge army of fans waiting to see her! It's really beyond stunning! 

Lastly, Miss Frankel asks Andy: What is your favorite housewife moment in history? Andy says that when he had to question Kim Zolziac about her cancer spread in the RHOA season 1 reunion segment special. He said that it defines the entire concept of housewives! I don't get that but I may in the future! 

Bethenny did a great job as far as I see it! Congratulate her! Andy was in the hot seat for a minute! Lol! 

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