Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Real World Skeletons - Episode 12 review

Here is my first review on tonight's episode of Real World Skeletons! I will be stating my opinion on the entire episode! 

Read the review below: 

The episode started off with Tony still getting upset about the flowers that "somebody" sent to Madison. Madison has an idea that it can be her ex but she doesn't know which one it can be. She has one that loved her & another that took her down with drugs. Madison goes to meet the "anonymous" person who sent her the flowers & it turns out to be her ex boyfriend Skyler. Madison starts getting emotional & starts crying. That was her boyfriend that broke up with her about her drug problem but he wasn't the one that did drugs with her. They start talking & Skyler admits that he's going to be staying in the house with her for a few days. Then, Tony talks to his boss about the Madison issue & admits that he is jealous of Skyler flirting with Madison & wants NOBODY to hit on Madison because that's his girl. Nicole returns to the house from doing work in New York & Jason tells her about his baby girl since she wasn't there to see it. Jason & Nicole started playing football & then broke one of the small coffee mugs haha.  Madison & Skyler start walking home & he says that he is stressed out a little bit about meeting the other roommates. Skyler says that Madison has changed a lot ever since her drug addiction. Madison then begins to talk about Tony to Skyler & Skyler asks about how he is treating her & Madison admits that they had some bumps in the road. Skyler meets Nicole, Jason, Sylvia & Tony for the first time & Tony makes some mean comments jokingly to him & then has some drinks with him. Tony gets more jealous & moves his seat so close to Madison. Skyler really didn't care because Skyler was cool with Tony from the beginning. Tony started doing some things here & there but it still didn't annoy Skyler. Bruno & Carla head out to a steakhouse to hang out & eat. They start talking & Carla offered to treat Bruno again the day after. Bruno starts to ask how much does it cost & they start arguing because she wouldn't tell him how much it would cost because she wanted to treat him. They all head out to the club but Madison is worried about the tension between Tony & Skyler. Tony starts messing with the producer asking about her engagement ring in the van on the way to the club. Then, Skyler squirts a lemon in his eye in the club (How stupid was that). Tony says that he don't give a f*ck about Skyler because he can't take Madison & there is no Tony 2.0 lmao. Bruno & Carla arrive home & they continue to argue & Bruno tells Carla to leave & she walks out. Bruno says that he's probably at fault. Skyler starts talking about Burgers & Tony tells him to shut the f*ck up. They all arrive home after Bruno & Carla. Tony smashes the vase of flowers that Skyler sent to Madison & takes Skyler's bed & takes it off the hedges. Nicole confronts Tony & tells him that it was wrong. Tony apologizes the next morning due to a drunken moment. Then, Bruno calls Carla & apologizes to her for the comments he made towards her. Jason talks Nicole's panties & wears them. He starts dancing around with them & it was so funny. Skyler leaves & Madison hugs him goodbye. They all go out to the club again & Carla meets up with Bruno. They make up & put the petty argument behind them. Tony steals a bottle from the liquor table & he gets caught. Sylvia is PISSED at this point. Tony & Sylvia start arguing in the limo & she calls him "white trash". Tony calls her a bitch & then it continues in the house. Tony almost punched the door but Sylvia convinced him otherwise. Nicole, Tony & Jason start arguing because Jason says how if was wrong of him to talk to Sylvia like that & Jason had it rough growing up too so Tony shouldn't   
complain. Sylvia thinks he's white trash for stealing a bottle & made the whole crew look bad. Sylvia starts going off on Nicole because she thinks that she favors Tony & Bruno even when they're wrong. Jason jumps in & starts sticking up for Sylvia. Tony starts getting shit from all ends of the stick. Nicole starts yelling & gets in Jason's face because Jason & Sylvia start talking about Nicole always sticking up for Tony because it was wrong. All hell breaks loose when Nicole gets in Jason's face. That's how the episode ended. To Be Continued! Season finale next week! 


I think that Tony had a right to flip out 
about the flowers that were sent to Madison because that's his girl! The wine bottle stealing was not called for & it was crazy that Sylvia called him white trash. Jason flipped out on him too. I understand all points of the situation though! Tony admitted to saying it was wrong. Madison even said it so Tony obviously understood it. The entire Nicole & Jason argument was crazy but it's continuing next week! Can't wait! 

Bruno & Carla should've never had that argument because It was really petty!  I understand both points but don't argue over something that is not serious. You guys love eachother & that's it!

Jason & Nicole's huge blowout comes to a conclusing next week! Nicole says that he is dead to her. Jason's father arrives next week as his only skeleton! There is NO planned reunion but hopefully that changes! 

Until next week!!! 

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