Monday, April 6, 2015

RHONY: Season 7 Taglines!

The #RHONY Season 7 premiere airs Tuesday! Whose ready?! Last week, Bravo released a 15 minute sneak peek of the first episode! They also released the newly official Taglines! Read below! 

Left down: Carole, Luann, & Bethenny. 
Right down: Kristen (next to Luann), Sonja, Ramona & New Girl: Dorinda! & you can't forget "HOLLA Girl" Heather! 

    Official Taglines for Season 7 

Carole: All play no work, makes me a happy girl! 

Sonja: My yacht may have sailed, but my ship is coming in! 

Ramona: I know I can be a piece of work but now, I'm a work in progress! 

Luann: Once you know, never count out the Countess! 

Kristen: Pretty is smarter then you think! 

Dorinda: I give uptown a whole new attitude! 

Heather: I'm stronger then anything in my way! HOLLA! 

Bethenny: I'm not a housewife, but I am real! 

There you have it! The Taglines of Season 7! Whose ready for Tuesday?! 

Note: The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: Reunion Part 2 will air at 8PM EST due to the New York Premiere! 

   -All Photo credit goes to Bravo!- 

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