Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bad Girls Club: Q&A's with Alicia Samaan!

Recently, I sat down with Bad Girls Club Season 10's Alicia Samaan for our first  Bad Girls Club: Q&A' interview! She talked about Bad Girls Club, All Star Battle, & more! As we all know, Alicia is well known for her fights, funny outbursts, Being on All-Star Battle, & her big change around to lose weight & help other people in the world who are dealing with weight issues. 

1) What is your full name?
Alicia: Alicia Samaan 

2) How old are you officially?
Alicia: 27 Years Old

3) Where are you originally from?
Alicia: Bolingbrook IL. 

4) What made you go on: Bad Girls Club? 
Alicia: Want to open doors for myself in the entertainment world. Prior to BGC I was a music manager. 

5) Who did you click with instantly moving into the house? 
Alicia: Right off the bat, Stephanie. 

6) Was there anybody in the house, that you disliked right off the bat?
Alicia: Honestly, I don't remember. 

7) What was your favorite moment in the house?
Alicia: Everyday was the best experience  of my life. 

8) Who do you think had your back the most in the house?
Alicia: Valentina Of course! 

9) How was your experience in Greece? 
Alicia: It was amazing!

10) Is it true that you brought a doctors' note to the reunion so nobody would physically attack you?
Alicia: That was absolutely FALSE! 

11) What made you do: Bad Girls Club All Star Battle?
Alicia: I really did it to show off my weight loss.

12) What was your favorite challenge?
Alicia: My favorite Challenge had to be the Tug-A Weave one! 

13) At the All Star Battle reunion when everyone was coming at you, What were you thinking?
Alicia: People get jealous! Attractive people attract people! 

14) What are you up to now that BGC & All Star Battle has wrapped? 
Alicia: I am a health coach, I help people live a healthy active lifestyle, I teach people around the world how to achieve their health and body goals, I work with people who want to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle and also just be healthy! I love my life! I am very successful with what I do & I have a passion for helping people! This really is the best life ever! 

Note: Check out Alicia's Herbalife Website! It's amazing & her weight loss achievement is helping others! I'm so happy for Alicia! 

15) Do you have any exclusive TV projects in store for us fans?! :) 
Alicia: Yes, I will be back on television & when the time is right, you will know details! I have a lot of stuff coming up and if you follow me on Instagram @Alicia_Samaan and twitter @AliciaSamaan, you will get exclusive updates!

16) Last Question before we are done, Do you have any word of advice/motivation for your fans to keep going in life & never give up kind of quotes? 
Alicia: Follow your heart. Don't worry about fitting in. Be different. Don't do drugs, don't abuse you body with alcohol, food and harmful things. Cherish your body and respect it. Don't worry about what people think of you... Just focus on your future. Every choice you make today.. Every decision you make will shape your future. Stay focused on school... Be the best student. If you're in sports be the best athlete. Don't let any situations you can't control bother you. Just worry about being the best version of youself every single day. Thank you to each of my fans for the support!! I love you all so much, every tweet.. Comment.. Picture and post means so much to me! & always remember, "A dream is a wish your heart makes"  (That's a cinderella quote...) 
Dreams do come true- it all depends on you. ❤️love you!!!! 

This wraps up my interview with the gorgeous Alicia Samaan! She has turned her life around & I'm so happy for her! Follow her on Instagram, Twitter & check out her Herbalife website! (All the links are in some of the questions) 

-Until next time!

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