Monday, May 4, 2015

LHHATL: (Season 4), Episode 3 Recap!

It's Monday! Do you know what that means? A Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta New episode! This episode was very interesting! From Cheaters getting caught in the act, Rehab visits, shady sit-downs, & more! 

-Here's my weekly recap of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (Season 4), Episode 3!

The episode started off with Erica meeting her lawyer to discuss Scrappy not paying his Child Support. She tells him that he's more then $45,000 behind. Her lawyer basically tells her that the only option they have is that he can be arrested. Erica starts breaking down over it but there's nothing she can do because she signed the papers to have him arrested, which hurt her to her soul. 

Meanwhile, Yung Joc is in the studio with Baby Momma #4: Sina! She popped up out of nowhere! They start talking about how they can bring their family back together. All of a sudden, His Current Girlfriend: Khadiiah pops up & now it's a three-some talk! Then, Sina drops a bombshell on Khadiiah & tells her that her & Joc are still smashing! Yung Joc wouldn't own up to it, & Joc tries to calm Sina down & get her out of the studio, but Khadiiah fuels the heat more & the two come to a huge argument. Although Yung Joc managed to get her Sina up out that studio!

It's time has come! It's the time where Stevie J. has to check into rehab! He will be gone for 30 days & says he will be back- A brand spanking new person! He kisses Joseline & he walks up to the Rehabillation Building & says goodbye for now. To Be Honest, The Building looked like a straight up Mansion! It looked beautiful! 

Queen Momma Dee meets up with Erica to discuss the papers that she signed to get Scrappy locked up. Apparently, The papers got back to him. They start arguing because Momma Dee says that Scrappy loves his daughter & he always pays Child Support. Momma Dee gets up, makes a face, insults Erica & says "Men lie, but women do too! We'll see you in court" & then leaves.  

Miss Joseline Hernandez Baby goes to do some errands, the 3 things that Stevie J. told her to do. The 3 things were: Focus on her music, Have a sit-down with Mimi, & pick out a nice wedding gown for their wedding. She goes to rehearsal first, where Karlie Redd meets up with her. Joseline discusses that she's a changed women & she's not fighting no bitch. She also tells Karlie how she's counting down until Stevie comes back home, which is 28 more days. Karlie tells Joseline about the store she was planning on opening with with Erica, but that's not going as planned. Joseline tells Karlie that she should trust no bitch that's doesn't get with the buisness & how bitches would do anything for money. Joseline brings up an example: Mimi. She brings up how Mimi has a sex-tape & she's an idiot. She also calls her tired, A pilgrim & broke! 

Khadiiah & Sina finally agree to meet-up to squash their beef, but it doesn't go as planned. As soon as they come face-to-face, the bombshells arrive! Sina tells KD that Joc sends her Mixed Signals all the time. She says that he rubs her ass, has sex with her kisses her, & makes her feel good. KD asks for proof, which seems crazy to Sina. Sina walks up & leaves, but she throws out some insults about how she has Joc whenever she wants him. 

Everyone's fav: K. Michelle arrives on the scene! She meets up with Karlie & surprisingly Jessica Dime! The 3 start talking about life & catching up. Karlie tells K. Michelle about Mimi's new management with Stevie, which K. seems to have no nice words to say about that! Just insults! She says: "What makes Mimi love music now?! Is she making music beats with her ass cheeks?" Which was SUPER funny! Karlie brings up how she has her Grand Opening of her shop, & The ladies say that they will love to come! Then, Stevie J gets brought up about his Rehab 30 day visit, & K. Michelle says that she wishes him the best. Jessica Dime says that she's moved from Miami to ATL, which she seems more happy about. The ladies cheers & have a good laugh!  

Mimi meets up with Waka Flocka's Mother: Deb Anthey. She meets up with Deb to clear her mind & to help her get through the Nikko stuff. Deb thinks that her making Nikko get 25% of Mimi's life book is absurd! Then to solve the issue, Deb tells Mimi to write 3 (fake) books to fulfill the contract & give them to Nikko, but not to give him the real copy. Deb also thinks that: The Stevie J. & Mimi management is all about personal, & not buisness. Deb asks Mimi two questions: Do you still love Stevie? (She says not like that) & What's the difference between Nikko & Stevie? (She says that Nikko was a complete scumbag & Stevie was her buisness outlet) Then, Mimi fills her more in about Stevie going to Rehab & that he wants her & Joseline to have a sit-down. Deb tells her that if Mimi was her daughter, she would make you go to the sit-down. She says: Just for the sake of that baby: Eva. 

We finally get an update from Stevie J from Rehab. He admits that he's been seeing some growth changes in him, while he is in there. He gets in a group hug & everyone prays together. Meanwhile, Joseline is picking out wedding dresses & relaxing hoping that Stevie J is O.K. 

Erica meets up with Rasheeda. They start catching up on life as always. Erica fills Rasheeda in about Scrappy not paying child support. Then, Rasheeda says she received a text from Karlie about the Grand Opening to her store. Erica says she had no knowledge & she calls Karlie: A Messy ass bitch, & "Shady heifer". They both say how they will pop up on Karlie to surprise her (sarcastically)

Yung Joc is over at his baby momma Sina's house. They are having a calm cool relaxation night. Until Joc does something nasty & toe-curling. He gets on top of Sina & dips her toes in Chocolate & licks the Chocolate off her toe. Then, he carries her to her bedroom & everything cuts out! You know what that means??? Hmmmmm...... 

Mimi & Joseline finally meet up to discuss their ongoing beef. Joseline acted like she didn't know why she was invited to have sit down with her. They both start getting confused because Stevie told them opposite things about why they both met one another. Joseline says that she doesn't owe Mimi an apology & she really feels bad for you because she doesn't have a man. The insults are coming but it gets really heated when Mimi leaves & the insults REALLY get REAL! So, I guess the sit-down didn't go as planned! :( 

Lastly, Karlie Redd has her grand opening to her store. K. Michelle & Jessica Dime arrive first. K. unfortunately had to leave right after she arrived. Rasheeda & Erica walk in & immediately start hating on the shop. They told Karlie that they were not there to support as well. The grand opening was actually looking fab! No lie! As they were leaving, they purposely knock two items off of Karlie's table of jewelry. They immediately get yelled at by the manager & they finally stop. Jessica Dime takes Karlie's side & begins to heavily argue with Erica & Rasheeda. They call Karlie: A Bird & leaving the grand opening. Afterward, The manager, Karlie & Jessica Dime drink & laugh calling them: Haters! The episode ended with that! 

No lie, This season's episode get intenser & crazier then last seasons! Next episode looks really good! Until next week!

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