Monday, April 27, 2015

Bruce Jenner interview: Small Recap'

After years of holding it in, Bruce Jenner finally announced that he is a woman! This past Friday, He sat down with Diane Sawyer for an exclusive 2 hour one-on-one interview about his coming out, his female name, & much more! 

Here's a little recap on the interview overall: 

• He announced that he has been dealing with coming out & the whole change-up for many years! Ever since he was a teenager! 

• He admitted to Diane that the first person he came out & told little by little was his first wife Christy! 

• In the early 80's, he had questions about his sexuality so he went to the Doctor! 

• He told his mom that he's been living with this issue since he was born. He thinks he was born that way. 

• Once Kris Jenner came along, he said their connection was a sexually & emotionally connection because he was still on his female hormones. 

• He says that he & Kris never went to therapy to help gain more self-confidence. They dealt with the issues as they came out more & more. 

• Admits that he never regrets doing the Kardashian show because he was living with a story but at the same time, he was living life. They made an overall episode set of 425 episodes! 

• Kendall & Kylie caught Bruce in their dressing room with one of their dress that Bruce picked out & literally caught him red-handed! Which freaked him out!

• He told his children about it but the people that take/took it hard were Kendall & some what Kylie. His other 4 children took it as a huge-relief because it all clicked in due to Bruce's suspicious acts when they were kids. 

• He was most scared to tell Kylie! (as said in last post). 

• Kourtney, Rob, & Khloe took it as if your that, rock it! Kim on the other hand, told him to work it! Like YES boo! Haha! 

• Once he transforms, he will not be called Bruce! Goodbye Bruce! He wants people to think of him as being open-minded! 

• He female name is rumored to be Belinda or Brucealee. (still rumored)

Bruce Jenner also has a E! Documentary that consists of 8 episodes of his shocking transformation airing in July! Stay tuned for that! Other updates coming soon! 

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