Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 - Episode Review

Hey guys! Here is my first review of The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes 2! It was such an intense & jaw dropping episode! Hope you enjoy reading! 

"Bye Bye, Love"

The episode started off with Sarah breaking down after she put up Johnny & Nany up for elimination. Obviously, they're pissed! Who wouldn't be?! Sarah said she's so upset because she has no idea what is coming her way. Nia starts picking on Sarah & Jordan out of nowhere. She called Sarah a "fake fat sloppy bitch who doesn't want to compete". Sarah just takes the verbal abuse & let's it slide. Nia goes to Jordan & pulls his pants down & calls him a vagina. Bananas jumps in for Nia & confronts Sarah about throwing him & Nany up for elimination. Sarah couldn't give him a good answer so Bananas stops the conversation. Leroy tells Nia to calm down & stop arguing with Sarah & then she is the reason why their team lost because of her attitude. Nany confronts Sarah over putting her up for elimination. Sarah says everyone should calm down because it is a game & she is playing it correctly. Jay tells Sarah that she has nothing to worry about because she is going to the final & made a good move for her team. Nany reveals TJ's hint & he tells the gang that they are going to Norway! Jay says he only cares about the blonde girls. Nia starts picking on Sarah again & Sarah breaks down again. Nia starts makes little imitation sounds to Sarah.

The crew arrives in Norway & settle their stuff in the rooms after a 18 Hour plan ride. They get a special dinner + the house is actually a suite - hotel!! Jenna admits that she hates everything about SeaFood. Sarah gets under Johnny's skin by acting like greedy head (like she's never eaten food before). Bananas leaves the table. 

The next morning, the crew goes to a wild park & exprience all the different aspects to it. Nia calls Sarah & Jordan "trifling backstabbing bitches".

Bananas, Nany, Leroy & Nia start making fun of Sarah & Jordan right in front of their faces. It's basically Nia. She starts making fun of her athletic skills. Jordan calls out Nia for quitting her last challenge. Nia walks out the room & calls Jordan all types of names. Jordan hopes Nia comes back/ Jordan playfully says that he hopes she comes back. Nia calls Jordan a "faggot" + touches his penis & sexually harasses him. Jay thinks that Nia is dead wrong & tells her to grow up! Jordan & Nia start arguing about the Gay community. 

Then, Nia goes into Johnny & Nany's room & starts laughing. Johnny & Nany tell Nia to keep bothering Sarah & Jordan. Everyone goes and sits to have dinner but that's when TJ comes to surprise them! TJ tells Nia to pack all her stuff & everyone gets nervous. Nia says she loves them all & leaves. Nany & Leroy were super nervous about Nia leaving. Nany goes in the room & says that  everything of Nia's is gone. Everyone starts coming up with theories & thinking of why Nia left. 

Out of nowhere, Bananas insults Jay & they start arguing about who got further in the game more. Bananas tells Jay to "shut the fuck up & go sit in the corner". 

Everyone goes out to the club & Nany & Jenna get super drunk & start dancing everywhere. Johnny starts feeling salty & they start arguing. Jenna & Nany turn in to a complete mess at the house until the next morning. 

They wake up in the morning & Leroy reveals TJ's clue. Everyone gets ready for the challenge & meets TJ in Norway in a park. TJ explains that Nia left because of sexually harassing Jordan. TJ says Leroy needs another partner so TJ brings out THERESA! 

Theresa walks out & joins Leroy as his partner! Theresa & Leroy had a little fling with her so that's why they replaced Nia with her. They had a fling in Rivals II. Nany is not happy about this! 

TJ announces that they have one more elimination before the epic last challenge. TJ says the last elimination would be: Leroy & now Theresa against Nany & Johnny. The challenge is called "X battle". There is a big X that you have to grab from your other opponent. It's guys/guys VS Girls/girls! It's a point if you get it out of the other opponents' hand. The team with the first 2 points, are the winners of this challenge. TJ begins the challenge with the Guys first. Bananas & Leroy start epicly trying to get the X from one another! Johnny starts feeling pains in his chest while they are getting the X from each other. The first round turns out of bounds. The second one, Leroy wins! 

Theresa & Nany start their battle & they start intensely going at it! Nany tosses Theresa like a rag doll! She rib checks her & pins her to the ground! Theresa kicks her in her face & Nany bites her! Nany calls her a "stupid bitch". Nany flips her over hard! Theresa & Leroy win another point & win! As Theresa gets up, Nany kicks her in her stomach. Theresa tells Nany to go fuck herself. Nany & Bananas hug each other & plead their case. Theresa says that that was her first challenge win! So now it is: Theresa/Leroy, Jay/Jenna, & Jordan/Sarah. Theresa reads TJ's hint & he says "Be Ready for the FINAL CHALLENGE! The time has come! 

The next morning, all 3 teams go to their FINAL challenge! They have to hit checkpoints to go all the way to Mount Slogan to win the challenge! 1st place: 250,000! 2nd place: 70,000, & 3rd place is 30,000! They have to finish EVERYTHING in order to gain money! It is a lot to handle! Jordan & Sarah pick who jumps in the helicopter first! They pick first, Jay/Jenna go second, & Theresa/Leroy are set to go last! They all go in their helicopters & the episode ends with that! To be continued! 

THE TIME HAS OFFICIALLY COME! It all comes down to who wins next week! Tune in to the season finale of The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes2! Tuesday at 10/9c! 

Note; The Challenge Reunion will air right after the finale! Before the finale, The S*@% they should've shown is on at 9/8c! Only on MTV! Stay tuned for my reviews on them next week! Until next time! 

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