Friday, April 3, 2015

BGC14: Laura The Life Coach is back!

Bad Girls Club: Season 14 has been filming for a couple of weeks & it's confirmed that Laura Baron (From VH1's You're Cut Off & S12/13 of Bad Girls Club) is back for a third season of Bad Girls Club as a life coach! 

Sources said that "the girls treated Laura like crap" & didn't want to give her a chance! Laura is really a sweet lady & the reports MAY BE false! Laura really tries to help the ladies & sometimes she succeeds but in other cases, it fails! As long as she tries, that's all that matters! 

It's defintely official! Laura is BACK for another BGC season as a life coach! Who's ready?? (BGC14 is still filming & drama is still underway) 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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  1. It comes to my life that I needed a life coach to motivate me achieve my goals in life.