Friday, May 1, 2015

Kim Richards: Interview w/ Dr. Phil! Secrets, Lies & Bombshells!

It seems like Ms. Kim Richards is walking on thin ice! This past Tuesday, Her Interview w/ Dr. Phil aired & here are the biggest bombshells that dropped during the interview, as well of what her kids had to say about Brandi Glanville! Which kid said: Brandi's toxic?! Find out all the juicy tea BELOW! 

(Not in Order) 

•1st: Kim admits that she lied during the Season 5 reunion about being sober for 3 1/2 years!
•2nd: Dr. Phil shows Kim a clip about her infamous brawl with Lisa Rinna & Kim says she was out of it & doesn't remember. 

•3rd: Kim says that she doesn't remember kicking the cop in the Hotel, but does remember arguing with him. 

•4th: Her Son says admits that he thinks Kim's relationship with Brandi is TOXIC! 

•5th: Kim admits to smoking POT, & 
Drinking heavily! 

•6th; Kim says that she will go to Rehab but doesn't know how good it will help. 

•7th: Dr. Phil asks Kim's children for their take on it & they say: She deals with substance abuse & says dealing with real-life situations, that they have to deal with. 

•8th (last bombshell)- Dr. Phil challenges Kim's Parenting skills & says that; She's indulging her kids to a bad life ahead. Kim got up, stormed out & says: (Verbatim) ---- "Here's your microphone, I'm done. F*ck him. I'm leaving,"

Praying for Kim Richards during this time of her: Downward spiral! It's sad! Kim is such a sweet lady, but Drugs is breaking everything nice in her path! 

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