Monday, March 2, 2015

LHHNY: (Season 5), Episode 11 Review

I will be doing my first & honest review on Love & Hip Hop: New York: Season 5, Episode 11! Stating my honest opinion on the episode in general! Read below: 

The episode started off with Yandy & Mendeecees' in the bed talking about the joke that he pulled on Yandy that their son was in the hospital just so that she can hurry up to the studio. Yandy starts getting emotional because she knows what it's like to see her baby in the hospital & it brought back memories when her baby had to go to the hospital for a surgery that went surprisingly well (Thank God). Mendeecees' wouldn't own up to the fact that he was wrong for doing that so Yandy just shut the conversation down & left Mendeecees' wiping his eyes. Then Chrissy & Cyn meet up to talk about what's been going on in eachothers lives. Chrissy brings up the fact that Chink has still not introduced her to his family. Chrissy feels that he talks about his "infamous father" so much but she has NEVER met him or his other family members. Also about the fact that Chrissy wants to get married & have children but Chink isn't ready like Chrissy is. Chink is still trying to get out of a marriage from his past and it's haunting him everyday. Then, Chrissy brings up Erica calling her "La cucaracha" & asks Cyn if she has heard anything from her. Cyn gets right into it & says that she's not over Erica because Erica keeps talking about her so Cyn says she's going to continue to talk about Erica. They both start making fun of Erica's engagement with Bow Wow & calling it "fake". Cyn says that she hates seeing Erica with every bone in her body but she has to because she can't get over the break-up. She says that Erica got dumped & that Erica didn't dump Cyn & that's how that left off. Rich & Diamond then meet up to discuss the letter she wrote to Cisco. Rich says that Cisco wasn't listening to a damn thing that Rich brought to his attention. Diamond & Rich start flirting a little bit & Diamond admits that Rich is an attractive man & hard to resist. Rich kisses Diamond's neck & leaves, which leaves Diamond confused as hell! Peter Gunz goes to he & Amina's home to find that she fled with his baby girl to Germany! Peter says he understands why she did that & he should pay for his actions. Peter thinks that Amina will never let him see his baby again. Peter really looked heartbroken that Amina fled to Germany with their baby. Peter then meets with one of his friends Charlie to get some advice about what he should do about the Amina situation. His friend suggested that he should fly to Germany to surprise her. Peter had second thoughts but then he agreed to it. Cisco & Cyn meet to discuss making a tribute song due to the fact that they both have lost loved ones. Cyn lost her brother to suicide & Cisco's brother was murdered in the street. Cisco plays the song that he made for his brother & he got emotional. They both start talking about their loved ones & start getting emotional & start crying. Rich then meets with Cisco to discuss the Cyn & Cisco tribute song. Cisco says it's coming out well & Rich seems proud of him. Then, Rich tells Cisco that he made a move on Diamond & Cisco was livid. Cisco then talks about how he grew up in the street with a loyalty code & you don't cheat or sleep with your homies' girl. Rich says that since Cisco told him to go do whatever her wants, he took It as a free pass to go flirt with Diamond. Rich & Cisco argue for a minute but then they hash it out & make up! It was all less then 5 minutes. Then, Peter Gunz flys to Germany to surprise Amina at Amina's sisters house. Amina's sister Jazz answers the door & let's him in. Jazz takes Kazz in the other room & she let's Amina & Peter talk. Amina says that she needs time alone before she moves back with him again. Tara & Yandy link up at Tara's place & talk about Peter still is annoying her & Tara is moving on to her business line. Then, Yandy says that she's happy that Tara has moved on from that situation. Tara is pissed because Peter wouldn't tell her that he was going to Germany with Amina. Then, Mendeecees', Rich & Chink link up for some drinks, to talk about Diamond & to drop a bombshell on Chink. Rich asks them their opinion about the Diamond situation & they tell her to leave her alone. Also, Rich tells Chink that Chrissy did a photoshoot spread & she was half naked & was spreading her ass to the world. Chink says that he will confront her. Chink goes and confronts Chrissy & calls her a "hoe". He says that his father doesn't want to meet her because of the things she decides to do. Chrissy looked unamused & she said that he looks for 1000 excuses just to not get a divorce. Chink asks her how much she paid for the magazine cover & she said "it's none of your buisness, my money has none of your concern" Chrissy & Chink started arguing more & more heatedly & Chink leaves the shop. Erica Mena & Cyn meet to discuss their breakup & her engagement. She feels hurt because Erica got married just a few weeks after they broke up. Cyn starts to breakdown & walks away but Erica pulls her back to her. Cyn says she is heartbroken & misses Erica even though they broke up. Erica starts breaking down in tears too & listens to Cyn. Erica & Cyn wish eachother the best & Cyn leaves Erica's ware house. Last, Amina & Her mother meet with Peter to discuss their relationship status. Amina's mom thinks that Peter is never going to change & she better be careful because he will continually continue to break her heart over & over. Amina says she needs her break from him & hopefully he changes.

Tbh, I'm getting tired of the Peter and Amina saga because it's getting old. I love Jhonni Blaze, Cyn, Erica, Chrissy,  Tara & Yandy. Amina annoys me constantly talking about Peter. Precious Paris is Irrealvent. Diamond is sorta ok but she needs to worry about her daughter & not Rich or Cisco! I feel bad for Cyn & Erica because I miss their relationship but things change & Erica has moved on. Here is my summary of opinions! 

Well, Next week looks crazy! Kimbella is back! But her & Yandy's assistant go toe to toe! Diamond & Rich start dating, & Jhonni snatches Diamond up!!! All new next Monday at 8/7c on VH1! Until next week's review! 

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