Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bad Girls Club: Season 14 HUGE UPDATES!

Here's some good news do you guys! Bad Girls Club: Season 14 has been SECRETLY filming! The best thing: this season is in Los Angeles! It's roots! This season will feature Laura (BGC12 + BGC13 life coach), new changes, new drama, & WE HAVE TWINS AGAIN!!! The twins' names are Shannon & Shannede! They are beautiful! Stay tuned! #BGC14 Later this season. More Updates coming soon! 

Here is the limo spotted in L.A, the twins' & the hints from the twins' tweets! 

"Shannede" ---> #BGC14 One of the twins! 

Shannon! ---> #BGC14 Other half of twins

The #BGC14 Bus spotted last week! 

The Twins' "going away" tweets! 

#BGC14 is filming right now! As I post this! lol! Stay tuned for more exclusive updates! Follow my twitter for BGC updates + Other reality TV scoops! Coming soon! 

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