Sunday, April 5, 2015

BGC14: MAJOR Drama + info!

#BGC14 has been filming for an entire month & drama is here! Last night, 3 girls got sent home! The 3 girls happened to be: The Twins (Shannede & Shannon) & Jela AKA Jelemiah! Want to know what happened?! Read more below! 

It was those 3 against the entire house! It's not fully confirmed why they left but it is confirmed that everyone was physically fighting with each-other! Kat was the only who they were cool with like that. 

The original girls who have left so far are: Christina, Shannon, Shannede, & Jelamiah! The girls who are still in the house are: Lauren, Kat, Jass & #1 Replacement Jenna! One thing we can expect on #BGC14 are some huge brawls! Maybe one jumping fight! You never know! 

(Jela got into a fight with Jenna 3 TIMES so that can be a possible reason!

3 Replacements are coming to the house soon! As everyone knows, Christina's replacement was Jenna. Now, we have to wait to see Jela's, Shannede's, & Shannon's! The house is about to get TURNT! 

The girls have been active on social networks since yesterday so follow them! They're also following BGC Bloggers/ fanpages back! (especially the twins!) 

Jelamiah's Instagram: @Jelamiah
Jelamiah's twitter: @JeLamiah

Instagram: @ClermontTwins
Twitter(s): @ShannonJessie, & @ShannedeJenee! 

Filming doesn't wrap until May or Early June! Promos + more are soon to come! Whose excited?!  

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