Wednesday, April 8, 2015

RHOBH: Part 2 Recap! Flashbacks & Clapbacks!

Last night, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2 aired & nobody was holding back! There was a "flashback" from season 2 & many "Clapbacks"! Let's get this recap going! 

So, The episode started off with Andy asking the other girls if they had ever seen Eileen's show. Brandi and a few of the other ladies say "yes". Andy then asked Eileen: Why would you join "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" after all the acting you did on other shows? Eileen responds: I just wanted to do something different because I felt like I did almost everything in the other shows. 

The ladies start to discuss Brandi & Elieen's fall out the season with the "wine throwing" incident. Andy  asks Eileen: What were your first impressions on Brandi? Eileen responds & says: I thought she was fun and I had an open mind about her but then when I saw her actions play out around me, I started to back up from her. Elieen addresses the rumor Brandi brought up on T.V, which was: Elieen slept with married man on T.V. Elieen says that she had spoke to her kids about it and said that she has never done that on TV and to not listen to the false accusation. Then, Lisa Rinna and Brandi start going back-and-forth because Rinna thinks that Brandi's actions are unacceptable. Elieen & Brandi start going at it as well & they tell each-other to "shut the fuck up". Elieen says that Brandi gets into problems because she needs to learn to keep her mouth shut. Elieen tells Andy that she felt very violated when Brandi threw wine at her. Vanderpump jumps in and agrees with Elieen and Rinna about Brandi's hurtful actions. Brandi says to Vanderpump;  Why is it okay for you to forgive Kyle easily when you guys had a big falling out, but then when I apologized to you about the Slap, You didn't want to hear it? Lisa V. ignores her & they move on. Kyle accuses Brandi of having a double standard like crazy. 

Brandi accuses Rinna of calling her a "trashy mom" & Rinna claims it was a joke. Brandi brings up Lisa Rinna'a body & how she has had the same hair-due for 20 years. Lisa Rinna brings up how Brandi did some hurtful things to her as well.  Rinna says that Brandi accused her of doing porn. Rinna starts going off at Brandi and the two start exchanging some funny, but cruel words. Rinna gets up out of seat and starts to sarcastically how Brandi has a double standard & needs to be shut down. Then, They both start making fun of what each-other does for a living. Rinna ends the conversation with a smirky laugh. 

Then, Kim sticks up for Brandi & says that she's turned into a better person from before. Rinna brings up a flashback from Season 2 and says: Didn't Brandi call you a Coke-whore & crystal-meth addict? Kim says that after they had little spat, Kim says she started to see the good in Brandi and they've been friends ever since! Kyle says: Brandi has an issue with everybody on the cast, even on different shows! For example: Some other Reality TV personalities actually call Kyle to talk trash about Brandi! Like: The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Nene Leakes & Kenya Moore! Jane  Moore also! Kyle says: She doesn't fight with people publicly like Brandi does! Kim does take Kyle's side & says that Brandi fights with different reality TV members from other shows. Kim says Brandi's personality is a feisty one & she's way different then Rinna & Kyle. Rinna says that: Brandi can dish it, but can't take it. They start arguing & Rinna ends off with: Everybody needs to own up to their shit! 

A fan accuses Brandi of being jealous of Elieen & the aspects of her life. Brandi denies being jealous & says she's happy about Elieen's life. Elieen says that Brandi is mean. Brandi says; She's apologized to Elieen for being an asshole but Elieen then slays Brandi to a comment how she claims Brandi continues to be an asshole after apologizing & it stops there!

Andy turns to a much brighter topic & brings up the ladies' kids & their no filter but funny commentary/Feisty attitudes on the show! Andy brings up Brandi's two sons & why they aren't on the show. It happens to be because her husband Eddie doesn't want them on the show period! Brandi says that she wishes the fans can see that warm & fuzzy side of her, instead of always fighting & arguing. 

The ladies start to relive & bring up the epic Kim addiction/ Lisa Rinna & Kim drama that played out in their trip to the beautiful Amsterdam! During the showing of Lisa choking Kim, (through the little reunion picture), Kyle's eyes lit up & she looks shocked that the choking actually played out! Andy brings up poker night & wants the ladies' take on it. Elieen says: she felt hurt & everyone chimes in & says Kim took stuff out of content because everyone wanted to help her overall. Elieen says how Kim never apologized for being disrespectful in her home & also, for calling her a "beast & ugly" in Amsterdam! Kim shockingly apologizes and Elieen forgives her. 

Andy brings up poker night again & about Brandi & Kyle's altercation. Kyle says that Brandi is a disgrace & Brandi starts defending herself saying how: Kyle was controlling Kim & shouldn't have ever pushed her because she was trying to walk Kim out. 

Then, Andy FINALLY talks about the epic Amsterdam throwdown between Kim & Rinna! Rinna starts explaining that she only tried helping Kim & Kim was not trying to hear it. Lisa Rinna says that she still wants to know about the accusation Kim made regarding her husband. Kim says that it's a very private matter & it will hurt her children if it gets brought up. Vanderpump & Rinna try convincing Kim to speak up regarding her husband. Kim says it was all a rumor & she tried to hurt Rinna by saying that because she felt that Rinna hurt her. Rinna stands up & sits back down, chanting "wow, wow, wow. The two start going back & forth in a dramatic way & Rinna tells Kim to: Shut the fuck up & Kim tells Rinna to go eat something, regarding her Anorexia experience. Rinna says that she has never received an apology from Kim
& Kim says: I'm not doing that with you right now. 

Andy discusses Kyle & Kim's relationship more further & Kim says she wants to fix the broken relationship. Rinna goes at Kim/ Brandi goes at Kyle while Kim & Kyle try talking. Kyle brings up that Kim disinvited her to her niece's wedding. Kyle has an emotional break-down & says that Kim is very mean to her. The episode ends off there! 

Until next week! The final part of the Reunion airs & it gets intense then the last two parts! It was a good second reunion part & I'm looking forward to next week! Hopefully, y'all are too! 


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