Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bad Girls Club: Season 10's Rocky & Nicole TWITTER BEEF!

Bad Girls Club Season 10's Nicole & Rocky have been cool since their epic reunion. But now, Nicole wants to fight Rocky! 

Lots of people have been saying that Rocky has changed since her season & is very cocky & thinks she better then everyone. She recently had surgery on her body & kinda went at Sarah BGC11 for bashing her. She has had beef with most BGC girls, mostly from BGC13. Now, It seems like Nicole has jumped on the band-wagon! 

Nicole sent out a comment on IG saying how she wanted to box Rocky & bring her back down to earth! Rocky tweeted/snapchatted about the situation as well. 

Here is the tweet/ Rocky's snapchat: (Nicole's comment was deleted some how)

Those were posted right after Nicole's comment was sent to Rocky but it got deleted some how. 

How do you think this will end up?! Smack down brawl or peace?! 

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