Thursday, March 26, 2015

RHOBH: Season 5 finale review!

The Real housewives of Beverly Hills finale was intense! It was interesting seeing all the back & forth go on! Here's a little recap! Read under the photo! 

                "The Party's Over" 

This finale was a really good one! So the episode started off with Kyle & Kim talking the next morning, & having  breakfast after their huge argument the night before. They start talking about the argument they had last night. Kyle says how her mom said to never air personal buisness out on TV. Then, they start talking about their nieces' Nikki's book signing & how Brandi is not coming/ wasn't invited. Hearing that, really was a big happiness for Kyle! 

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna is talking to her daughters about taking down their swing set that they had for a long time. Rinna says "of course it's going to be sad but it's time for a change". Lisa gets her groundskeeper Richardo to take it down. Rinna, Her husband Harry and their 2 daughters watch as the swing set gets pulled apart and gets taken down. After it gets taken down, they all have a cheers! 

The girls start to gather and go to Kyle and Kim's sister's book signing. Of course it happens to be their nieces' Nikki Hilton! When Nicky Hilton was only 15 she was labeled as a best dresser! Former housewife of Beverly Hills Camille comes also! Kyle starts to talk to Camille and Lisa Vanderpump about Kim and Kyle's time in Palm Springs. Kyle says that it was not good and they still need a little bit of working on their relationship. Kyle thinks that Brandi is ruining their sisterly ship and that Kim needs to open up her eyes and see that Brandi is going to hurt her in the future. 

Everyone gets ready to go to former housewife Adrianne's party. Brandi starts talking to her hairdresser while getting ready for Adrianne's party about her dad's open heart surgery and says that she is very heartbroken. Brandi said that she hasn't talk to Kyle or Lisa Vanderpump & doesn't really care. Elieen, Yolanda, and Elieen's husband Vince get in the limo and go to the party. Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump ride together. Kim starts to gets ready and talks to her hairstylist Pamela about the accusation Kyle told her about Brandi saying Kim needs an intervention. Kim says that she is ready to get to the bottom of it and if Brandi really did say that, her heart will be broken. 

Everyone arrives at Adrianne's party and starts to chatter. Yolanda and Camille ask Brandi how her father is doing and she tries not to get emotional but says he's not doing very  well. Brandi sees Lisa Vanderpump and walks up to her and starts getting emotional saying how she apologized but Lisa won't except it about slapping her. Brandi calls herself an asshole but not a hypocrite. Lisa Vanderpump says that Brandi doesn't understand the concept of friendship. 

Kim sits down with Rinna and Yolanda and conference Lisa Renna about the accusation she made about the intervention. Rinna tells Kim that she's not going to go there with her. Kim keeps asking her for the information but Rinna wasn't feeding in! Kim says she's not asking about what Brandi said, only what Rinna said. Rinna pauses for a moment once Kim said that. Kim spills the beans & says that Kyle told her in the first place. Elieen joins the table blindsided when Rinna & Kim start arguing. Lisa Rinna says that it's a little too complicated for her with the situation. Rinna makes a confessional saying that Kim should go talk to her "bestfriend" Brandi (making a sarcastic comment). Kyle, & Lisa Vanderpump join the conversation. Lisa Rinna made it seem like Brandi was the only starting the issue. Kyle says the accusation & Lisa Rinna denies & says that it's not what Kyle is making it to be. Kyle says that Lisa Rinna is making her look like a liar. Kim decides to leave the table out of disgust. Elieen tells Rinna to tell the truth since she loves it so much. 

Adrienne & her dancing friend do a magic trick! He disappeared & Adrienne was on the scene!  

Kim confronts Brandi over the accusation & Brandi owns up to it. Kyle interrupts the convo & tries to jump in. Brandi walks out & says she will not do this with Kyle. Kyle says "it's fine because I don't even want to know who you are". 

-The episode ended off with updates from all the cast members. Yolanda & her daughter, Lisa Vanderpump with her adopted son, Kim with muzy's cancer, Lisa Rinna, Elieen Davidson, Brandi with her situation with Kyle, & Kyle with her situation with Brandi-. 

BTW:  Adrienne's party was super beautiful! It had a bunch chandeliers dancers of pink outer background and lots of people! 

Note: The 3 Part Reunion will begin Next Tuesday at 9/8c. It was a great dramatic season but hopefully, the reunion is the best! 

Until next time! 

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