Sunday, May 3, 2015

LHHH: Hazel E & Katt Williams Break up! Hazel responds on why she DUMPED him!

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reality Star Hazel E & comedian Katt Williams sadly have "broken up"! They've been together for months! Actually, it was a little after November when the romance sparked up! 

Then, Hazel E confirmed to VH1 that she dumped him on her birthday weekend! She stated: Since I'm officially broken up with Katt Williams, I wished to find my real soul mate."

She continued: "I'm doing me. We on a break." She continued, "I need to focus... It's my time to work & shine & I don't want anyone dulling my light or taking away from my experience...Love him to death but I gotta love me more for once... No shade he is an incredible person." 

That's all she had to say about the sitaution. Katt hasn't said anything regarding this. 

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