Tuesday, May 26, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 8 Recap: Bethenny has a breakdown + Ramona & Luann go head to head!

So, Tonight’s RHONY episode starts off with Ramona meeting up with Dorinda for drinks. They start talking about Dorinda’s upcoming birthday weekend in the Berkshires. Ramona seems more open to head to the Berkshires this year than last year. I’m sure she will throw a fit over something because after all the Berkshires isn’t the Hamptons. Mario then comes up, and Ramona says that he’s making an effort to reconnect. In fact, Ramona admits that Mario and Avery have finally made up after Mario admitted to his mistakes. Dorinda brings up John and Ramona admits she’s not too fond of him.

It’s then time to look at the lovely Miss Carole, who is running for the board of her apartment building. Carole’s first “campaign” is in full swing, and she is bringing in her friends, Ramona, and Heather as well as political consultants to help her out. What was supposed to be a fun campaign is now turning into a semi-serious event. Turns out being on the board of an apartment building is like running for Congress.

Bethenny meets with her shrink and opens up about spending time with her friends and how positive it’s been. Bethenny than opens up about talking with her step-father John. The therapist asks Bethenny if her step-father admitted to the faults that were made by him and Bethenny’s mother. Bethenny begins to get angry with the doctor as his tries to dig deeper into her past. Bethenny gets emotional and breaks down when talking about the abuse her mother endured and she witnessed. Bethenny doesn’t understand getting upset over her past since she can’t change it. The shrink says this the wrong way to think and that she needs to face her past. According to the shrink her past has affected every relationship Bethenny has had and will have. Plus her intense childhood issues affects her ability to love everyone including her daughter. This revelation seems to shed a lot of light on Bethenny’s relationship and marriage issues.

Sonja in the City is holding a party to celebrate her appearance on the cover of Latina Show magazine. Surprise, Surprise that Sonja is wearing a dress from her collection, which shocks everyone. According to someone at the party, all of Sonja’s projects are falling into place that again shocks many in attendance. Even though most of the ladies are wondering why Sonja is on the cover of a Latino magazine they still have come out to support her. Ramona brings up Mario and Bethenny finds it funny and confusing. Heather is still skeptical of Sonja’s fashion line and says one dress doesn’t make a line. Heather asks Sonja’s fashion team if they will be selling Sonja’s line at KMART, which doesn’t go over well since that’s too low-class for Sonja’s Bergdorf’s worthy clothing line.

Back in Carole’s neck of the woods, she decides to throw a little party while she awaits to hear about the election results. Bethenny arrives, and her and Carole talk about food and the election. Heather then comes running in, and the ladies play with Carole’s friend’s son. Sonja shows up and questions why Carole would want to be on the board of her apartment. Heather and Bethenny attempt small talk, and it doesn’t go well. Carole starts talking to the freshly arrived Ramona about her new dating life and tries unsuccessfully to get some new information out of her. Bethenny is taken aback when Heather asks about her custody arrangement. Bethenny doesn’t like it and doesn’t it feel like its the right way for Heather try and connect. Bethenny has to leave the party as soon as Kristen arrives. Kristen then apologizes to Sonja about doubting her and her line of products. Carole makes the call to get her results for her election, and everyone goes quiet…then Carole announces that she won the election. The ladies celebrate as Bethenny rushes out the door. LuAnn is excited that Bethenny showed up but wishes she stayed longer.

The next day Bethenny and Carole meet up to shop for decor for Bethenny’s new place. They discuss Carole’s new relationship and how good it’s going. Carole says it feels like she’s known her new beau forever and that she’s super comfortable with him even though it’s so new. Bethenny brings up what LuAnn said about the ladies feeling like she isn’t making an effort to connect with them and come out with them to dinner and events. Carole says that it’s true, and that’s how the group feels. Bethenny breaks down saying that she has to put her daughter first and that she can’t miss any time with her daughter. Carole doesn’t know how to handle Bethenny crying, and the ladies eventually laugh about Bethenny’s breakdown. Bethenny says she’s a big pu**y and both ladies agree that neither of them is huggers so no hugging will take place.

Later that night the group arrives at a private dinner LuAnn set up for Dorinda’s 50th Birthday. Ramona arrives with a date, which Heather thinks is a way to prove to the group that she’s moving on. When Dorinda and John arrive, Ramona gives John a very unfriendly hello. The ladies begin their caviar dinner, and Heather turns out to be quite the caviar whore. Somehow Ramona and LuAnn’s issues come up. Ramona says that Dorinda is welcoming which brings down her walls, unlike LuAnn and Heather, who make Ramona put her walls up. Dorinda says that everyone is more alike than they’d like to think. LuAnn says that Ramona is the one who’s had preconceived notions about Heather, not the other way around.

Dorinda then brings up an issue she has with LuAnn. Dorinda says she’s heard from Ramona that LuAnn doesn’t like some of John’s behavior. LuAnn admits it’s true but also says that Ramona has issues with John as well which she failed to tell Dorinda. Ramona says she doesn’t lie, unlike LuAnn. LuAnn tries to set the record straight saying that she and Ramona had a private conversation about John. Instead of keeping the conversation between the two of them, Ramona went back and told Dorinda about what LuAnn said but left her issues with John out of it. LuAnn says she can’t trust Ramona. Ramona tries to act all innocent and questions why LuAnn would bring up something negative about Dorinda and John, which LuAnn again says isn’t true. Ramona tries to put it back on everyone else but her. Then Ramona calls out Dorinda, the birthday girl, for letting LuAnn know she was the one who tattled on her. Dorinda says her relationship is no one’s business and that she knows Ramona was just using LuAnn to talk bad about John.

Welp, that was a great episode! Can't wait until next week! Dorinda VS Kristen & Bethenny has a breakdown! The NYC drama is just spicing up! 

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