Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mob Wives: Reunion Part 2 Recap

Here is my Mob Wives: Reunion Part 2 Review! It was super crazy! We had Carla up in the house + more! Read below the picture! 

The episode started off with Vivica discussing Drita always saying "Dickface, Cock and balls, & Dildo" the whole season when she got angry. Drita says that she was never angry this season & she starts cracking up. Vivica asks everyone out of all 3, what is worse? They all say "Being a dildo is worse then the other 2". Drita says that every time she curses at home, her little daughter Giselle says "Mommy say pickles". Drita says her mother never cursed when she was little! Karen vouches for that also. Everyone says Drita's angry sayings are funny! To be honest, they really are in my opinion! 

The cast discusses Renee's time during the season. The main thing they discuss is Junior being locked up for 11 years. They also show her Mob Candy event, & how she made up with Natalie Guercio. They also show the baptism! Renee breaks down & says how she is a better Renee & hated the Renee before. Drita says she loves Renee but hates her actions. Natalie jumps in & says that she is happy that her & Renee made up. Renee says that she's happy that Junior is in jail due to her safety. She says that she wishes nobody jail. Big Ang & Drita vouch for Renee & help her talk while she was crying. Everyone says that they saw a change in Renee after her rebirth. Everybody claps for Renee & Renee says that she is living day by day. 

Note: The priest that rebaptized Renee, died right after they filmed that scene! (confirmed by Big Ang on twitter) - RIP! 

The cast brings up Nat D. & they show her arrival + entire season on the show. They play unseen clips that
Natalie G. never seen before. Vivica brings out Nat D. & she sits down. She had a gold dress with Red bottoms. Big Ang says that she has no idea who Nat D. is because every time she is around Nat D, she always brings up Natalie. Nat D. says that's false because she has hung out with Ang at the drunken monkey. She says that they only reason she tried to expose Natalie G, is because she hurt her friend. Nat D. claims that Guercio lied about her boyfriend beating her. They start going back & forth arguing & calling each other trash & a rat. Nat D. gets up to lunge at Nat G. but security holds her back. Natalie G. goes backstage after the altercation. Drita walks backstage to calm Natalie Guercio down & tells her to come back on stage & face the music. Natalie comes back on stage with Drita & they regroup & get back the conversation. They discuss the recording + finale when the Natalie's almost came across each other at Renee's celebration party! Nat G. says that Nat D. threw her boyfriend in Jail because of a physical altercation. Nat D. says that the yelling was true about calling the cops but they never were called by Nat D! Drita says Natalie calls everyone a "rat" but she is the one the recording saying that she is a BONAFIDE RAT! Natalie starts crying & says that she is a domestic violence victim. Vivica starts crying & walks off stage because of all the bickering & she couldn't take it. She also said it hurts her about any domestic violence because she works with a shelter for that. 

The cast discuss Carla's return to the show. They bring up Renee's MOB CANDY party which Carla was invited. If some people don't know yet, Carla & Drita are NOT friends anymore. Carla comes out on stage & they start arguing about how Carla was not there for Drita. Drita says Carla calls blogs & talks crap about her. Karen jumps in & targets Drita about why her, Ramona & Carla didn't come back on the show basically. There were rumors that Drita blabbed off her mouth to executive producer Jenn Graizano about Not wanting those 3
To come back. Jenn denied it in a December interview with Karen. It was because contracts didn't meet each other or something like that. Carla & Drita both admit that they miss their friendship with eachother & hope they can start over. 

They start discussing the difference between a Rat & a cop caller. To everyone, A cop caller is somebody who calls the cops for a bad non important reason: A rat is someone who does the polices' job AKA cooperates with the Feds & join the Police. 

The both Natalie's start arguing about the finale at Renee's celebration party. Natalie says that she brought her crew because she wanted them for backup.  Natalie D. says she felt like they were going to jump her. They start going back and forth even more. Nat D. says she will scalp Natalie. Natalie D. gets up & runs at Natalie G. She punches Nat G. & pulls her hair! Natalie G. fights back & tells her "Get the fuck out of here"! Drita grabs Nat D's arm because she was scratching Natalie. 15 security's come & breaks the fight up. Natalie walks off stage & tells the producers to "suck her d!%*. She goes backstage to London. Natalie D goes off & says she will buttfuck Natalie & London. Natalie gets in a cab with London & leaves the reunion. Natalie D. & Karen say that Natalie pushes you to a point that people want to attack her. Natalie D says that she ran & skated across the floor & hit Natalie. She almost slipped because she punched her with her Red Louis Vitton's. Natalie D also said that she's tired of everybody flip flopping. Natalie D starts bleeding.

 Then, Vivica changes topics & asks everyone: Who do you believe about the Recording? Natalie D or Natalie G. Karen, Drita, & Renee side with Natalie D. Big Ang says she never heard the full recording & she doesn't know. It ends with everyone laughing about the season & Renee making a joke. That's how it ended!

Until next year! It was an intense season! They weren't lying when VH1 said "The most intense season ever! Well, I can't wait until season 6! They RENEWED the season! It's confirmed! Until next time! It was a fun time writing these reviews! Stay tuned for my interview with Natalie Guercio COMING SOON! I may interview some others! Stay tuned! It's a wrap! 

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