Wednesday, May 6, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 5 Recap!

This season of: The Real Housewives of New York's episodes are getting interesting & interesting! The episodes are flying by quickly as well! 

Here is my weekly recap of (Season 7), Episode 5!

The episode started off with Bethenny at a restaurant, sitting & talking on the phone until Miss Sonja meets up with her. Bethenny says in her confessional that she didn't understand when Sonja said she had mighty stress, so she asked her to explain it further. Sonja starts to tell Bethenny that she's in financial issues because she got sued, she was in a Chapter 11, or something around those lines. Bethenny said that she's been hearing nothing but judgmental things from the other ladies, so that's why she wanted a one-on-one with nobody around! Sonja says that she's been building her brand bigger by making fashion, Jewelry, & perfume international buisness. Bethenny says that she hopes Sonja knows what she's doing & to start small, & work up big! The conversation ends with some sexual comments about relationships & "not swallowing unless you have a black card" Crazy Sonja Morgan! 

Meanwhile, Dorinda & Luann meet up for manis & pedis. The two start to talk about Luann's party & about John's suspicious ways. Dorinda says that; "Whenever there's a vagina, slip-ups can always happen". Dorinda says that she's always been venerable because of her EX dying so she walked into the realtionship with John in a uncomfortable matter. Then Dorinda brings up the dinner she had with Bethenny, Heather, & Carole & then it got Fiesty. Luann looks surprised but they both agree that Bethenny has one hell of an attitude! Dorinda says that when it got heated, she had to order her 3rd martini! 

Carole & Kristen link up in a bar & immediately Carole brings up Adam (Luann's young chef). Carole says that they are living together, growing closer, but she hasn't given Luann the heads-up yet! Kristen looks Un-pleased because she knows that Adam & Luann's niece were hitting it off. Carole says she's planning on telling Luann, but she doesn't know exactly when! 

Ramona meets up with Sonja in her house, & Ramona brings her wine bottle! As they start to drink, Sonja brings up the idea that for Ramona's birthday, they should go to Atlantic City! Sonja begins to have doubts about inviting all the ladies because they nic-pic at her all the time. The ladies begin to go down the line one-by-one & decide to see how it turns out! 

At the Medley residence, Dorinda & her daughter: Hanna are chatting on the couch about some of the other ladies. As she was talking about it, Dorinda decides that she wants to host her own: Cocktail Party! She says that: Bethenny probably isn't able to go & that she thinks that she takes a long time to warm up to newbies. The two start to discuss Dorinda's boyfriend John & Hannah gives her good advice on how to handle their Realtionship! This was shocking to Dorinda because her boyfriend & daughter aren't on that good of terms! 

It's Kristen's time & she starts to talk about how she made her own fashion blog but doesn't have a ghostwriter: (Don't tell Sonja!). Kristen starts getting her grove on, & starts to do some pretty photoshoots! Although, one of the photographers saw Kristen's vagina when she was running but he's gay. 

Sonja invites Bethenny to her branding event, since the ladies always are mean to her. Sonja give Bethenny a tour of what it is to live in the life of Sonja Morgan. Bethenny says she knows about branding, but wouldn't call herself an expert. When Bethenny asks for more details from Sonja's people, they say that they can't disclose yet, which seems absurd to Bethenny! She makes a confessional comment & sarcastically asks: Are we in the mafia??? You can't tell me anything? Bethenny starts asking more questions & that's why Sonja's people start to tell more. They want to release a Spring 2015 fashion line. Everyone starts to discuss business aspects deeper, but Bethenny has to leave. She says she has to pick up her daughter for school & wishes Sonja & her brand nothing by success, & she loves the logo! Bethenny asks her director friend if she came off as a bitch & her friend replied No. Bethenny says that she thinks that Sonja didn't invite Heather because she didn't want to hear the truth about the marketing line. Then, They say that Sonja is taking anyone's advice & she's going to get screwed in the end & that's when the two walk out & go on their way! 

Dorinda's cocktail party starts & the ladies start rolling in! All the ladies looked classy & elegant! Sonja arrives with her date & her vibe was so antsy! She walked past Ramona, which made her feel some type of way! Who wouldn't feel a way?! They just talked about the Atlantic city trip! 

At the bar, Heather & Luann start talking to Sonja about her brand & they feel a way that they weren't invited, but Bethenny was! The ladies start getting upset because they want to know what's going on in her life, & Sonja isn't opening up! Sonja walks away & says that she feels attacked. She walks back & her & Heather come to a understanding about that when Sonja has time, she will invite them to see her success. The ladies say that they want to see her success, but they can't because Sonja doesn't open up to them. Dorinda thinks that the ladies are trying to bring her down & pretending to care about Sonja's business. 

Carole & Luann sit on one of the couches & discuss Adam! Luann already knows because her niece let her know. Carole tells her that her & Adam are growing closer & closer & moved in together. Luann doesn't look so pleased because her Niece is upset. Carole says that she really doesn't care about it (in confessional) because her niece & Adam are both single. Luann starts to lighten up but she still looks Un-happy! They say that they will solve the issue when the time comes because Adam is leaving the city soon! 

All the ladies start to chat & laugh about dates, new boobies & more! Ramona starts doing push-ups & says that her body stays looking cute! Dorinda wants Ramona & Sonja to talk because Sonja says that she feels Ramona is ignoring her & Ramona feels the same way so she goes over to each side & brings the two together! Sonja acts so different towards Ramona but they solve their differences & move on. 

Lastly as the ladies start to leave, John starts inappropriately touching Kristen & Sonja, which bothers Dorinda to the fullest! She asks him to pack it up & the two leave, with Dorinda still angered! That's how the episode ended! 

Next episode; The ladies go to Atlantic City & drama is not off limits! Until next week! 

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