Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Real World Skeletons - Shane interview

I just finished my interview: Q & A with Shane (Tony's Brother) from Real World: Skeletons! He talked about how the exprience visiting Chicago was, Briah, Bruno, what he is up to since the show & more! He is a really fun & cool guy to talk to! 

Read the Interview: Q & A's below the picture: 

1) Were you happy to visit your brother in the Real World house?
Shane: Yes. It was great seeing him after being away from him for so long. Those two months felt like forever without him.

2) Who do you think you clicked with when you came into the house? 
Shane: It's shocking really because I didn't think I was going to like Madison and ended up clicking with her the most pretty much instantly.

3) Was there anybody who bothered you or rubbed you the wrong way or was everybody cool?
Shane: Honestly no. I got along with everyone in the house because they were all really cool people.

4) How much fun did you have during Violetta's boat party? 
Shane: That was my first day in the house but probably, it was one of my favorites. Seeing the city was great! Chicago is beautiful.

5) How did you feel when it was your first day in the house & drama popped off between Bruno & Sylvia in the van? 
Shane: With the whole Bruno and Sylvia fight in the van, I was just like damn! I just met these people a few hours ago & they're already fighting?! 

6) How did you feel when Bruno got in your brother's face & began to charge him?
Shane: As soon as I saw Bruno getting really heated, of course I felt like I had to protect my brother. I just feel like that whole incident could've been handled differently. 

7) What attracted you to Briah when you met him? 
Shane: Meeting Briah, we instantly hit it off. We had a lot in common, and he's just a great guy to be around.

8) How is your relationship with Briah now? Are you guys more then friends?     
Shane: Things are good. Let's just say he's the first and last person I talk to everyday.

9) What was your favorite part about visiting Chicago? (Besides seeing your brother)
Shane: That's hard to say. I had such a great time. The producers were so awesome! I guess I would say it was the way I was treated. Everything was VIP, front of the line, bottle service, drivers, security, and having cameras follow u around all day.. I loved it!

10) Would you ever do a Real World season as a original? Has that ever clicked in your mind?
Shane: I would definitely be an original on The Real World if I could, or any show I'm interested in. I just hate the process and doing paperwork lol. 

11) How is your relationship with everyone on the cast now? 
Shane: I try to keep up with everyone on social media. I talk to Madison the most, and get drunk calls from my baby Violetta often lol. 

12) What are you up to since visiting the Real World house? Any new projects coming our way?! 
Shane: I'm still pursuing my career as a cosmetologist back home. Big things in store though, stay tuned! #SilentKilla. 

Well, that wraps up our interview! It was short but fun! Shane is a fun person to talk to! Follow Shane on twitter & Instagram:

IG: ShaneJRaines
Twitter: TheShaneRaines

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