Friday, March 27, 2015

Battle Of The Exes 2: Reunion recap!

Right after the finale of Battle Of The Exes 2, the reunion aired. NOT all teams were invited. Due to Knight & Diem's passing, CT & Jemmeye didn't come. Are You The One: Cast Members Adam/Brittany & Simone/John were not invited as well. Real World Explosion pairs Thomas & Hailey didn't come either, along with Johnny Reiley' & Averey. The remaining teams: Nia/Leroy, Theresa/Wes, Jay/Jenna, Jordan/Sarah, Nany/Bananas, & Zach/Jonna were the only people on stage. Here's a small little recap on the reunion! Read below the photo of host: Zuri Hall! 

The beginning of the reunion consisted of everybody telling Jordan and Sarah congratulations on winning The Challenge: 26. Then, The cast started talking about Nia & Jordan's sexual harrasment issue that lead to Nia being kicked out of the house. Nia apologize to both Sarah and Jordan and said that she takes full responsibility for her actions. Sarah and Jordan call Nia her own monster & she says all she can do is apologize. Jordan says that Nia should also apologize for the words that she called him: AKA - A F----T! Nia says that she was trying so hard purposely to get Sarah and Jordan to break down because she was angry at them. Leroy says he was pissed at the situation because Nia put her game in jeopardy. Then the cast starts talking about Teresa and Nany's beef the season. They relive the epic battle they had to do with the "X". The camera showed that Teresa purposely kicked Nany and would not regret it. Teresa and Nany start arguing like crazy over how Teresa betrayed her this season, compared to last season. Nany says that she would've done things totally different if Teresa agreed to put it past them after the show. Everybody claps for Nany and Teresa still would not apologize. They both start throwing insults back at one another calling each other a "hating ass bitch" and a basically calling her a "traitor" as well. Nany says that Teresa put the bug in Averey and Nia's ear to hate her! Nany says that Averey is irrelevant in her eyes and the reason that her and Nia had beef all had to do with Teresa. They both say that they will never be friends again and move the conversation along. Then, the cast starts to talk about the shocking finale when Jay and Jenna were disqualified. Johnny Bananas and Jay start arguing over who made it further in the game and that Jay was a layup the entire time. Jay challenges Bananas into a ONE ON ONE challenge and says whenever He is ready they can go. Some of the cast members also say that Jay is not built for The Challenge.  Then, the cast moves on to Zach & Jonna. Everybody calls Zach a douchebag for being cruel to her. They all come to her defense. They start talking about when Zach/Jenna & Jonna/Jay were hooking up. Jenna  reveals that her and Zach had a sleepover the night before the reunion was going to be filmed. Zach says he likes Jenna because she has a big butt. Towards the end, the cast members start to discuss the passing of their beloved friends: Knight & Diem. The cast says that when they passed, it made them look at situations a lot different because life is short to be arguing all the time. Noa reveals that when Diem died, she sent Jordan a text message and apologized for what she did. Zach says his take on the situation and starts getting emotional and says that Knight loves them all and they were both gone too soon. That's how the reunion wrapped up. 

It was a very good season, Great competitions and badder intense arguments. Until next time. 

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