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RHONY: Season 7 Premiere RECAP: "The B is back!"

The #RHONY Season 7 Premiere has officially arrived! It was a great way to start off such an epic season! Much more epic drama is in store! Whose ready?! This is only the beginning! Plus, Former Housewife Bethenny is BACK! & New Girl: Dorinda has just entered the building! Let's get another great recap going! 

              Photo cred: Bravo! 

The premiere started off with a small trailer of what's to come this season! Then, the new intro/tag-lines (which I revealed in the other RHONY post) air & the episode finally begins!

The episode kicks off with Bethenny & her dog "Cookie" checking into a Hotel because she's "Manhattan's wealthiest homeless person". Bethenny then explains that she's living in an Hotel for now because her husband Jason took over her Tribeca Home. Her new home is unfortunately being renovated. She then starts talking about her failed talk-show & how it made her move on to better things. In my opinion, I never expected Bethenny to hate that particular event in her past so much! 

The episode moves right along with The Taekman family & everything seems well! Kristen reveals that Kingsley is not only walking, but running around! Kristen and Josh's entire game-plan seems to be changed and they look much happy together due to what happened last season! Kristen then makes comments on how Josh has made an effort to become a better husband and father. That right there, makes me happy! I love seeing how couples have their up/downs but they can work it out in the end!

Kristen, Heather, Carole and Luann meet for drinks & dinner where Luann speaks of her new Hampton's home. Luann moved out of her old home to start fresh and invites the ladies to her housewarming party. Luann reveals that she invited Sonja to the party despite their differences they have w/ each-other.  The ladies start to gossip about Sonja and her recent drunken outbursts! Some happened which even made The Post. Heather brings up that she'll no longer be an enabler to Sonja. The dinner sparks up with Carole saying she's also on Tinder! 

The show goes back to Bethenny in her hotel room where she's freaking out over the little of ice they have for an upcoming party. Then B's focus turns to her untailored moment. Luann shows up to Bethenny's hotel resident where they have drinks and chatter about their love lives. Luann begins to express her feelings towards Ramona and Sonja and Bethenny gives them the benefit of the doubt considering all their issues they have! 

Then it finally comes the time when the Boss of New York, Ramona steps on the scene and meets up with Sonja. Sonja reveals in her confessional that she and Ramona have not been as close as they use to be. Ramona comes in on her confessional saying that she's going through a strange time in her life as she is still dealing with the separation of her husband, Mario, of 24 years. She says that Mario tried to control what she said about his indiscretions, but she refuses to let him control her. As Ramona tries to pour her heart out into Sonja, Sonja begins to speak on her past experiences which bothers Ramona in a way because she feels Sonja is turning this situation in an "all about her" moment. At the lunch table, conversation changes from Ramona's marriage to Sonja saying that she feels the other women constantly tries to attack her. Sonja tries to get Ramona to speak up in her defense, but Ramona declares herself as #TeamSwitzerland because she's going through enough drama & doesn't need any more. 

Ramona then goes to visit an old friend and new cast member of the NYC group: Dorinda Medley at her apartment. They're eating for breakfast and soon enough, Ramona is in tears as she begins to have the conversation with Dorinda that she couldn't have spoken to Sonja. Dorinda happens to be the perfect person to vent due to her past experiences. Dorinda's first marriage ended in divorce, and Dorinda's second husband passed away a few years back! 

Carole meets up with her editor where Carole reveals some people wanted Carole to write a pilot to her book: The Widow's Guide To Sex and Dating. That's something worth praising but Then, Carole's editor tells her that she has missed a few deadlines. Her editor then goes to say that if she misses another deadline, It can lead into a legal issue! Uh oh alert! 

Then, We start to see Dorinda's independent segment where she and her daughter Hannah are looking through all of Dorinda's clothing items. Dorinda reveals that Hannah has came back to live with her in order to recover from the death of Richard (Dorinda's second hubby and Hannah's step-father). Dorinda does have a new boo in her life named John and Hannah isn't too fond of him yet. However, From what can be interpreted here, Dorinda and Hanna are mighty close and the relationship between them is a classical Mother & Daughter one! 

We skip to Sonja who is busy being Sonja. She's yelling out orders to her interns, speaking of her variety of different "businesses", and greets with infamous facialist. Sonja begins gossiping to her facialist on how the other women aren't by her side in the ways she'd like. I think Sonja can't come to terms that everyone isn't going to stay by your side if you keep bad-mouthing them every chance you get! People don't respect you that way! If you want to make your relationship with the ladies better, MAKE IT BETTER! Don't give up when stuff don't go your way! You cause your own problems! Things take time Sonja...

The last scene of the premiere wraps up with the infamous Bethenny (who on top of waiting for her apartment to be renovated) is also looking for a permanent office for her business. Her friend and fellow Bravo star, Fredrik Eklund shows her a place that's an apartment and could also double as her apartment. As Bethenny, Fredrik, and the realtor already there waiting for them, begin looking around the apartment! Their conversation somewhere turns to fetishes. Bethenny reveals her fetish is a man with a nice butt. Then, When Bethenny and Fredrik get back to their car, Bethenny begins to have a break-down once more as the weight of everything seems to just press down on her again. Lucky for her, this time, Fredrik is there to comfort her and give her some heart-warming words. 

The episode ends out with a sneak peek of Next Week & it gets a little intense when Bethenny & Fiesty Ramona go head to head!

Overall, it was a was pretty good Premiere episode! I actually like how Bravo stirred things up with bringing back Bethenny back and replacing Aviva with Newcomer Dorinda! She is a great breath of fresh air & looks like she's bringing the drama this season! Until next week! 

& never forget! Bethenny is NOT a housewife, but she's the realest! 

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