Sunday, May 3, 2015

RHOA: (Season 7), Reunion Part 2 Recap!

Happy Sunday loves! Here is my weekly recap of: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Season 7), Reunion Part 2! Sidenote: The shade was REAL! 

The episode started off with Andy bringing up that from Last Reunion about how Nene & Kenya wanted to donate 20,000 dollars to the Detroit Public School foundation. When asked about if they donated, Kenya says that she donated the 20,000 dollars already & she doubled which makes (40K) but Nene says; No she didn't but She'll do it when the time is right! Then, Kenya blasts Nene because she says how she talks about her being a rich bitc* but she didn't donate anything. They both start going back & forth, which leads to Nene calling Andy: "Messy Boots" (Which Phaedra calls Andy later in the reunion). 

Then, The ladies discuss the New Cynthia this season & how she changed from last season. The fans' questions roll in & most of them comment about why was Cynthia so ganster this season? She responds & says that it's very important to be outspoken, which Nene says she's been gossiping ever since she's been on the show. Phaedra & Cynthia start arguing over Cynthia spilling the beans about Apollo at the dinner. Cynthia & Phaedra then start shading each-other over what they do for a living & it got REAL! The shading continued on & on & on & on & on until Andy finally stopped it!! 

The crumbling friendship of Kandi & Phaedra is discussed. The ladies sort out their issues but the main problem is that Pheadra showed no remorse! Kandi breaks down in tears about how she wishes Phaedra would come to her, instead of the other ladies. Kandi says how she stuck up for Phaedra this whole season, (including with the Apollo sitaution)! They start going back & forth about what really cracked in their relationship & Phaedra admits that it was her fault due to broken communication because of the Apollo situation. Pheadra says they she truly loves Kandi but it was just the broken communication on her end. 

The ladies begin to discuss how Friends went to Enemies & Enemies went to Friends this season! Andy says that Nene has lost many friends on this show, but Nene disagrees. She although admits that the friendship break-up that hurt her the most was actually Cynthia! She says that Sheree's & Kim's could never compare to Cynthia's! 

The men join the stage & Andy jumps right in & asks about people calling him Patricia. He says that Porsha always complements him with calling him that. Porsha flips her hair & acts unbothered. Then, Gregg shares his take on how Peter's always getting in women's buisness. Gregg says that he's self-made & works with men, not women, which Peter gets offended. Peter says he will always have an opinion about everything & he doesn't give a f*ck who likes it/doesn't like it! 

Porsha's African man is brought up & the ladies go in for the kill! Porsha says she never dated an old man (sources says different), & that the rumor sparked up due to Cynthia, Claudia, & Kenya. Porsha says she does have an African man in her life but it's not an old man. 

The ladies/men discuss the explosive Apollo situation of the season. Andy asks Phaedra straight up if the rumor is true or false? & She says that it's 100% false & she's never been unfaithful. She claims that she still loves Apollo to this day, & she will never still loving him, even after his outburst. Peter shares his take & says Apollo showed him clear evidence, which made Peter believe him. Todd & Kandi also say that Apollo showed clear evidence! Andy asks Pheadra about why she exploded on Kenya & went on a violent Rampage & She says because the rumors were false & she was at her breaking point. Again, Pheadra & Kenya start arguing because they both don't believe each other about the messages. 

The argument between Pheadra & Kenya continues & then Pheadra breaksdown all the events that happened that led up to her calling Kenya a "whore". Then, Kenya says that everyone flirts & she brings up how Nene flirted with Peter! Nene EXPLODES on Kenya & Nene starts screaming at her! Nene says that even if she did flirt, She would own it. Gregg says that he has a prize (Nene) & that what Kenya's saying is a lie! The episode ended with that! 

Next week: Did Peter & Nene flirt with each-other? Does everyone owe Kenya an apology about the messages because Apollo lied? & NeNe has a BREAKDOWN in front of Doctor Jeff! Next week, Sunday at 8/7c only on Bravo! 


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