Wednesday, April 29, 2015

RHONY: (Season 7), Episode 4 RECAP!

So, the episode started off with Heather & Carole meeting up & start chatting. Carole brings how that Luann's chef: Adam & her have been texting (flirting), & how they went to a Party & he got super wasted & took her on a Bike Ride, but he winded up puking his brains out! They start laughing about this. Carole says that she found out that Adam isn't in-fact 28, but he's 29 years old. Also, Carole has thoughts about telling Luann because that happens ofcourse to be her personal chef. 

Meanwhile in Frankel's life, She's getting ready to host her own little Birthday party! She's inviting some of her friends to a restaurant & calling it a party. Sonja & her German Boy-Toy arrive first, along with Bethenny. They start setting up the table with Singles, & non-singles. Heather arrives & starts chatting with Bethenny about Luann's party the night before. The other ladies arrive & sit down for a all-out dinner! Sonja starts being over dramatic & stands up & flips her hair by her German Boy-Toy to track attention. The tables start exchanging words & going deep in full conversations to get to know the new people who arrived. Luann starts a toast, & Bethenny continues it. They all cheers & end the night off on a good note! 

At the Taekman's residence, Kristen's nanny Jem is making some yummy lunch! Kristen wants her to leave so Josh thinks she made it. Then, Kristen calls Heather & they talk about their kids & their school plans, & then Heather brings up Bethenny's party & how Dorinda & Kristen were not invited. Kristen starts to feel like the odd man out but her nanny says to brush it off her shoulder! 

Dorinda & her daughter Hannah are sitting on the couch making jokes, about Dorinda's personal life. Hannah & John have no relationship, which hurts Dorinda really mad & she finds herself choosing sometimes. Hannah makes a joke & calls Dorinda: "A chubby chaser", which Dorinda 100% agrees because she's in to fat man, not skinny young men. 

Queen Ramona is walking the NYC streets with her dog Coco, & meets her Buisness Partner Peter to talk about their businesses. They met in NYC & they hit it off when Peter credited Ramona & loved her "ready to work, no playing" attitude. Ramona starts flirting with Peter, & Peter falls for it. Ramona & Peter both are single so you never know! 

Carole & the chef: Adam go to play Ping-Pong. It seems like Carole is getting the upper-hand & takes Adam down! She makes a joke how there should be a boy & girl screwing Emoji so she can throw it in everyone's face that they're having sex. Adam takes Carole home on his bike & they continue to flirt. 

Back by Dorinda, Her & her boyfriend John head out to dinner & order Martinis to start off. But then they order the appetizers' food. Dorinda asks John if he wants to spend the night at her house because Hannah isn't there, & John smiles ear to ear & lights up like a Christmas tree! John & Dorinda start to think of buisness plans to really make an Empire! John starts getting upset because Dorinda wants something that can make Hannah happy as well! John says that Dorinda feeds Hannah a little more attention then him. Dorinda goes off at him, once John brings up how he will call Hannah for something. Dorinda wants to leave because she's annoyed, so John follows her. 

*Bonus Clip between commercials: At Bethenny's party, everyone started to dance on the table & lighten up the party even more then it is!* 

Dorinda, Bethenny, Heather & Carole meet up at a restaurant & Bethenny says that she saw John at Luann's party, & she wasn't there. Dorinda says that she wishes John would use good judgment when it comes to making himself looks dumb. The ladies start discussing deceased husbands & how Dorinda's boyfriend died a while back. Then, The ladies start talking Dorinda's boyfriend & daughters' relationship! All the ladies start to sympathize for her, but then Heather brings up something that makes Bethenny sleepy! Heather brings up how Kristen was upset that she wasn't invited to her party, & immediately Bethenny sarcastically falls asleep. Heather asks her: Why are you like that?? & Bethenny says because it's childish to get upset about a invitation to a Birthday Party. Dorinda brings up how she felt offended that Bethenny also didn't invite her to her party. Bethenny gets into her bitchy mode, & gives Dorinda a slight attitude because she doesn't know her. Heather & Bethenny go head-to-head, & the conversation ends with a "CHECK PLEASE". 

Until next week! Carole finally tells Luann about Adam! How will she react?! Also, Sonja goes head to head with everybody!  

The Real Housewives Of New York: New Episode, Next Tuesday at 9/8c! 

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