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Real World Skeletons: Season Finale Review

This season of Real World was an amazing one! It focused on 7 strangers moving into a house in Chicago but they don't know that they have to face their darkest & heartbreaking skeletons from their past! That's what gives the name "Skeletons". The Season began filming in summer 2014 & filming wrapped, was announced by MTV in October 2014. It's air date was December 16th. This season had a share of crying, fighting, chair throwing, hamburger stealing, a drug addiction reveal, a shocking eating disorder reveal, A white trash lowblow & more! I'm so happy that I got a chance to watch/enjoy every episode this season! I even got to interview some of the cast mates! So happy! So glad I got that opportunity

Here is my Real World Skeletons: Episode 13 (Finale) Recap! 

It continues where it left off last week. Jason & Sylvia were talking about how Nicole let's Tony & Bruno's bad actions slide but if it was Jason or Sylvia who did the bad action, it would be an issue. Nicole ran upstairs to confront Jason about talking behind her back & all hell broke loose! MTV cut it out but it's obvious what happened: Jason pushed Nicole into the couch because she got in his face. He also picked her up & threw her. Madison started screaming saying "YOU JUST PUSHED NICOLE?! ARE YOU F**KING SERIOUS?!" Jason got held back by security guards but Nicole didn't stop there! She tried lunging at Jason but Sylvia & a security guard pinned her to the floor! Nicole started crying! Nicole went the other way to go downstairs & walked out the door to get some fresh air. Madison ran after her but Nicole was still heated. She knocked down a trash can but then walked back inside. Nicole told Madison that she had never been touched by a man before and Jason was the first guy to put his hand on her & that she is done with him! Then, the producer asks Nicole: How bad did Jason hurt you? & Nicole responded: Alot! The producer asked Nicole: Was it physical or mental? & Nicole said Mental. Nicole said: Everybody has done something stupid in their pass but that doesn't justify your actions. 

One of the security guards go to calm Jason down in the confessional room. Jason knocked down a plant from when he got into his altercation with Nicole & was cleaning the plant up! Jason admits & says he is truly sorry & he is hurt about what he did. Then, Jason decides to go to bed. 

The next morning, Violetta, Madison & Nicole are in the makeup room when Madison brings up the altercation between Jason & Nicole. Nicole doesn't want to talk about it but the only thing she says is: That will be the first & last time somebody puts their hands on me, trust me! Violetta asks Sylvia in their room what happened so Sylvia explains it to V & Violetta disagrees with the whole thing. She says that physical violence under any level is wrong. She admitted that she was still pissed about her brawl with Madison. She said it's not right at all. Sylvia says she disagrees with it too because she dealt with an abusive BF before & it wasn't fun at all. She said she loves Jason but he was in the wrong. 

Nicole & Bruno take a walk & Bruno brings up the Jason fight. Bruno found out about it & disagrees with it too. He said Jason was in the wrong for throwing Nicole across the room. Nicole says that Jason is dead to her. 

Back at the house, Tony walks up to Sylvia & they both apologize to each other for their argument. Tony says he was wrong for stealing the bottle but when Sylvia called him white trash, it struck a nerve. They hug it out & move passed it! 

Jason goes for a walk & admits that he is truly sorry again for what he did to Nicole. He wants to apologize but he doesn't know how to. He goes back home & approaches Nicole (with Tony & Bruno) in the computer room. Nicole says: I don't want to talk to you, you're dead to me. Nicole goes in the confessional & says that: "I will never & can never forgive you" 

The roommates is spending the last few days in the house when.... Jason's father who he has NEVER met arrives at the house! Jason & him meet & Jason was SHOCKED! His name is Lafayette Ricks. Jason starts going through a little break down of emotions because that was his first time meeting him! They start having a heart melting conversation & they start getting to know each other. His father says that he had a one night affair! They start talking about Jason's mom, being the opposite of his father, & so much more. Jason starts pouring out all of his emotions to his father & his father understands completely. They agree to start connecting more often but he will never forget it. He tells his father that he had his Baby Girl: Taylor on October 4th. Jason's father used to be a model. They hug each other & exchange phone numbers. Jason calls his mom Patricia & tells her the news & she was shocked too! Jason starts crying in the confessional room & was shocked to see his father. 

Madison & Jason talk outside about Jason's father visiting. Jason sees it as a "life changing experience". 

Tony & Madison have sex on the couch lol! But they go back to Madison's room. Tony strips butt naked & shows his area to everybody. 

Everyone starts to pack but they don't want to leave. Everyone goes out to the club except for Bruno. He didn't want to go out for some reason. Nicole goes home to do push-ups & it upsets Tony because he wants everybody to get along. 

The next morning, Nicole & Jason start talking again & Nicole breaks down & says that she doesn't feel like talking to him though. Jason apologizes but Nicole will never be over it. They moved on & do their own thing after their conversation.

1 Day before move out day: Tony cleans the dishes for the first time, & Jason meets his father Lafeyette again in a restaurant. His father shows him pictures of his past. Jason's father owns up to his mistakes & it's like a weight lifted from him. They promise to keep in contact after this experience. 

Everyone goes out to the club except for Bruno. Bruno says Carla means more to him then the roommates! Bruno's girlfriend Carla meet back at the house. They have a pillow fight AKA Their last night together. Jason & Nicole hug it out but she says that she is still mad at him for what he did. They basically make up a little. 

MOVEOUT DAY: Everyone gets ready to leave! Bruno's girlfriend Carla arrives to drive him to the airport. Bruno says bye to only Nicole. He says that he doesn't care saying bye to the other housemates. Sylvia says that Bruno should grow up. Violetta is next to leave & Sylvia/Madison get so emotional! The next to leave is Nicole! She gets very emotional while leaving! Tony & Madison leave together & they say goodbye to the other roommates. Tony & Madison are STILL in a relationship & are happy together. Sylvia & Jason leave together & say goodbye to the house last! 


SHOUTOUT TO THE 30th & BEST REAL WORLD SEASON EVER! This was a best cast & best twist! Stay tuned! They MIGHT have a reunion (not confirmed) + I have MORE INTERVIEWS with the roommates COMING! It may be over but to me, it's not! ;) #RealWorldSkeletons UNTIL NEXT TIME! I loved the whole cast! It was amazing! So happy! Loved it!
OVER & OUT! Until next time! 

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