Thursday, March 26, 2015

Battle of the Exes 2: SMALL finale recap + Winner!

If you watched Battle of The Exes 2: Finale, you already know who wins! If you don't know who wins already,  find out below! 

The winners were Jordan & Sarah! Theresa & Leroy came in second & Jay & Jenna got disqualified for NOT completing a food competition. The whole finale was based on the finale! Actually revealing the winner! There was nothing else that was shown. Congrats to Jordan & Sarah though! 350,000k richer! 

Jay & Jenna couldn't finish the food because to Jay, the fish wasn't going down. Jenna was the one who was sticking it out & being a grown woman about it. Jay started crying because he was so focused on finishing to the end & winning. 

Note: This is what Johnny Bananas was saying the ENTIRE time! That Jay was a Lay-up & couldn't make it through the finale! He was absolutely right! I'm keeping it honest. Even though, I do like Jay. Overall, congrats to Sarah & Jordan for being the overall   winner!

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