Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mob Wives: Natalie Guercio is EXPECTING!

VH1's Mob Wives Star: Natalie Guercio is expecting her second child! She has a kid already but she just announced (on twitter & Instagram) the good news! It's another great surprise because London is going to be a father for the first time! 

       Natalie Guercio is Expecting! 

Here's the caption photo she posted on Instagram/Twitter with London wearing a ribbon saying "Dad to be"! 

A few weeks ago right after the Mob Wives: Trust No One Reunion Aired, it was rumored that Guercio would not be retuning for Season 6 (AKA: Bloodlines). Now that she's expecting, She may be quitting for good! The rumors about her departure came wayyyy before her expecting announcement! Those first rumors spiraled out of control because Natalie went off exposing Executive Producer of Mob Wives + Renee's Sister: Jenn Graziano! It happened because during the reunion, Natalie was physically attacked by Natalie Didinato & Guercio felt set-up! Anyway, Let's hope Guercio returns for Season 6 because she has lots of fans! 

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  1. lol Natalie elise guerico is a cop caller .and Natalie elise guerico is a rat ha ha ha @