Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bad Girls Club: 3 Girls leave, 3 girls enter!

As I said in my other Bad Girls Club: post, The 3 original girls from #BGC14 got sent home: AKA Jelaminah, Shannon, & Shannede. The 3 replacements to replace them, have entered the house! The 3 replacements names are: Alicia, Amber & Beatrice! 

          Beatrice                   Alicia


#BGC14 is half-way through filming! We can expect a Promo & Trailer soon! #StayTuned

The new girls' social media: 

Alicia: Instsgram & Twitter: Allyatlx, & AllyATL. 

Beatrice's Instagram & Twitter: InkedupGinger & InkedGinger

Amber's Instagram & twitter: ZadoraDiorPoise 


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