Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Erica (Bad Girls Club LV) reveals the real reason behind her jaw surgery!

BGC8: Erica reveals real reason behind Jaw Surgery! 

Erica from Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas is opening up about her jaw surgery to Oxygenshe reveals to them the reason why she went under the knife was more medical reasons. She says that she had trouble breathing and chewing food and had symptoms to TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) problems.

From Erica:  "I got the surgery because I had terrible breathing and chewing problems--my jaw would lock up and I would get these awful pinched nerve pains and migraine headaches. When my doctor explained how all of those symptoms were connected to my TMJ [temporomandibular joint, or jaw] problems, I just knew that I had to have this procedure no matter what. I also wanted to feel better about myself inside and out. I was teased a lot about my underbite; and because of it, I never really felt pretty. I saved for years and years just to pay for this procedure"

Credit for the description: VH1access. 

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