Tuesday, March 3, 2015

RHOBH: (Season 5), Episode 16 Review

I will be doing my first review on: The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 5, Episode 16! I will be stating my honest opinion! It was one explosive episode! 

This episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills was crazy! So the episode started off with Lisa V, Lisa Rinna, & Elieen start talking about Kim's addiction in a Amsterdam lobby & everyone else meets them to go to dinner! The dinner starts off well & they all start telling personal stories. During Lisa Rinna's turn, she tells Kim that she didn't mean to get involved in her life & it was all  to help her. Kim wasn't having it & fired back at Lisa Rinna in a shady way! Kim starts going off the handle & goes off calling Elieen a "beast". They start arguing & then all hell breaks loose when Kim makes an accusation about Rinna's husband! Lisa Rinna lunges at Kim, tries to choke her, throws wine in Kim's face & breaks her glass. Half of them go outside to calm Elieen, Kyle & Lisa Rinna down. Brandi sits inside & calms Kim down. Lisa Rinna says that she will never make up with Kim after the fight. The next morning, Lisa Rinna & Kim surprisingly make up & hash out their issues. Elieen hopes that Kim apologizes to her & Kyle after. Lisa Rinna says that they came to an understanding of peace & she's happy. The gang goes on a bike race which causes sexual stimulation for Lisa Vanderpump. The Lisa's start making sexual comments about riding their husbands while they ride the bikes down the empty streets. Yolanda is happy to be in her hometown. Then, Yolanda introduces the gang to Windmills! They looked beautiful & it was big like a rollercoaster! Yolanda meets this guy who says that he kissed her before but she don't remember due to her brain damage. Yolanda & the other ladies go to visit her mother & brother. They also enjoy some good laughs & eat cake!
Meanwhile, they all start making drug jokes about the cake. Yolanda's mom has survived breast cancer she admitted! I never knew that! The ladies (except Kim) go to a pot shop to try a spacecake. Brandi insults Kyle by saying that her & Kyle have smoked pot together. Kyle doesn't want her kids to know because that's personal. Brandi & Kyle start arguing & Brandi calls Kyle a hyprocrite & screams for no reason! That's how the episode ended! It was a very short but drama filled episode! 

I think that Kim was extremely wrong for the negative & harsh comments to Elieen & Lisa Rinna but I'm glad that she apologized. All they did was try to help Kim! There is Nothing wrong with helping an alcoholic! The Amsterdam trip was NOT EVEN CLOSE TO PERFECT! Next week is the conclusion of Amsterdam but it's not all fun because Brandi winds up slapping Lisa Vanderpump in the face! Also, Brandi & Elieen go toe to toe! You don't wanna miss! An all new next Tuesday at 8/7c! 

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