Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Preachers' Daughters: Tyche Interview

Whoever watched Preachers' Daughters: Season 3 knows that it was a crazy season! So I sat down with Tyche Crockett to get her side of the story in our exclusive one-on-one interview! Check it out! 


1) First question: What made you do Preachers' Daughters: Season 3?
Tyche: I did it as a joke basically.  

2) Which of the girls did you click with throughout the house? 
Tyche: Jayde and Kristiana. 

3) Which of the girls did you find irritating throughout the house? 
Tyche: Mostly, Megan with her hogging of the phone and slick comments. 

4) If you can describe every one of the ladies in one word, (including you), what word would you use? 
Tyche:Jayde: Caring
Megan: Selfish
Lolly: Messy
Kayla: Hurt
Kristiana: Helper
Cierra: Accomplished 
Kori: Southern 
Me: Myself 

5) How did you feel with Lolly entering the house? Did she bring a good or bad vibe? 
Tyche: A bad vibe cause I knew she was brought there for mess and drama, and it was coming my way, but it didn't! 

6) What was your take on when Kayla plotted to get Lolly out of the house?
Tyche: She wasn't serious at all! 

7) What was your favorite part of the missions? If you had any? 
Tyche: Nothing really. It was all stupidity.

8) How did you feel when Nikki had to go home// & Kori entered? 
Tyche: Horrible cause I didn't think she was going through so much about leaving! & I didn't want Kori because I truly wanted Kayla to come back. 

9) How did you feel about the Kristiana/Lolly, & Cierra/Lolly altercations? 
Tyche: Once again, All of it was stupidity but that leash that Cierra pulled out was funny as fuck! 

10) Leaving the last day, how did you feel looking back on the whole experience? 
Tyche: I was just happy that I gained a new family! 

11) Is there one thing you wish you had done differently looking back? 
Tyche: I wish that I was a more open person. 

12) Who do you still keep in contact with, now that the show is over? 
Tyche:  Kayla, Kristiana, Cierra, Jayde, and Nikki! 

13) Would you do a Season 4 if Lifetime asked? 
Tyche: Hell yes! 

14) Don't you think that there should be a reunion due to unresolved beefs that are still dangling? 
Tyche: Absolutely! 

15) What are you up to now that the show is over? Any new events/ projects? 
Tyche: I am working to be a medical laboratory technician! 

16) Last question: What is your goal you want to work on in your personal life? 
Tyche: Working to make my family better is my main concern. 

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